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$3,500 Flat Fee Selling Option

Our exclusive marketing advantages help you sell fast for more money.

Over the last year we listed 181 homes, which is 1.4 homes listed every other business day.

We have saved sellers millions in commissions and we hope to save money for you too.

Exclusive $3,500 Flat Fee Selling Option

Exclusive Eliminate Buyer's Agent Commission

Why You Are More Likely to Sell Using Us

Flat Fee vs. Full Commission

Complete Representation from the #1 Team

Exclusive Free, No Obligation, Home Value Video

Exclusive Seller's Closing Cost Calculator

Professional Photos

Maximum Exposure using the MLS

Homes we have sold on Google Maps

Buyer's Agents Love Working with Us

What to pay the Buyer's Agent

Optional Open Houses with Exclusive Advantages

Exclusive Showing Feedback System

Exclusive Showing Option

Exclusive For Sale By Owner Sign

Getting Started

Testimonials about our $3,500 Option

Exclusive Unmatched Experience

Exclusive Photo Treatment to make the photo colors brighter and more lifelike.

Exclusive Custom Website showing off super high-resolution photos

Exclusive OahuRE Photo Commenter that allows adding comments to each photo to point out what the benefits of what they are looking at.

Exclusive Photo Sorter to put the best photos first.

Exclusive Seller's Highlights allowing unlimited space and formatting options for text to promote your property.

Exclusive 350 Selling Tips to Get Your Home Ready

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Exclusive $3,500 Flat Fee Selling Option

If you are selling for $1,000,000, you would pay a full commission agent $25,000, this is 10 times more commission.

If you are selling for $500,000, you would pay a full commission agent $13,500, so you save $10,000 with OahuRE.

The $3,500 commission you pay us comes out of your proceeds at closing, so if you do not close you pay us nothing.

Many sellers use our $3,500 option as it the lowest commission you can pay for complete representation.

Please be sure to review our collection of testimonials from satisfied sellers.

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Exclusive Eliminate Buyer's Agent Commission

One exclusive advantage we offer is if you find a buyer without a buyer's agent, we will represent both sides for $3,500.

Because we are representing the buyer too, this gives the buyer the confidence that they will get their questions answered and get the support they need.

This option gives you an opportunity to eliminate the 2.5% commission paid to the buyer's agent.

Many sellers find buyers by word-of-mouth or when doing an Open House.

The chart below shows you total commission saved with no buyer's agent.

Sold Price Commission Savings
$500,000 $26,500
$750,000 $41,500
$1,000,000 $56,500
$2,000,000 $116,500

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Why You Are More Likely to Sell Using Us

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Flat Fee vs. Full Commission

The difference between our $3,500 flat fee service and full service is a Realtor does not go out to your property to meet you in person.

This is not FSBO (For Sale by Owner). We are representing you and your home is listed on the MLS. You are getting better support and marketing than full commission agents offer.

By eliminating the occasional face-to-face meeting with a full commission Realtor, we can save you $10,000 to $20,000 or more in commission.

To make the process of selling your home efficient, we do everything online and use email extensively for communication and signing.

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Complete Representation from the #1 Team

As we are representing you the buyer's agent will send the offers directly to us.

We will review the offers and send them to you to review with our comments. We will negotiate the terms and price on the offer with the buyer's agent and write up a counter offer for you.

Once in escrow the OahuRE Client Care Team will help you every step of the way.

We make sure everything is done right and all disclosures are made to minimize your liability after the sale closes.

To process a lot of escrows we use templates with over 45 steps to make sure nothing is missed.

To understand how we do it please view our seller template or our buyer template.

Throughout the escrow process you will get emails helping you with each step, so you understand it better.

Many emails will link you to our extensive help section on OahuRE.com to give you all the details about the contingency you are working through.

As the number 1 team for transactions over the last 10 years, we understand the Purchase Contract better and can handle situations that come up during the escrow process. This prevents you from falling out of escrow and minimizes your risk of problems coming up after the sale closes.

