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One of the best, not in Hawaii, but probably the whole USA * Provides data we like to see * User friendly and the most informative * Access to all the information * Our broker is very good, but didn't uncover what we bought, we did through your site * Packed with so much information which typically is hidden by other realtors * It's better than perfect * Referring your Website to many * Every-time I use oahure.com I shake my head and smile * Insanely great * I like everything about it * Best Realtor Website on the Internet * Knowledge is power

"I really like your website and have spent hours going through the listings. You have done a great job at putting that together. Thank you for all your help."

"We love your website and have found it to be one of the best real estate sites we have ever used."

"thank you...this is awesome. I just got my first notification today. I love it. I pray that a home that meets my needs will become available."

"I just wanted to compliment you on your fantastic real estate website. Well done. It's been a big help!"

"You have a link on OahuRE that asks for ways to improve the website. My response is leave it alone… it’s better than perfect."

"Thank you sooo much for this information. As a concerned Mortgage Broker on a constant quest to make sure that people are being given the absolute best possible rate and fees I really was impressed when I ran across this information you posted while entering my own FSBO. My husband is an Appraiser and he too is consistently disappointed at the inflated prices that flippers offer their properties while stating “someone will pay” when in fact nothing has been done but a slap of paint over termite eaten areas… it simply takes advantage of the unknowing… goodness, I (we) could go on… I just wanted to send an Aloha and thank you again. I will be referring your website to many of those that I am in contact with…."

"My mom and I have been watching your site. We REALLY appreciate the effort and the risk you've taken to crack open the mysterious real estate market. You provide all the data we like to see. She is thinking about moving here, and we bought our first home about 8 months ago. If we move in about 5 yrs we'll be utilizing you for sure!"

"Your web site is unbelievable! I'm preparing to purchase a condo for my daughter (she's presently renting). Your site is very complete - sort parameters, commuting, goggle map, pics, comparisons. These are all the item that are important to narrow our search and it's apparent you fully understand the business from the consumers viewpoint. Thank you for the time and effort you put into such a wonderfully interactive site."

"I am appalled to hear you were fined for showing too much information on your web site. I did not find your web site until after we had purchased two properties in Hawaii. We just have a quarter acre on the Big Island and a small condo in The Rosalei. I don't remember how I found your web site but I refer to it each time I want information on properties there on Oahu. You have the very best real estate site!"

"I wish you luck and promise I will contact you if I am lucky enough to buy an additional property in Waikiki."

"Hey Mr. Kaufman, just wanted to let you know I am very thankful for this wonderful website. I spent three and a half years in Hawaii and have now been away for almost a year now. It is now one of my goals to someday own real estate in Hawaii, it seemed right as I was deciding that in my mind, your website popped up."

"I have tried learning about real estate for a little while now, and although I feel I have the fundamentals I still felt overwhelmed by all the data there is to collect. Your website brings all sorts of resources right to people's fingertips.

"One of my absolute favorite features is the google map, it makes things so incredibly easy. Your website will undoubtedly be the tool that will help me find my dream home on Oahu......(those ones around Tantalus are eye catching)"

"In the words of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs...."this is insanely great"

"Dear Bryn and Wanida...Sorry to learn of the fines imposed by the Honolulu Board of Realtors. Without a doubt your informative web site is the best real estate site that I have ever visited. The objective information that you provide to real estate consumers is truly to be applauded. The old adage states that knowledge is power, and the in-depth research that you provide is of tremendous value to everyone who is in the market for a home on Oahu. Thanks for all of your invaluable hard work."

"I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome website, it is by far the best RE website I have come across, I really appreciate your effort to offer this info........and for free!"

"I love the entrepreneurial spirit. If OahuRe.com wasn't superior to anything out there no one would be complaining. My guess is realtors are in their office looking at your site when the boss isn't around :)"

"I know you have heard it many times already, but your website is the bomb. Keep up the killer work. Naysayers are wrong. You are completely helping the local RE market. More info leads to more interest and activity. Best of luck to you. You are pioneers."

"You guys have put together the best real estate search site I have ever seen. I’ll bet the MLS is trying to fine you! It has been invaluable in our home search. Great work and keep it up."

"There will always be a need for a savvy, well-connected agent to assist in the process of buying or selling a home. What many consumers need is not someone to search the listings for them in the traditional sense, but rather someone to bring the skills, contacts, and perspective to the table in order to facilitate the buying/selling process."

"Your website is awesome! Keep it up!! The board of realtors are being ridiculous!! Your website is better than that other MLS one…"

"Just wanted to drop a note letting you know how wonderful this site is. it is packed with so much information--which typically is hidden by other realtors. i appreciate the openness and look forward to working with you when the time is right to purchase a second home."

"First of all, I just wanted to tell you that your website is awesome. You make it absolutely effortless to search for homes in Hawaii. Especially for people like me who do not live there."

"I was unaware of your website until a friend told me about it yesterday..it's just plain fantastic..thanks."

"I love the website. It's truly helpful for the prospective buyer. It gives all the info I need so that I can view the comparables! If it weren't for you and your site, buyers would be taken to the cleaners!"

