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Knowledge Base - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Quiz - try our very challenging quiz about the escrow process to help you learn more about it.

Purchase Contract - Understand the most important points on the Purchase Contract.

Service Providers - Our recommended vendors including Inspectors, Lenders, Insurance Agent, Contractors, etc.

Honolulu Board of Realtor's Monthly Statistics - Comprehensive Oahu Real Estate Market statistics.

Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualified - understand why a Pre-Approval is better when making an offer.

Counter Offers - see how much more you will be paying per month by increasing your offer.

Types of Tenancy - helps you decide what type of tenancy works best for you.

Options for making the final deposit into escrow.

First American 1031 Exchange - recommended 1031 companies.

How to setup a CPR - Information on what a CPR is and how to go about setting one up.

List of FHA Approved Condos - see if the Condos that interest you are FHA Approved.

List of VA Approved Condos - see if the Condos that interest you are VA Approved.

First American Title Insurance and Escrow Fees - show what buyers and sellers pay during the escrow process.

First American Eagle Policy - similar to Fidelity Alta Policy above. Offers more protection against title issues.

Order Building Permit Package - if you want a building permit package you can order one from this company.

Home Exemption Details - how the home exemption work on Oahu.

Home Owners Exemption Forms - download the forms you need to file for your home exemption.

Conveyance Tax - see what the conveyance tax rate will be on your sale.