We will have you fill out a complete disclosure form. As our attorney says, you only get sued for what you do not disclose.

Even though we do not meet face-to-face, we feel our support throughout the escrow process is unrivaled.

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Exclusive Free, No Obligation, Home Value Video

One of the first and most important steps to selling your home is deciding on what price to sell at.

We will help you determine the best-selling price by providing you our exclusive Home Value Video.

This is a video recorded for you by Bryn Kaufman, the Principal Broker & Creator of OahuRE.com.

He goes over the comparables for your property in detail as if he was sitting there with you.

He provides a link to the comparables used in the video, so you can explore them and look at the photos to get an even better idea on what to sell for.

The video is crystal clear as if you were on our website, so it is very easy to see the comparables discussed in the video.

The price you list at is up to you, but this video gives you an idea of where we think you need to be priced to sell.

Request our free, no-obligation Home Value Video now.

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Exclusive Seller's Closing Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to get an idea of your total closing costs.

It includes a break out of the different fees you will pay.

It also helps you see how much money you can save working with OahuRE.

Simply enter the amount you want to sell for, the property type, and the calculator does the rest.

View the calculator.

Professional Photos

For photos you can use our recommended photographer for the bargain price of $175 paid directly to him.

He has photographed over 8,000 homes for over 500 Realtors. There is no photographer on Oahu with more experience.

We recommend professional photos as he has a wide-angle lens which makes the rooms look larger and more realistic.

He also uses a powerful flash which creates great lighting inside, and even provides enough light to show the outside view through the windows.

You also have the option of supplying us with your own photos if you prefer.

Please keep in mind our exclusive OahuRE Photo Treatment and exclusive OahuRE Photo Commenter which takes these great professional photos to an even higher level.

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Maximum Exposure using the MLS

Your home is listed on the MLS like all full price agents do.

You will also be listed on over 1,000 websites including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com.

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Homes we have sold on Google Maps

1,000+ homes we sold on Google Maps.

View details on homes we sold.

Buyer's Agents Love Working with Us

Buyer’s agents love working with us because they know the OahuRE Client Care Team responds fast to questions.

They also understand we do a lot of transactions, so we know how to close transactions without falling out of escrow. Buyer’s agents only get paid when they close, so not falling out of escrow is critical for them.

They also understand we know the Purchase Contract well, so we always stay within the terms of the contract. There are no surprises when working with the experienced OahuRE Team.

What to pay the Buyer's Agent

We recommend paying the buyer's agent 2.5%.

The first chart below shows the percentage of listings that sold for a specific buyer's agent commission level. Higher is better as it means you are more likely to sell.

The second chart shows what commission sellers are paying buyer's agents for Active listings.

Both charts are using live data from the MLS going back 1 year.

FusionCharts will render here

FusionCharts will render here

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Optional Open Houses with Exclusive Advantages

Open Houses are optional. Serious buyers will always book an appointment to see a property that interests them, so we feel you do not lose any buyers if you decide not to do an Open House.

If you do want to do Open Houses our flat rate program has two exclusive advantages.

The first one is no one knows more about your home and your neighborhood than you do. You can convey the advantages of your home and neighborhood to perspective buyers much better than a full commission agent who does not live in your home nor neighborhood.

The second exclusive advantage of doing your own Open House is it becomes a great way to find a buyer who is not represented by a buyer's agent, giving you the opportunity to save the 2.5% buyer's agent commission.

You can hold an unlimited number of both Broker Open Houses and Public Open Houses.

We will publish your Open House on the MLS just like a full commission agent does, so you will get the exposure you need to get people to your Open House. All websites will list your Open House, so buyers will have no problem finding you as they all look online to plan their Open House visits.

We can generate two different Open House flyers in PDF format for you, so you can print them to give out at your Open House.

Sample MLS Print Out for Open Houses * Sample Open House Print Out

You can buy an Open House signs starting at $3 at Home Depot or any hardware store.