"You have a great site --I sure wish you did ALL OF THE ISLANDS! I live over here in the Big Island (Kona) and wish there was a section on your site for other islands. Maybe someday, huh?"

"I was "sent" to your article in PBN and I want to say that the whole thing is a shame, and a sham!!! I, for one, have so appreciated the info available on your site, if for no other reason than to see how the market is going, particullarly in my area. Most of us can ultimately do nothing without a realtor, or two, so keeping "ownership" would not seem to be too much of a problem, all your web site means is better educated buyers and sellers."

"I want to thank you for your web site and tell you that you are appreciated! I must admit I've been afraid to tell many people in the fear that it might go away, I guess I was right! I do, and will, however, tell people about you all. Thanks again."

"The new email format ROCKS. No more trying to figure out what has changed in the listing to trigger the notification and having to dive through extra screens to get the info you want. Way to go."

"I just wanted to make a few comments about your website. I'm sure you get comments often but just wanted to pass mine on. I am a computer person myself and can really appreciate the work that you have put into designing your webpages and your DB queries to give meaningful, easy to use, data. It really makes it easy to see what is available in the different areas of the island without having to rely on speaking with a realtor. I don't want to waste anybodies time since I don't really know how serious I am about buying a new house so it just works out great for me to be able to browse everything. My wife and I are somewhat interested in buying over the next couple of years and aren't in a hurry and are more looking for the "perfect" house rather than needing to find a house to move into immediately. Anyway, your site is perfect for us. Great Job and thanks!"

"I just wanted to say THANKS! for your pioneering efforts to let the public view MLS information on your website www.oahure.com. Information is power and the realtor monopoly is still trying to deny public access, but your efforts are a huge benefit to people interested in real estate. If only the Realtors could understand that more information helps smart buyers make better informed decisions. (and maybe helps them avoid some lawsuits). Mahalo nui loa!"

"Bryn, thank you so much for your website.  Your site has made me a much more knowledgeable and informed buyer and seller of real estate.  Finally, I have the tools to make me more realistic and objective in the real estate marketplace.  I hope your marketing concept spreads to more locations."

"Thanks for making your sevice available. I felt you offered a very professional and efficient process to home selling/buying."

"I missed that. Every day almost, I notice inhancements in your web site. You are probably tired of hearing this ---but your Oahure site is more informative than any I have seen---anywhere, and it gets better all the time--if that were possible."

"Thank you for your time, and your website is hands down the best anywhere!"

"Whatever we decide to do, I will certainly go through you. Your website is an incredible resource for information. More than I've ever seen anywhere, from Texas to Connecticut to California. I'm glad that I found it."

"Thanks for your great work. We chose the right agents at the right time with the right contacts. We consider ourselves fortunate to have sold so quickly in a slowing market. Also thanks for your website. It was useful before we met you and will be very helpful to us in the future as we watch the market to see when it's the right time to buy."

"Thank you Bryn for ALL of your help. You have been wonderful."

"I mentioned your site to one of the housing blogs that I read and the response is "it's awesome". One reader really likes the flippers section since he is planning to move to Hawaii."

"Now that's a great site! The best one on the market, no kidding."

"Thanks, I might add that your website should be the model for all Realtors. Most give very little information - fishing for you to call - wasting time for everyone. we will buy in Hawaii and we will use your company."

"I must say, out of all the other real estate web sites I've visited, I think yours is set up the best. I really like the search filters you have and all the information that is available as well."

"Wow-- what great expedient service and communication! Thank you for the link we will most definitely be setting up a watch list-- so we don't miss out on any further deals like this one. If they are taking more offers in the future please keep us in mind. Thank you Bryn and Elaine once again for your professionalism and immediate response!"

"I've spent countless hours browsing oahure. I'd love to one day own a home in HI and your site allows me to look further into the real estate market there than any other real estate site ever could. Thank you, immensely, for opening up access to the vital information that educated consumers seek. Whenever the time is right for my family to make a move there, we will be using you to represent us as our agent."

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for your great web site, oahure.com. It's without a doubt the best web site for researching the market in Oahu. You must have the other agents very irritated. Other agent's system seems to be to make it impossible to get info without out contacting them and letting them dole it out. When we finally decide to buy, we will most definitely be contacting you to arrange the transaction. That probably won't be until sometime this summer, at the earliest. In the meantime, I'm studying, studying and studying."

"First of all, congratulations on your website, it's simply the best."

"Aloha Bryn, your website is almost PERFECT. It eliminates so much wasted time of calling agents for information."

"Dear Bryn, Many thanks for your guidance last night. I really appreciate it. I would like to add to the numerous accolades of your website. It is the best thing that has happened to the real estate market - especially to buyers and sellers alike."

"I have been watching your website for months. It is the best on out there and I love it!!!!!!"

"By the way, your website is Best In Class. All the hard work put into the design and maintenance really pays off. Knowledge is power!! Thanks for helping me learn so much about properties for sale in Oahu."

