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Oahu Real Estate

Pay only $2,500 or $250 Commission

All the exclusive marketing advantages listed below are included.

We review all offers and take care of the escrow process. Learn about escrow process.

You are represented by one of the most experienced teams in Hawaii.

Everything a 6% listing agent does we do, other than coming out to your property.

See our 0% to 4.5% discounted commission program if you want our Realtor to come out to your property.

For those that want to review their own offers and handle their escrow we charge only $250 at closing.

To get started email Bryn Kaufman at or call 808-254-0787.

Exclusive OahuRE Custom Website Sells Homes Fast

Your exclusive OahuRE Custom Web Site shows an unlimited number of super high-resolution photos.

It is a verified fact that homes with superior photos sell for more, and we show your home with the highest resolution photos possible.

All super high-resolution photos are enhanced to make them look even better.

Your photos will be shown at over 3 times the resolution compared to what other agents provide using the MLS.

Exclusive OahuRE Custom Website is linked to from over 1,100 other Real Estate websites.

Exclusive Seller's Highlights section allows you to highlight the best features of your property with no MLS restrictions on the number of words.

Example Links - OahuRE Custom Website, Enhanced Photos, Seller's Highlights

To get started email Bryn Kaufman at or call 808-254-0787.

Awarded to the OahuRE Team from Hawaii Business Magazine


Additional Exclusive Advantages Not Available From Others

We upload large high-resolution photos on Zillow, Trulia, and The ones the MLS uploads which most agents use are distorted.

Experience counts to prevent or handle difficult situations, and we have been #1 and #2 in the entire state for transactions the last 3 years.

Our Transaction Management System makes sure everything is completed on time. A timeline is provided that is also updated automatically.

Our system automatically sends you the critical information you should know prior to important contingencies.

Our system will make sure you never miss a critical deadline by allowing you to import critical dates into your Google or Outlook Calendar.

Massive Marketing on Facebook. We generate roughly 2,666,000 impressions on Facebook per year for our listings. Those impressions result in roughly 201,000 clicks to get more information on properties we have listed.

To get started email Bryn Kaufman at or call 808-254-0787.

And More Advantages

We announce your listing to all active agents on Oahu.

You can do unlimited Broker and Public Open Houses and we will get them all into the MLS so everyone knows about them.

We can provide professional flyer in PDF format you can print for your Open House.

We provide comparables to help you choose the right selling price.

Learn the value of your home with our free, no obligation Home Value Video.

We use Showing Time to automatically book showings with verified agents only. It automatically gathers feedback from each showing. See FAQ

We are confident in our services so we allow you to cancel at anytime.

We use the same contract and MLS forms as a 6% commission listing. See sample listing agreement.

To get started email Bryn Kaufman at or call 808-254-0787.

Our $2,500 service package advantages.

We handle your sale from start to finish, including reviewing offers, helping with counter offers, and managing the escrow process.

We provide the same services you get with our full-service listings, other than visiting your property.

Our Transaction Management System makes sure everything is completed on time. A timeline is provided that is also updated automatically.

Our system automatically sends you the critical information you should know prior to important contingencies.

Our system will make sure you never miss a critical deadline by allowing you to import critical dates into your Google or Outlook Calendar.

Professional photos for most properties can be done for under $200.

To get started email Bryn Kaufman at or call 808-254-0787.


"Your listing service was great! We had ten showings and two offers in eight days. Thanks for talking through the assisted option with me and helping to remove the intimidation and anxiety around it."

"I knew my apt would sell fast, but didn't realize it would go that fast. I enjoyed working with your employees and sense their expertise, friendliness, and helpfulness. It was a wonderful experience."

"Excellent experience all around, excellent responses from OahuRE. Recommended for those familiar with the processes. Mahalo for everything." [received 2 offers within 6 days]

"Aloha Bryn, 1. the overall experience was great. We really appreciated how quick you and the team were at answering any questions and having a link to videos or information for us to go over. 2. I don't really feel that you have to improve anything because, for us it was a pretty smooth transition overall to closing. We were glad that we closed and sold sooner than expected. We would genuinely like to thank you and the team at OahuRE for all the help and services that you have provided to us and our family. Everything had gone smooth and we are very satisfied with everything. Thank you also to Abegail, who had also kept us updated with all the emails. Mahal nui"

"Thanks for the great job you all performed,  I don't think you could have done it better!  We will be happy to work with you again someday.  Thanks again,  Aloha"

1,000+ homes we sold on Google Maps or view homes we sold by region.