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Exclusive Showing Feedback System

We offer our exclusive Showing Feedback System designed to maximize the chances of getting valuable feedback from your showings.

This feedback is critical as it could mean the difference between selling and not selling, especially if you notice a pattern to the feedback.

We follow-up using text messages to the buyer's agent to get feedback. We ask if they feel you are priced right and if they have any other comments.

Text messages have more urgency than emails and the response is rate is much better.

If they won't reply to the text messages we send, then Bryn Kaufman, Broker at OahuRE.com, personally emails a follow-up request to them.

This is a secure system as it will only email and send text messages to Realtors that are listed in the MLS.

This security feature allows you to use a lockbox like full-service Realtors do and you can be confident your lockbox code does not get into the wrong hands.

Here is a lockbox for $15 at Amazon. Here is another one from Amazon for $14. Here is one for $35 normally in stock at Home Depot.

Our Showing Feedback System will automatically text and email you each time there is a showing request, so you are on top of who is requesting a showing and for when.

Another exclusive feature of our Showing Feedback System is you get the email address and cell phone of every Realtor who books a showing.

This is helpful in case you need to reschedule the showing for a more convenient time or you want to ask some questions after the showing.

There are only two ways to do Real Estate showings. One is with a lockbox, and the other is in person. This is true for both full commission options and our Flat Fee option. If you prefer the 2nd option, see below for our exclusive in person showing option.

The video below shows how easy it is for Realtors to use our Showing Feedback System.

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Exclusive Showing Option

You also have the exclusive showing option of being there in person for each showing.

No one knows more about the home and neighborhood than you, so buyers will appreciate you walking them through the home and pointing out the features and talking about the neighborhood.

Showing the home yourself is optional. If you prefer doing less work you can do like Realtors do and use a lockbox as mentioned above.

Exclusive For Sale By Owner Sign

You also have the exclusive option of using a For Sale by Owner yard sign.

Having your phone number on a For Sale by Owner sign gives you the opportunity to find a buyer without an agent and save the 2.5% buyer's agent commission.

We do many transactions where the seller finds buyers without an agent and only pays $3,500 total commission.

You can view a sample signs on the Home Depot website.

We do not use an OahuRE.com sign for the $3,500 selling option, so the For Sale by Owner is one option.

Some sellers prefer not to use a sign as it raises a lot of questions from the neighbors, and that is OK too.

Once the buyers contact you directly, you can explain that we can represent both seller and buyer. They are comfortable with this as they now have a top agent representing them, and you will save the buyer's agent commission.

Getting Started

For questions contact Bryn Kaufman

We use the standard Hawaii listing agreement that all agents use, the only difference is we show a commission of $3,500 instead of 2.5% to 3%.

You can withdraw your listing at any time. There is no contract locking you in for a specific period of time.

There is no cost from us unless you close.

To get started email bryn@oahure.com the names of the owners and the property address.

If you have not done so already, please also request a Home Value Video so we can give you a suggested price range to sell at.

The OahuRE Client Care Team will also send you a draft of the Listing Agreement. We use the same listing agreement as a full commission agent, the only difference is we charge you only $3,500. They will also send you our getting started emails.

Once we have the signed listing agreement and the photos we can go live on the MLS within 3 days.

Testimonials about our $3,500 Option

We had a great experience with your company. We are beyond satisfied.

Your flat fee service proved to me that online sources and technology can solely be dependent on this type of communication.

Actually I think a flat fee service such as yours is a perfect fit for any individual that won't mind meeting people & taking control of the sale, independently.

I really enjoyed it! I will definitely will use your service again & have already spoken to a few people about how your service works.

You & your team basically held my hand every step of the way through the entire process. I was impressed. Thank you!

It was like I had a virtual realtor & with a touch of the button you were always there open for service. Easy breezy & honestly much quicker than any realtor that has represented us in the past.

If I had to suggest one thing about your services, I'd have to say that you should point out the highlights of what you do for your flat fee service.