"Whew Hoo! Superman and Batman need to pay attention when Bryn is working!! They would get a good lesson on how a superhero really does his magic."

I want to thank you for your incredible service to the Honolulu/Oahu real estate market. Your philosophy of "more factual transparency = increased market activity" couldn't be more true. I have experienced so much misinformation from your competitors, that it has to affect the marketplace in a disappointing way. Honolulu/Oahu is such a distance from prospective buyers world-wide, that your business philosophy will eventually win over your competitor colleagues. One can argue that Oahu, due to its many advantages, may be some of the most valuable real estate on earth! I think so, and I will invest there again. My best to you and your staff.

First of all, you and your website is highly recommended -from the people I worked with, friends, and even in my TAPs Class !!(Transition Assistance Program) for the military. So, I've been browsing your website a lot lately, and I agree. You have been providing in your website the most comprehensive and realistic info out there about real estate. Great job!

I appreciate what you do.  All of my clients use your website!  (from a well known Oahu Real Estate Broker)

I want you to know your web site is the best one out there by far. I have been in and out of it sporadically for a couple of years so I kind of feel like I have been taking up your time even if you didn't know it!

Thank you ! There is perhaps no better website for property search in Hawaii than OahuRE. I believe most people and even realtors, including those in Coldwell Bankers, use your site to search property. This makes you the number one person in the business. Thank you for serving people through this wonderful service. We have moved to the new house day-before-yesterday. Thank you !

"I love your site. It is an invaluable resource and I recommend it to friends all the time."

"We especially are thankful for your Website, which enabled us to "shop" from California, Quick and thorough responses to all of our many questions, Efficient handling of details during the transaction - from offer to closing, And the use of electronic signatures, which was very easy to use and enabled us to quickly submit all the necessary paperwork."

"I love your website! I have been on it almost every day for 9 months."

"I am a mortgage specialist and I just discovered your OahuRE.com and it is AWESOME! Thank you for developing the most user friendly and the most informative site regarding Oahu Real Estate. I will definitely recommend this site to my clients."

"I want to thank you for putting together the best real estate website I have ever used. It has made me an informed buyer The wealth of information you have pulled together is simply unbeatable."

"The internet has changed business processes in many fields and real estate is no exception. Knowledgeable consumers scare the Honolulu Board. If they think that by imposing fines or restrictions on you they will stop the spread of information they are mistaken. They would do well to encourage and work with, rather than against, this development."

"Your site is one of the best not only in Hawaii but probably the whole USA. It's been very useful since I'm planning to buy a home again. But now, I could not believe that the Honolulu Board of Realtors (HBR) restricts you from providing "true" data and doing good service to the citizens of Hawaii."

"Just to let you know I love your website, I like fact that your listing are updated, shows when the listing started and how long its been for sale, pictures of it too. No really I like everything about it."

"I find your website one of the most, if not, THE most informative in the real estate market. – including Miami & Las Vegas!"

"Thank you for your detailed information. Your website is what i was looking for. It is absolutely THE BEST!"

"I have signed up for for you watch list and I am thoroughly impressed. I presently do not have a realtor as yet, but when I (we) really do zero in on some properties, we will be asking you to represent us. Your site is the most thorough and complete as I have ever seen and I've been searching for the past two years. Thanks you for your service."

"I want to say that you folks have done a great job with this website. All the information is at consumer's finger tips. With an easy navigation, you have made it extremely accessable for anyone to check listings in Hawaii. Best of luck!!!"

"A friend of mine showed me your site about two months ago. It is amazing and must have taken a lot of time to create... I'm sure it takes an equal amount of time to maintain. Good luck with your dialogue with the Board of Realtors and know that you have helped (and are helping) a lot of people wade through the mire of Hawaii realty!"

"Just wanted to compliment you on creating a great site that is informative and useful. It is clear from using the site that you put a great amount of effort and thought into it. Good luck in your fight with the Honolulu Board of Realtors. If I should buy another piece of property in Oahu in the future, it will be your site that has decided what Realtor I would use."

"Love your site…it’s easy to navigate and offers concise information. I use it all the time to find out what’s going on in the market place. My house is for sale and I use your site to see if I’m competitive and what I can afford to buy."

"Hi, I live on Maui but, just wanted to tell you what a great web site you have !!!!! All the information is unbelievable & so well thought out---The MLS online search is a wonderful tool for potential clients as they can sit at home & see photo's get all the details & then make contacts----Good job !!!"

"fantastic website...best real estate site i have been on in hawaii...very informative...thanks"

"I am not a serious buyer at the moment, but I must tell you that at all the realtor website's I have ever visited by individual agents, yours is by far the best I have ever seen. Thank you for providing such an outstanding website."

"I visit your site daily to see how the real estate market is doing. It is a great place to visit... it is just like a one stop shop!"

"Love your site. Fantastic job (and this from a fellow programmer!)"

"I just found it a couple of hours ago, but compared to every website with RE info, yours is by far the best, I can see why the RE association doesn't like you folks sharing this, it is so complete that it levels the playing field for us non agents."