The truth about selling your home

Selling a home fast for a good price is all about supply and demand. Sellers and Realtors have no control over the supply, so to get the best price and sell fast, we need to look at the demand. There are certain things a seller can do to boost demand. The first and most important are exposing the home to a lot of buyers. The MLS does this for sellers, so you have to be listed on the MLS.

Assuming you are on the MLS, the next most important thing driving demand is your price. This is easily proved, as homes that are priced too high never sell, no matter how much they are exposed, and homes that are priced low sell right away, many times with multiple offers. While a Realtor can help with pricing a home, many sellers use to help them understand the market and price their home. The fact that price helps with the demand could favor selling using our assisted program. For example, if you were thinking of pricing at $1,000,000 with a Realtor, but decide to price it lower by using our assisted program, the lower price will help drive more demand, yet you might make more because of the reduced or eliminated commissions.

The next thing that drives demand is good photos. If you have no photos or lousy photos, you might be eliminating some of your buyers. If you can't get great photos on your own, then it is worth doing what Realtors do, and hire a professional photographer. specializes in showing huge hi-res professional photos for all our listings, which helps drive demand. We have a relationship with a professional photographer who can take most property photos for around $200, should you want to get the best photos possible.

Once you have the above going well, the home needs to show well. There are hundreds of great articles on the Internet about removing clutter, landscaping, painting, removing odors, and other things you can do to make sure your home shows well.

Many are not comfortable with all the paperwork, and offers an optional fixed fee of $2,500 to write/review offers and handle the escrow process from start to finish.

How much should I pay a buyer's agent?

It is up to you. The standard is 2.5%. You are welcome to offer less, even 0%. If you offer 0%, you will encourage buyers to contact you directly vs. using a buyer's agent. Also, you have not locked into a commission amount ahead of time. Everything is negotiable, including the commission you offer to a buyer's agent. Only once both sides have signed the Purchase Contract and you start the escrow process is the commission locked in.

What about photos?

You can provide us with an unlimited amount of photos, or we can connect you with our professional photographer who will charge around $200 to take awesome photos. We will also set up your exclusive OahuRE Custom Website for selling your home. The photo size should be at least 2,000 pixels wide or large if possible.

Will all websites show my home?

Yes, all websites, over 1,100 in all, will have your home listed. This gives you the maximum exposure that you can only get when listed on the MLS. Your listing will be on all the big Real Estate portals such as Zillow, Trulia, and, plus thousands of smaller websites.

Can I do Open Houses?

Yes, you can do as many Open Houses as you like. We will advertise them in the MLS, which will also be picked up by the papers. You can also run a small separate ad in the paper should you desire.

What about lockboxes and signs?

You can get lockboxes and signs at most hardware stores such as Home Depot. Here are some links that might be helpful. Both signs and the lockbox are optional, as you might prefer to open up for buyers and also not have the whole neighborhood know you are selling.

For Sale by Owner Sign, Open House Sign, Custom Signs 1, Custom Signs 2, Lockbox

What about showings?

We will direct all showing requests to you. This means you can set them up at a time that is convenient for you. You can also follow-up with the buyer to get their thoughts about your home and the asking price.

What about comparables?

You can use to get the best comparables. If you like, we can send you a Home Value Video going over what we think is the right selling price range for your home and provide you with the best comparables.

How much space do I have to let buyers know about my home?

The MLS allows 400 characters, but we allow unlimited characters using our Seller's Highlights section. You will automatically be asked questions for the Seller's Highlight section when we put your home in the MLS.

Can I easily cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any time and we will withdraw your listing right away. As your home was not sold there would be no charges from us.

Will you announce my listing to other agents?

Yes, we will have escrow send out an email to almost all agents on Oahu so they are aware of your new listing.

Will you help me choose the right asking price?

Yes, using our Home Value Video, we will provide comparables for you and a price range that we suggest you sell at. You can then decide what price to ask.

How much additional time does this take?

There is very little if any additional time needed. You still review the same listing agreement and MLS entry form, you still review offers, and the time you spend signing documents in escrow is the same. Should you decide to hold your own Open Houses, that would add additional time, but the rest of the procedures are very similar.

What about liability?