I say this because at first I was unsure of what you do & don't do as part of your flat fee service. Example, when i first excepted your terms I didn't know that your company would be with me every step of the way until closing. I was impressed as we went along with the process.

Your flat fee service was simple, affordable & well communicated. All the best to your growing company & we hope to do business with you again soon & send referrals your way.

Excellent experience all around, excellent responses from OahuRE. Recommended for those familiar with the processes. Mahalo for everything.

I knew my apt would sell fast but didn't realize it would go that fast. I enjoyed working with your employees and sense their expertise, friendliness, and helpfulness. It was a wonderful experience.

Your listing service was great! We had ten showings and two offers in eight days. Thanks for talking through the assisted option with me and helping to remove the intimidation and anxiety around it.

Thank you very much! We were thoroughly impressed with the services you guys provided! Even on holidays and weekends you guys were on top of replies! The best part about the services was the price, we were really happy to be able to save money after all the costs on selling a home.

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

We like your low commissions. We would not be able to turn a profit without your company’s services and guidance. We have learned a great deal on our first sale and we will be differently be using OahuRE on our next flip.

1. The overall experience was great. We really appreciated how quick you and the team were at answering any questions and having a link to videos or information for us to go over.

2. I don't really feel that you must improve anything because for us, it was a smooth transition overall to closing.

We were glad that we closed and sold sooner than expected. We would genuinely like to thank you and the team at OahuRE for all the help and services that you have provided to us and our family.

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

What I liked most is that I did not have to pay 6% commission of the transaction and that you were continually in touch with me about what was going on.

First, the program we used was $3,500, saving quite a bit here allows us to have more room for negotiations.

Second, the OahuRE Team replies fast, try to give their professional advice whenever possible.

The killer is you reply fast. Really good communication.

Also, things are done every day on time no matter how late in the evenings, hopefully it's balanced for the staff:).

Third, the webpage has a buyer's and seller's point of view for each step. That helped also.

Thank you so much. I apologize for the late response, it's been a crazy time with moving to the east coast.

We are thrilled with your service. What we liked the most was the full service you provided at the price you charged us.

We appreciated yours and Mannie's timely responses and attentiveness to our questions and concerns.

I honestly don't have anything to say about improvements. Thank again so much!

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

Thanks so much for your help. It has been a whole year process and we couldn't do it without the help from you, Mannie and your team.

I really enjoying working with your team as they are very responsive to our questions and concerns.

You guys always get right back to us when we have a question. Thanks again for all your help.

Hi Bryn and OahuRE Team, Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the support.

I like the quick response the most. That was very professional how I could get response for each question for everything. It was so timely and accurate advice.

I really don't think there is anything to improve. I was so satisfied as is.

Thank you so much again!

Mahalo Bryn and team. Thanks for sticking through this one, had a few bumps in the road.

I really love working with your team, you always respond so quickly, unlike others I've worked with in the past.

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

I want to thank you very, very much for the sale of our house.

Since this is our first time to sell, we never thought it going to be this easy. Everyone in your team are awesome.

We cannot thank you enough for the very beautiful experience we had from start to finish.

We would like to commend Jinny for her assistance in the process. She is always ready whenever we have questions.

I just wish more people could know about your very awesome service!

The thought of buying a and selling for most people is scary but if they will work with a team like you, it is totally painless.

And the best part of course is they will save a lot of money, they just need to do their part.

If we are to sell a house again, we will always do it with you. That is for sure!!

I am so grateful for everything your team did for me.

It was a long journey, but everything was as promised, and more.

I can see why you are #1 in sales.

This is surely the way to do real estate if you are a rookie like me and have the time to do all that must be done.

You are providing a most valuable resource for Hawaii homeowners who need to relocate.

What I liked most was your quick response to questions or issues with sound advice. You always had cheerful, accurate responses, even when I thought I must really be a nuisance. Thanks for your tolerance.

Now that we are at the end of the process, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You and your staff have been simply outstanding. I have told many friends about you and hope that they will call when they are ready to sell. Again, thanks!