"I have recently began looking for property on Oahu and have just discovered your page. It is the most useful resource I have found to date and as a prospective home buyer, I cant believe the absurdity of an association penalizing you for performing an outstanding service to the community. That is just ridicules. Keep up the good work and thanks."

"I am a realtor in Vancouver BC and I love your website and I think you should keep up the great job you're doing by providing us with information about real estate in Hawaii."

"It has been my pleasure as well! I thought buying a home at a distance like this would be a nightmare. It's been a dream. No stress at all. If there were questions, you were right there with an answer and dealt fabulously with the sellers. It really put my mind at ease."

"I stumbled upon your website while searching craigslist. Yours is a GREAT website. I have been following the market on the mainland and sold my house 2 months ago and made a hefty profit. With two kids and not much saved for college or retirement, I thought this was a good move; hoping the market in Hawaii would go down so my husband and I could buy once again. I have met so many BS realtors, and their advice is so off I can't believe it. I really love your website, I have shared it with my friends and they love it as well. I plan to wait it out, thanks for providing people in Hawaii a truly INFORMATIVE website."

"Good morning the best website by far retired military looking to buy came across your website, LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE IT!"

"I know I don’t need to say it but your site is a breath of fresh air. My wife and I can only dream of owning a place right now, but your site has allowed us add a bit of reality to that dream. Keep on trucking and tell the HBR to concentrate on helping the little guy instead of kicking him around."

"I just found it a couple of hours ago, but compared to every website with RE info, yours is by far the best, I can see why the RE association doesn't like you folks sharing this, it is so complete that it levels the playing field for us non agents."

"Your site is very helpful. I believe that making MLS info avaliable to potential buyers is beneficial to everyone, regardless of what the MLS may say....."

"Thank you. Your continuing efforts and comprehensive web site is a much needed community service. You have a given the average citizen empowerment through the education of choice. We no longer are at the whims of greedy realtors who love to hear the sound of their own flatulence."

"Hi...I am in New Mexico and considering looking to invest in Hawaii in the very near future... we are small business owners and visit your paradise at least twice a year...we have just started looking for both homes and a small business...we think your site is awesome! to get fined for too much info is a bit over the top, as yours is the main site we are using now that we discovered it on craigslist!...we will also be contacting you when we find something that seems to suit us...just wanted to let you know that I tell anyone interested in Hawaiian properties about it, keep up the great work!..."

"I've been using your website for years now. It has been an absolute godsend in a Hawaii real estate world where potential buyers were often intentionally left in the dark for so many shady reasons. Thanks so much for your hard work and fearlessness."

"OahuRE is a terrific site and very resourceful. Keep up the great work."

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great job with the mobile web page. I've been using the great MLS search for a while and the mobile page is even greater. I know your husband was in the web business before so please tell him "great job!"

"I have been watching my uncles condo listed on your website for a few weeks, I have to say I am sooooo impressed by this site, it is the most informative and impressive website. Layers and layers of great info, I just had to send my compliments!!!"

"We used your site to find our house last year.  Used your suggested technique to get the seller to pay 2 points and get our interest rate down to 5.5.  The lender paid a bunch of other costs and we used the VA for a nothing down loan.  We put down $500 earnest money and got about half of it back at closing.  Thanks for the help.  Your site was what we needed after looking for about 4 years with no savings and the prices just barely out of reach."

"Forget that PBN article! They have it all backwards! You and your wife are doing buyers AND REALTORS, your competitors by the way,a huge service. They should be thanking you!!! Your website is just completely and totally awesome...its better than all the other "home" shopping sites by far! Just wanted to say keep doing what you are doing---and I will continue to tell all my friends about OAHU RE!!!!"

"Great site! By far the best we have seen. My wife finds it a bit counter-intuitive sometimes but loves it anyway. In contrast, I find it very intuitive and so must think like your site designer. We will both be using the site religiously prior to our Q1 2009 arrival in O'ahu. Aloha and thank you!"

"Your site is the best structured Real Estate site in whole Hawaii. Have you thought about expanding this to other states/country's and other adding other languages?"

"Great Site...Finally the Hawaii MLS data becomes useful instead of protected like Fort Knox."

"I want to compliment you on how fabulous and useful your website is. I'm a first time home buyer searching for a house with help from my realtor. I discovered your website about 2 weeks ago after reading the article about you in the Honolulu Business magazine. I love how easy it is to access so much information in one website."

"Thanks for informing the users of your site about the HBRs impending rule change to obfuscate valuable information regarding "withdrawn, expired, or pending" data of a listed home. Your site embraces the information age and that's why I will be calling on you when I'm ready to purchase a home on Oahu after completing my medical residency training in a few years."

"I've been a big fan of your website for many years. I am shocked that the Board of Realtors has been so foolish as to stifle such a great resource. Homebuyers not taking the time to educate themselves is part of what got us into the whole housing crisis, and for the Board of Realtors to take away one of the best tools we have as non-realtors to stay informed and knowledgable is criminal and should be brought up to congress."

