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OahuRE Videos

As Is Addendum - Why the As Is Addendum is nothing to worry about.

Edit Watch List - Quick video shows how to make changes to your Watch List

Does Not Match Tax Records - Guidance for buyers when the property does not match what the tax records say.

Property Inspection Confusion - Situations with the Home Inspection that confuse many buyers.

J-4 - Withheld/Collected Funds for Repairs/Maintenance - Most buyers, sellers, and even Realtors are confused about the buyers right to withhold funds if repairs are not completed. In this short video I am going to clear up the confusion.

Preventing Fraud - things to look for to prevent fraud in Real Estate transactions based on frauds we have seen.

How not to lose your deposits - how to protect your deposits in a Real Estate transaction.

Counter Offer - a strategy for Counter Offers.

Buyer's Right to Cancel - Paragraphs in the contract that give the buyer the right to cancel.

Termite Inspection - all about the Termite Inspection which is important as termites are common in Hawaii.

Color Coding - It is important to understand the Color Coding on OahuRE.com.

Leasehold - Understand the Pros and Cons of leasehold property.

Disclosure - Understanding one of the most important documents in Real Estate transactions.

Survey - Understanding the survey results.

Finance Contingency - Don't lose your deposits because of the finance contingency.

Property Inspection - Strategy to make sure you do not have a problem during the Home Inspection.

Condo / Home Owners Association Documents - what to look for in these documents.

VA Loans - things to be aware of with VA Loans.

Multiple Offer Strategy - Understand some key points to getting your offer accepted in a multiple offer situation.

Escrow - Understanding how escrow works will help you have a better Real Estate transaction.

Honolulu Real Estate - Covers what regions are covered in Honolulu and what types of prices you will find. I also show stats.