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

Our first video/conversation with you about selling our condo and the flat fee option. You excelled at educating us on the process and the market.

Our condo sold for the exact price you anticipated.

You and your team continued to educate us by sending informational content as needed for each step of the process.

Thank you so much for helping us through this.

The absolute best thing about your service is your price! We saved so much money.

This service is PERFECT for people who already have a little bit of experience selling their own real estate or people who aren’t afraid of doing some research themselves.

I really do think you fill a need in Hawaii though, so thank you!!!

The way your team breaks down everything into simple understandable terms was excellent.

You and your team were easily reachable and quick to respond.

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

Very happy with you and your team. Thanks for making the transaction go smoothly.

What I liked was the near instant email response from someone on your team. I've had to wait days and follow up with other realtors.

Your information emails describing the process were also informative even though this was my 12th real estate transaction.

And of course, your website metrics are the best.

Thanks all for working with me. Guess I'm speechless.

Thanks for the time and work put in to get this closed. Much appreciated.

Thank you and all your staff for facilitating the successful sale!

I have never sold a property in the manner of services used for this contract. I really appreciated you reaching out to call me, answer my questions, and make me feel at ease in using your company.

Everyone has been really helpful and responsive.

I especially like the flat rate option utilized. How can you go wrong with such great services for a flat rate of $2500 (which I split with the buyer)?!

I really do not have any suggestions or improvement. I will definitely use your company again, if I have my own buyer, etc., when my husband and I sell our Mililani property in the next 2-3 years.

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

Thank you all for your time & guidance through the process of selling my very first home. I was definitely overwhelmed at the beginning but you & you team helped put my mind at ease.

I truly appreciated the around the clock help. It seems as though you all work 24/7. This was a major positive, as I was able to get a response almost immediately after having a question.

I also liked that you had emails which helped explain or gave insight to what was going on with certain sections of the contract. This allowed for an overview and better understanding of what was expected.

I am not really sure about an area of improvement. Honestly have been trying to think of something to help you better your practice, however, I can't come up with anything at this time.

Honestly I wish I could have your team with me for my next purchase on the East Coast.

I am definitely glad I went had you all there through this process. You all made this process much easier than I ever imagined it could be.

Thanks again for all your help and support.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the help and hard work to get our place sold.

I'm glad that everything worked out at the end of the day.

You were all really kind to guide us through the process and take the time to answer our constant questions and concerns.

I hope we are able to to do this again in the future for a new purchase next time. Thanks again.

We thought your services were great!

We liked the quick responses to our e-mails even during the late evening hours.

We were surprised to receive your client care and your e-mails after regular work hours!

Responses by Client Care was very helpful and answered our questions thoroughly.

Our experience with you and your staff was more than satisfactory and we would recommend your services to anyone!

We will be contacting you in the near future as we intend to use your services again to sell our other property!

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

Thanks for your great service. This really worked well for me.

Sure enough, without hardly any effort I had people inquiring about buying my condo.

I was able to use your comparable tools to determine a good price. I liked being able to compare prices of previous sales.

I liked being guided step by step through the process.

I liked being able to sign documents online. Thanks again.

Mahalo Nui Loa for guy our business, we will definately recommend you to our friends. Awesome service.

We definitely liked the flat-fee, especially since we believe we had time and resource to help sell our own home.

We also liked that your entire team were responsive and anticipatory to the market and our need.

We know that we sometimes asked redundant questions to things your already sent to us but your team was patient and understanding.

I personally believe that flat-fee brokerage services are the way of the future and OahuRE is top-notch.

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page


1- This was our first experience in purchasing/selling a property without the assistance of a traditional real estate broker. As such, we weren't quite sure what to expect. After doing some initial research on OahuRE, we felt comfortable enough to proceed with taking advantage of your services.

2- Greatly facilitating this property transfer experience was the very good working relationship we had with the seller!

3- Bryn, you and your staff have been very helpful every step of the way. We especially appreciate the quick responsiveness to any/all of our queries.