"Thank you for what you guys do. THe information on your website has been absolutely invaluable to me and my family as we made the biggest purchase of our lives. The wealth of information was not something I'd ever have been able to navigate without the ease of use and tools your website creates. No information my realtor could have presented would have provided me with the confidence and depth of knowledge I got from being an oahure user."

"Just read your note about how the MLS is trying to limit what you can publish about home sales. They should not be able own or control that type of information. Just wanted to let you know that my friends and I appreciate all of your hard work to help level the playing field for the average home buyer & seller. Even though we bought our house in Kaimuki 2 years ago, I still use your website weekly to monitor the market in my neighborhood. Keep fighting the good fight!"

"You have the BEST and most thorough website, introduced to me by my son-in-law, also used by all his friends at work."

"My friend just showed me your site and I am amazed at the features you have. I will be looking at your site for years to come."

"I just wanted to let you know your website is a great resource for me. We're currently looking for property and I continually watch your site for the latest & greatest happenings in the real estate market. It helps me as a consumer to be well knowledged about what is going on in the marketplace & helps me feel more confident that I know what fair market value is of homes."

"In my opinion, you have regularly improved your website --almost on a daily basis. There is no website on real estate, anywhere, to equal yours, and I am talking about anywhere. If you would like me to write a more succinct letter ,that you want to publish--please let me know."

"Just doing some very tentative searching right now but I wanted to say your site is fantastic. As an appraiser it is so nice to see the sold data for the buildings I am looking at and the link to the tax assessment office."

You guys are the greatest.. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends. Your website gave me tons of information that gave me the added edge. I hope you don't get in trouble for putting out too much information. thanks again...

"I read about your fine and feel its unjust. Your site includes only data that is obtainable from various other public sources and is a great tool for buyers and sellers. Perhaps you are cutting off some ones nose, but as a fellow realtor from Australia all you are doing is providing great information for the public. Congratulations."

Frist off, let me say congratulations on your website. We've been looking at homes on Prudential and Hawaii Life for months in anticipation of our upcoming move back to Hawaii. I'm so relieved we found your site, it's absolutely head and shoulders better than the rest. I clicked the G+1 on your site, hope you get back to the top of Google, as folks really should experience your site.

You have got an EXCELLENT website for browsing real estate. It’s the ONLY site my wife and I use to search for properties

First, let me say that I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! Second, since we have moved from Hawaii 5 years ago, you just continue to improve and adjust this to a perfect tool. Last, is there any chance you will be branching it out to other MLS systems in other states? I am in the Dallas, Texas area and LONGING for a great real estate tool like what you have created. Congratulations on a job well done.

"I just wanted to tell you what an awesome job your doing with your site. It is the BEST I have ever seen. Don't let the Honolulu Board of Realtors push you around. They are just angry because buyers are now able to tell which Realtors tell buyers the truth and which ones don't."

"Sorry to hear about the fine for posting "too much" information on your website. I think you have the right idea and the Oahu realtor organization is living life in the slow lane. I heard they turned down Google's offer to put their MLS on the Google site. Their loss."

"Just to let you know I love your website, I like fact that your listing are updated, shows when the listing started and how long its been for sale, pictures of it too. No really I like everything about it."

"Just a note to thank you so much for both of your websites. As a buyer, it makes the decision process lightning fast when you have access to all the information that is out there. Having access to the information won't take the place of using a realtor, you still need additional knowledge that only a realtor has through years of experience. This will actually make it easier for the realtor because it allows the buyer do do their homework on CMA's, taxes, etc. I'm referring folks to you and your website for future sales. Thanks for allowing buyers and sellers to see the total picture and be informed."

"This is the best realtor website on the internet. Wonder if you would do me a big favor. My son-in-law who is a realtor in Oregon would like me to design a website like yours. Can you tell me who is your web designer so that I can contact him/her to see what program he/she uses to build this website. Thanks"

"Absolutely fantastic site. You provide a tremendous resource to buyers, sellers, and the real estate community of Oahu, keep up the great work!"

"Bryn, I absolutely love your website. I was first licensed here in 1990 and it wonderful to finally see a real estate website built by a programmer, so I can stop cursing the crap out of the old fashioned one offered by HBR. I worked for Homeseekers.com as QA Tech Specialist back in 2000-1 so appreciate it very much."

"By the way, I’ve emailed your site to numerous friends for them to use. To me, the ultimate compliment to your website was learning that you were fined by fellow realtors for the information you share. Thanks to your website I am sometimes a step ahead of my own realtor. Mahalo again for creating such a helpful website."

"Sounds great. You are the most responsive company in implementing suggestions that i have and probably will ever see. Keep up the great work. You're site is such an invaluable tool for local real estate. Have you thought of implementing something around the rental market?"

"Just learned that you have been fined for providing too much information to the general public - yet we claim to be a democratic country. We absolutely love your site for the fact that it is educational. Let's face it - the market of professioanls out there need to be very competitive and some survive by lies and deceits. We were presented with a property that "just came on the market on its second day" and of course it was presented to us as a "find" and a "secret-not-yet-out-too-long". Come to find out from your site, the property was a "hard-sell" and it was actually on the market for quite some time - just that its most recent listing had just expired and it was relisted again."