The number one thing a seller can do to protect themselves from liability issues is disclose everything. We use the same standard disclosure form as you would get with a full commission agent. You need to fill out these forms no matter what type of listing you choose, it is not something the agent can do for you. As long as you completely disclose everything, you should not have any additional liability issues. In addition, the same escrow company that handles for commission agents will be handling the transfer of the title and provide title insurance so there are no additional liabilities from escrow.

What about if a difficult situation comes up in escrow?

If a situation comes up in escrow that you can't figure out you are welcome to email and he will point you to the answers within our help section or if the situation is not covered in our help section, he will give you an answer and add that situation to our help section.

If you have questions or are ready to get started, please email Bryn Kaufman at or call 808-254-0787.

Exclusive Super High-Resolution Photos help your home sell for more!

The California Association of Realtors said 96% of buyers use the Internet to find their home. The 4% that does not use the Internet use a Realtor who uses it for them, so 100% of home searches are now done on the Internet. According to the National Association of Realtors, just 1% of buyers found their home in a newspaper, and less than 1% through a home book or magazine. Our strength is marketing your home on the Internet, where 100% of the buyers search for homes.

The National Association of Realtors has researched and concluded that homes that have superior photos sell for more. This is now a verified fact. OahuRE uses a professional photographer that has shot over 1,000 homes, and we take these Super High-Resolution Photos and post them with your listing to sell your home for more money and find buyers faster. No other agent on Oahu posts the same size and resolution photos.

See the selling power of our Mobile Friendly Super High-Resolution Photos

See the selling power of the incredible photos from our Professional Luxury Photographer

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Exclusive OahuRE Custom Website Linked from Over 1,100 Websites

Your OahuRE Custom Website does not have our contact information on it. This way we can add the URL to your property description in the MLS. Once the link is in the MLS, all potential buyers will be able to see it, no matter which one of the 1,100 websites they are using to view your listing. Click the image below to visit our exclusive OahuRE Custom Website.

With our Super High-Resolution Photos, Buyers will get excited about your property and feel like they are standing there in person. This will create the desire to see it and puts buyers in the right frame of mind for the showing. This desire leads to multiple showings and higher offers from buyers.

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We enhance your photos, taking them to a whole new level.

Our enhanced photos bring out the true colors even better. The sky becomes bluer, grass greener, flowers more bright, cabinets richer looking, flooring better looking, etc. The samples below show our enhanced photos on the left and the professional photographer's photo on the right.

We make sure your photos look great on Zillow, Trulia, and

Now that it has been proven that homes that have superior photos sell for more, don't allow lousy photos on the 3 biggest Real Estate Websites in the country to cost you money when selling. The standard MLS photos do not look good on these websites. We make sure to upload photos at the maximum size these websites will allow, so your home looks better. These sites have over 100 million visitors monthly, so you can't afford to have bad photos. No matter how good your original photos are, if an agent allows the portals to use the photos from the MLS, they will be distorted. See below for an example.

This is a section of a photo from a listing on the Custom Website.

This sample is from the Zillow. This is how most agents leave your photo looking.

This sample is from the Zillow after has uploaded a new photo.

This sample is from the Trulia. This is how most agents leave your photo looking.

This sample is from the Trulia after has uploaded a new photo.

This sample is from the This is how most agents leave your photo looking.

This sample is from the after has uploaded a new photo.

As you can see, we make sure you always are showing the best photos possible on all 3 major portals.

Exclusive Seller Highlights Tell Buyers About Your Home's Best Features

Most agents put up a virtual wall between sellers and buyers. This process prevents sellers from giving the best sales points to buyers. You can fit a few pieces of information in the MLS description, but space is limited, so it tends to be short summary information that does not really help "sell" your home.

To remove this virtual wall, we will Email you questions about the best features of your home and your neighborhood. Your answers will then be published on your custom website, and also on the Property Detail page for all buyers to view.

This is a fantastic way for you to let buyers know about the advantages of your property and your neighborhood.

See sample Seller Highlights

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Transaction Management System

View a short video on how our Transaction Management System works, including an explanation of why I designed it. designed from scratch a Transaction Management System for our clients. This system makes sure everything is completed on a timely basis during your offer and escrow process. In addition, it updates buyers and sellers throughout the transaction with emails to help you understand exactly what your next steps are and what contingencies you should be aware of. It makes the buying and selling process very comfortable because at each important step you get an email to help you understand it better.

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