4- The use of Docusign was new to us. We found it to be quite efficient, and easy to use.

5- Speed of correspondence with you and staff was consistently quick and efficient.

6- Responses to our queries were easy to understand.

Bryn- Thanks !!! We loved everything about your service! Made it Easy Peasy.

Our experience with you and your staff has been great. We appreciated your follow-through including timely responses and document support. OahuRE performed as advertised.

Thank you for a great experience. The flat rate fee was right for me. I appreciated the responsiveness and clear communications.

I also did take the time to read the relevant links to information you sent at appropriate times. Thank you for the education.

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

What we liked most was how responsive your entire team was.

The way you have your process set up, someone is always available, knowledgeable and helpful.

Nothing to improve on. Keep up the great work. We’ve always been a fan of your website and now, understand even better how much the team behind the site does. Mahalo nui loa.

You and your team were just great. I don't know how you kept up. Do you ever sleep and I am only 1 client.

I have owned and sold about 10 homes and your service on the listing and with buyers was very good. I can't imagine using anyone else.

What an incredible value. Thanks again for handling this so well.

It's time for a national roll out. You could raise your fixed price significantly and still be cheaper than others. I am sure you are viewed as a threat.

What I liked most about the service was that email response time was very prompt and professional.

The OahuRE website and helpful links shares a lot of detailed information which helps me understand the process or answer any questions I may have.

The whole process was simple. There's always room for improvement but there wasn't one thing that I wasn't satisfied with.

Nothing to improve for this transaction everything went better than expected.

I look forward doing more business with you folks in the future. I really appreciate it.

Excellent care and support. Very pleased to have been able to use OahuRE to buy and sell our Windward home.

Thank you to the whole team.

The service was very prompt and the the quick links provided were very informative.

Your team works well together and should be proud of the service they are providing.

I would definitely recommend your services to others.

You and your team were very prompt getting back to us whenever we had questions and you kept us up to date on deadlines, requirements and next steps.

Being able to sign most documents electronically was a huge plus.

Your LOW flat fee saved us thousands of dollars while still providing top-notch service.

The whole process could not have gone any smoother.

Being on the mainland, we were unsure if the flat fee option would be suitable for us, but it was a great experience and we're very happy we chose the flat fee option.

I like how your website explains the purchase contract and answers FAQ about each step in the selling process. You really have thought of everything.

It's a no brainer!

Thank you so much for working with us to sell our home.

The resources and help you provided was outstanding.

We not only were blessed by your service but we learned so much from walking through the process with you.

Thank you again.

Thanks for all your help. Besides you taking the time to talk one on one, the best part is your flat rate service.

Questions / Getting Started * Top of Page

Exclusive Unmatched Experience

Experience is critical to make sure you do not fall out of escrow and to reduce your liability after the sale. No one wants to hear from an upset buyer's attorney after the sale has closed, and from our experience we have learned to do everything possible to prevent any issues after the sale closes.

Below are 1,000+ homes we have sold shown on Google Maps.

Homes we sold on Google Maps

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive Photo Treatment

The National Association of Realtors has researched and concluded that homes that have superior photos sell for more.

In addition, VHT Studios conducted a study and found homes with professional photos sold 32% faster.

OahuRE uses a professional photographer that has photographed over 8,000 homes for over 500 Realtors. Then we take these High-Resolution Photos and put them through the Exclusive Photo Treatment.

No other agents on Oahu post photos that are the same size, resolution, and quality.

As proven in the National Association of Realtors study, this will help you sell for more.

Our enhanced photos bring out the true colors even better. The sky becomes bluer, grass greener, flowers brighter, cabinets richer looking, flooring better looking, etc. The samples below show our enhanced photos on the top and the professional photographer's photo not enhanced below it.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive Custom Website

The exclusive Custom Website shows an unlimited number of high-resolution photos that have gone through the exclusive OahuRE.com Photo Treatment. This website is linked to from over 1,100 websites that download data from the MLS.