"Thank you for your site, it has made investing in real estate fair to the public. You never know, you might have single-handedly saved the real estate market on Oahu from going through an "Enron" type scandal. Thanks for being loyal to your profession."

"Your website not only very informative but take an honest stand about the housing market in Hawaii. You displays the facts and we make our own decisions. There are very few reliable sources today where we can get an honest opinion."

"You have created a tool for Hawaii that will change real estate here forever. I have spent so much time finding permit history ,sales history etc in the past that every-time I use oahure.com shake my head and smile ...."

"I just had to write to thank you and say what a great site you have - As a licensed contractor/broker here in Oregon, I applaud your altruism and great attitude regarding information sharing."

"Your website is amazing and it provides so much information and cross references. Thank you so much for all of the hard work that went into setting up this website that, again, provides so much information to the public."

"I mentioned your site to one of the housing blogs that I read and the response is "it's awesome". One reader really likes the flippers section since he is planning to move to Hawaii. I hope that I did not create too much traffic on your site."

"I also wish to thank you for this wonderful informational tool that you are sharing with the public. The realtors I've worked with made such a big deal about revealing the information that you make readily available."

"Thank you so much for helping to take the "mystery" and B.S. out of hawaii real estate!!! Is it true that the realtors assoc. wants you to limit our access?"

"I just wanted to say ---great job with your site. I live in Portland, OR and have bought two condos in the last six months. We already had a broker (or I would have given you the business), but your site allowed me to search for exactly what I wanted. Our broker sent us listings to see, but unless you personally are searching the database, ones needs are often lost in translation. I knew what I wanted and looked at a thousand or more units and found the right ones. Our broker is very good, but didn't uncover what we bought---we did through your site."

"Your site is terrific, definitely the best for Oahu RE."

"I just finished reading about how you got a fine for your site... Damn the man! I love your site and it has helped me so much with my house hunt... ( that is still underway) I hope you can keep up the good work and if people start taking information off the internet then we might as well be living in China. Information is power and its hard to try and find a place to live on this small rock- a site like yours helps so much! Aloha and Much Mahalo."

"Just wanted to say that I am, to put it plainly, appalled at how information the Honolulu Board of Realtors requires your site to withhold. Past sales, expired and terminated listings, heck even addresses. Isn't all of this information, when it comes down to it, information that is publicly available? If so, the board would seem unable to block how people choose to use/display the information. It just doesn't seem to fit, in this day and age of information and the internet, that such information is not available."

"We are mega- impressed with your company, and look forward to doing business with you in the near future."

"Hi-keep up the good work. So sad the website is not what it used to be. Even though I bought a house, I still liked to go on and see what the market was doing. Your website was such a powerful tool in giving me information that no realtor would. I poured in many hours of my own time and was even able to find the listing of the home I purchased before my realtor using the activity watch tab. I also loved the SOLD information and would refer to those listings often. Things are different now and it's sad. I sent the letter below to the HBR. I am thoroughly disgusted by their pettiness."

Letter to Honolulu Board of Realtors

"I am now a homeowner that found the website Oahure very helpful when searching for my house. The information was so useful and I feel it gave me more bargaining power against the seller and even my own realtor. I had my own realtor who was not apart of the website. I can't imagine not having that tool to househunt. There are far too many unscrupulous and lazy realtors out there and it helps to be able to do one's homework when making the biggest purchase of one's life. The HBR is being petty and greedy by not allowing Oahure to disclose all information. I for one will refer any friend, family, and co-worker to work with the Oahure team as they have shown dedication to the everyday househunter. They put in hard work to build a wonderful and easy to navigate site only to have the HBR pretty much ruin a great thing. Shame on you."

"We have found a home, thanks to your site and some open houses. Your site is the best. I have to tell you that every time we went to an open house and the realtor would ask us how we heard about the open house, they would grumble a little bit, You give so much information out that you really help the buyer make some intelligent choices. I think that the fact that you share your commissions with the sellers/buyers, and you have so much information on your web site that other realtors are just a little jealous. Thanks the great site."

"Btw, It’s a disgrace what the HBR is doing! I have been a loyal follower of your website for 4+ years already and the information you provide in invaluable! Keep up the good work!"

"Just a note to let you know that your web site is terrific! Sorry that you are having so many hassles, but you provide a wonderful clear service."

"Too bad the MLS is so kludgy compared to Oahure.com. And too bad they are being so anal. Good luck, I use your site everyday."

From Underwriting Manager at well known bank:

"I’m really sorry to see that the board has taken this stance. For me your website has been invaluable for my work and I really appreciated all the work you put into it."

"It's a crying shame that the Board puts a restriction on facts that help the private citizens decide on the price to sell as well as to buy."

"Thank you for the work around. When we looked at an item that came in today we noticed the link in order to view additional information. We really appreciate all that you do to provide information for consumers as we are not realtors- just regular folks looking to possibly sell or trade our place in the future."

"I am just writing a personal note to thank you for the oahure.com website you developed. As a potential buyer, it really helped me to educate myself about the real state market. In another word, it helped me to make the right decision when I bought my first home. Its very user friendly as well. Thank you again."

"First of all, I must compliment you on your www.oahure.com website. By far the most informative real estate site I have been too, and my first source for information. I was researching homes and saw your message that “The Honolulu Board of Realtors has fined us for displaying Pending, Withdrawn and Expired Listings, so this listing is now blocked.” I find this disturbing that they would do this, but it shows that they want to control the amount of information that consumers have access to and buyers at a disadvantage. I’ve had more than one realtor tell me that when a house sits on the market for more than a few months, they will relist the home to make it appear that it just came on the market. Why? To get top dollar for the place. If the buyer knew the house was on the market for a long time and had many expired listings, the buyer would offer the seller much less. During the real estate bubble, we also had appraisers that were inflating the true value of homes as well just to keep the sales price high. I thank you for your website, though. It has educated me a lot about real estate and kept me informed. I just hope someday the federal government will change the laws so that the MLS database is open for consumers to research. To make an informed decision, and offer a fair price, consumers need all the information, not the filtered information the board of realtors wants us to have which always stacks the odds against buyers."

"I enjoy looking through your web site on Hawaii properties very much. It is my opinion that your web site is the best I have seen concerning the Real Estate information for a specific location. It is especially very helpful for a location like Hawaii because most buyers are from locations far away from Hawaii. I am not a real estate professional but I like to educate myself on the value of Hawaii properties in case I want to buy a property there. It is a shame that Board of Realtors are not happy with some of the information you share with your potential client. I think you have help the sales of Hawaii properties more than the Board recognized. I was wondering will it be possible to create a sign up list so that it will not violate the Board rules when you share the information with your potential client. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on your web site."

"Yes, I am using your terrific website daily to check on postings. I just love your website, it is so complete, easy to use, and I am still amazed at how you can put everything together!"

"Bryn, Your site is great. Lots of information. Feel like I have a personal realtor 24/7. Thanks."

"Your site is invaluable.  If and when I find the right property to purchase on Oahu I will contact you.  I'm so P.O.'d by the new rules.  Good job in finding a way to get around them.  So many realtors just want to sit back and collect the check and when I do all of the research (with your site's help ;) that isn't going to happen!"

"You have the best real estate website of any I have ever seen. It is incredibly informative and I use it constantly to check for homes for sale, comparables etc. I am not a realtor but a homeowner who is interested in market conditions. I believe it is inexcusable for the Board to take this type of action. It is definitely not in the interest of the consumer. Is it legal ? Is there a way this can be challenged or publicized so that consumers know exactly what they are doing ? I have a strong sense of distaste when an entity tries to control what information I can see."

"Thank you for the very quick response. I just wan to say that you have the best website out of any real estate web sites I experienced and believe me I saw them all. I will contact you shortly with a list of mls numbers soon when I do some more research."

"I am a real estate broker in Sonoma County, CA who lives off and on in Hawaii. I just want to say your site info is awesome. Do you know of any site like this for Sonoma County, CA?"

"Aloha! Just re-visited your web site and read about the changes imposed on you by the Board. I wanted to let you know that if it was not for your website as it was I would never have bought my place in Marine Surf. I KNOW I can get information from any broker but to have the information within my reach was invaluable in my research. What is the difference between having the information out there and having to go through a realtor - I still have to have a realtor to purchase the property in the end!? Screw the Board! You’re doing home buyers / sellers and the Island a favor by putting the information out there. I am now looking for a second property and if it was not for you or your current efforts I would probably not be looking in Hawaii. Thank you for your effort and service!"

Wow, I have not tried using HiCentral in ages. What a botched website and service. The Honolulu Board of Realtors has made it almost impossible to search on your own. What idiots! I have been using OahuRe exclusively. Your site is head and shoulders above all others.

I really love your service I don't do the Google registration stuff but if you care to use any of this is part of an endorsement please do.

Please don't use my email address rather you could say a Kakaako Fan.

I think your service is amazing. Before your website and organization came on the scene there was nobody else the public or anyone interested in searching homes and condos and land on the one who could find so easily and without bias or obligation.

No obligation aspect is really fantastic and that's what I love.

However I believe that many would pay for your service whether it be a donation or something because some there's nothing like it .I want to see the service continue and I for one would gladly pay 2-3 dollars a month easily or 24 to 36 dollars a year. With a subscription service you could even have it where if you list your home or buy something services are wave to her and you even get money back in the form of reduced commissions which you already have.

Thank you. Your website is the best of its kind I've ever seen. Fantastic.

Your website and service is awesome! Already got a showing on this request today. You came recommended and your info and tools you have set up are top rate. Thanks!