See example of exclusive OahuRE Custom Website.

The National Association of Realtors also found that only 1% of buyers find their home via print and newspaper ads. Most buyers find their home online or through their Realtor, who also is online, so we focus on online marketing where 99% of the buyers are.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive Photo Commenter

Many photos can benefit from a text description about what the buyer is looking at.

Using the Exclusive Photo Commenter you can add text comments to any photo.

We will put your comments on your photos, and your photos will be going out to over 1,100 websites and show in high resolution on your Exclusive OahuRE Custom Website.

Comments are a fantastic way to call attention to what was upgraded or what nice features your home has.

They are also a great way to tell buyers what they are looking at. For example, what room that view is from, or what bedroom or bathroom they are viewing in that photo.

Here are some sample high-resolution photos with comments to give you a feel for how comments on photos can help sell your home.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive Photo Sorter

Photos are so important to selling fast for more money, you want to make sure your best ones are viewed first. We will order your photos and then send you a link to the OahuRE Photo Sorter. Inside the OahuRE Photo Sorter you can easily drag and drop your photos into any order your desire. Once you are done we will use that same order for the 25 photos we upload to the MLS.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive Seller's Highlights

This section allows you to tell buyers about the best features of your property with no MLS restrictions on the number of words. A sample Seller Highlight's screen shot is below.

1. Have you done any upgrades?

Yes, we have remodeled the entire home.

To include, every bedroom, all the bathrooms, the kitchen, the garage, belt driven garage opener, keypad entry for the garage, solar water heater, floors, light fixtures, window blinds, installed ventilation fans in all the bathrooms, built in bookcase into the wall, even a water feature in the backyard.

2. What things do you like most about this home and living here?

Home: Everything. Recessed lighting in kitchen. The marble bathroom. The guest bathroom.

The yard. When you are in the yard it's like a private getaway.

Photovoltaic allows us to run the AC while keeping the electric bill low.

Plenty of parking, the driveway can hold another 3-4 cars in addition to the 2 cars parked in the garage.

Easy access to shopping, i.e. Walmart (24 Hours) Times Supermarket, Safeway, new mall opening and only 10 minutes away, Waikele Shopping Center. Close to Hickam AFB/Pearl Harbor (even with traffic only takes 30 minutes) 10 minutes from Schofield Barracks.

Walking path, dog friendly, the community park has basketball courts, tennis courts, kiddie playground and a big field to run around in.

3. What factors influenced your decision to move here?

The size of the yard. Commute time to work is relatively short compared to other areas. Shopping nearby.

4. How is traffic in and around the neighborhood?

We haven't experienced any traffic in and around the neighborhood.

5. How is your commute to work?

Depending on when you leave 30-35 minutes max. Even when I leave work during rush hour 230pm-1830pm takes only 30-35 minutes from my job to my garage at home.

6. What do you like best about your neighborhood?

Safe! HPD Officer lives next door. Friendly neighbors.

Pride in ownership for all those that live around me.

Pet friendly. Just down the street from Queens Hospital. Plenty of shopping nearby.

Close to North Shore. Takes me 20 minutes to reach Haleiwa.

7. What are your favorite nearby restaurants and places to shop?

Waikele is minutes away and features the only outlet center on the island of Oahu.

Plenty of name brand shops at discounted prices. Walmart and Times Supermarket is 2 minutes from the house. Walmart comes in handy as it's open 24 hours.

Thai Village and Aunty Pasto's are good nearby restaurants, there is also a Subway, Wendy's, McDonalds, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Chinese Restaurant and many more in Kunia. Buffalo Wild Wings, Safeway Supermarket a few minutes down the road in Ewa. Pho & Company, Thai Lao, Costco, Home Depot to name a few in Kapolei.

8. Are there any events in your neighborhood that a new buyer would like to know about?

The community center host Taekwondo and Zumba Classes. Events can be found on their website.

9. Are there any other attractive features about this home or neighborhood that we have not covered?

Awesome place to live!

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