My husband and I use your website often, and we also used Oahu Re when purchasing our home last year. I have been so impressed with all the services your company offers. And now, offering educational emails? That is truly a company that cares about its community and clients. Today, it seems most realtors and real estate companies prefer not to have transparency- with access to property information, nor do they want clients to be be able to understand all they do- less information to the client means greater job stability for them, but I love that you help people to understand the home buying process, contracts, and with use of your website become a very knowlegeable buyer. Thank you for such a great website. I practically look at homes on your site as a hobby. I have often considered getting my license, and if I did, I would want to work for company like OahuRe.Mostly, I just want to say thank you, and let you know how much I appreciate your website and, now, education emails.

It was while reading a review of Real Geeks on GeekEstate when I came across your website. Having just reviewed (in detail) over 300 websites within the past two weeks, I have not seen anything close to your design and available (and useful) content. Your site is truly a work of art.

I stumbled across your web site about a year ago and I think it is by far the most comprehensive and best real estate search engine I've come across. Congratulations on a job well done!

Users of OahuRE comment on what they like most about it.

Easy to use, seems comprehensive, and makes it easy for buyers to find properties that would interest them and for sellers to keep track of comparable prices.

Ability to access all relevant selected data on one page...brilliant.

The up to date information. The picture quality. The ease of see past history.

The information is free. No personal information is ever asked for. Also, you advertise that you give buyer credit on the commission.

I think it is the best website and really find it thorough and informative. You do a great job ! Thank You ! Wish you had an office in Hilo so I could utilize your services. In the past when I was unable to get the information on your website, I emailed you and the problem was fixed by you and you emailed back appreciating that there was a problem that needed fixing..and fixed it right away !

User friendly website

Easy to read listing and photos

Ability to browse MLS information without the hassle of contacting a realtor.

Another reason I appreciate what you do with your site... You are so responsive and open to suggestion.

Ease of use and LOTS of info!

Can't say exactly. All things considered... everything just works.

The quantity of information.

Everything a buyer needs to know is on this website. Love it!

I love OahuRE,- especially how easy it is to search

Ease of searching and filtering out unwanted properties. The past sales are very helpful. The record withdrawn/relisted etc is helpful. Then the photos and links to the city and county assessors office records.

Well organized

I've followed OahuRE right from the beginning. I love the complete information that is provided as if I were a realtor.

All the information provided @ your fingertips. Good pictures too.

Broken down into many different search criteria and ease of use.

Easy to find REAL information.

The huge amount of information on any property for sale- it's a one stop shop paradise!

Everything.. the amount of info available, the ways to search for it and view it, etc.

The Big photo of the properties and there's a lot of info also!!

That is difficult to respond to like that because overall I like everything about it because you have so many pertenient options in housing hunting that are right at my finger tips. But if I have to choose the one that I use most is MLS search that gives you all the data you need about the property.

Comprehensive, authoritative,accurate,and timely.

Access to all re data.


Lots of good information and easy to read.

Very informative. Lots of information, including short sales and foreclosure information.

I don't mind bringing (hopefully) helpful/illuminating points to your attention; oahure.com is by far the most useful RE site for Hawaii, so I'd like to keep it that way

I use it for newest on the market homes. the rubust search options are awesome as well.

Definitely my favorite website. Easy to navigate, lots of choices to narrow down my options. It's an amazing website that gives me a lot of information. I think one of the most important items is the history at the bottom of a properties' page. It has helped me out a ton. Thanks for having such a great website!

A lot of objective info concerning the appraised and requested values of the homes. Clear info on the technical aspects of the properties (easements, flood zones, et cetera) make comparison much easier.

Everything. Comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Sold and pending info

Detailed history of property transactions, photo quality and links...

Easy access to what's currently available! i check it out regularly!

The thorough information, organized in a useful way. A true real estate geek cornucopia.

I love the service you do for the public with your web site! I direct anyone interested in Hawaii real estate to it whenever I can. :)

The sales history,price drops, google street map, and mostly the listings status is updated asap. The others dont update the status if sold.

Fast overview, hard facts to sort

Availability of information. Its awesome! From the links to previous history of sales, to all the activity on the property and the filtering capability so that I can screen for price range, size, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, location, etc. Love being able to see what listings sold for in the end just to aid in giving me a feel for values. Couldn't ask for more.

Being able to track the status of neighborhood comps

It is very comprehensive, and kept up to date. It's free, and you don't have to "sign up" and then be bothered by agents!!! You allow us to come to you when ready. No other site or company can compare here. Thank you!

Access to extensive data.

Being able to see all activity on each property and watch list updates.

Good gui

Simple, easy to use and understand website layout, not cluttered or slowed by unnecessary graphics or animations

I like that i can find out a lot of info. that i normally would have to ask my realtor for such as: history of sales, how long the house was on the market, etc.

Lots of pertinent information.

Got all the info at the click of a mouse.

Free, quick access to comps and listings. I like that you go against the HBR and stand up to them. Still the best site around, I recommend to everyone.

Free current accurate easy intuitive

Access to the whole MLS, with history, previous MLS's, photos, links to tax/parcel data, previous sales, Google maps, searchable neighborhood maps with icons and links, and photos.

Up to date, lots of information, candid advice to newcomers on unfamiliar aspects of Hawaii real estate such as the drawbacks of leasehold properties