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Sell for 2% * Sell for $2,500

Includes Exclusive Marketing Advantages

Buy with a 20% Rebate

Exclusive OahuRE Advantages Short Cuts

Unparalled Experience

Photo Treatment

Custom Website

Photo Commenter

Photo Sorter

Eliminate Buyer's Agent Commission

Seller's Highlights

350 Selling Tips

Home Value Video

Pay only $2,500 Flat Rate Commission

The $2,500 commission you pay us comes out of your proceeds at closing, so if you do not close you pay us nothing. If you were selling a $1,000,000 listing, you would pay a full commission agent 10 times more commission.

The difference between our $2,500 and our 2% program is with the $2,500 option an agent does not come to your home.

We recommend paying the buyer's agent 2% to 2.5%. 2.5% is the most common, and you can view what sellers are paying buyer's agents here.

One exclusive advantage we offer is if you find a buyer without a buyer's agent, we will represent both sides for $2,500. Because we are representing the buyer too, this gives the buyer the confidence that they will get their questions answered and get the support they need. This option gives you an opportunity to eliminate the 2% to 2.5% commission paid to the buyer's agent.

How likely is my home to sell with you?

As of 11/9/2018 OahuRE has 89% of our Single-Family listings under $5,000,000 in escrow.

The percentage for all listings from all Brokers on Oahu is 46% in escrow.

Locations is 62%, Coldwell Banker is 39%, and Elite Pacific Properties is 21%.

We believe our exclusive marketing advantages are the reason you are much more likely to sell your property with OahuRE.

We will help you determine the best-selling price by providing you our exclusive Home Value Video. This is a video recorded for you by Bryn Kaufman, the Principal Broker & Creator of OahuRE.com. He goes over the comparables for your property in detail as if he was sitting there with you. He provides a link to the comparables used in the video, so you can explore them and look at the photos to get an even better idea on what to sell for.

"Your listing service was great! We had ten showings and two offers in eight days. Thanks for talking through the assisted option with me and helping to remove the intimidation and anxiety around it."

As we are representing you the buyer's agent will send the offers directly to us. They will not contact you directly. We will review the offers and send them to you to review with our comments. We will negotiate the terms and price on the offer with the buyer's agent and write up a counter offer for you.

Buyer's agents do not see how much commission you are paying us. All they know is you are represented by us, so they will work with us the same as any other agent.

Once in escrow the OahuRE Client Care Team manages the escrow process from start to finish. We make sure everything is done right and all disclosures are made to minimize your liability after the sale closes.

We do a large volume of transactions, so we understand the Purchase Contract better and can handle situations that come up during the escrow process. This prevents you from falling out of escrow and minimizes your risk of problems coming up after the sale closes.

As far as exposure for your home you are listed on the MLS like all agents do. You will also be listed on over 1,000 websites including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. We then take an extra step to post high resolution photos on Zillow and Trulia to make sure your home looks as good as possible on the largest Real Estate websites.

We also offer a lot of exclusive marketing advantages which help you sell faster for more money. You can read more about our exclusive marketing advantages below including the high-resolution photos on your exclusive OahuRE Custom Website, the exclusive Seller's Highlights allowing unlimited space and formatting for text to promote your property, the exclusive OahuRE Photo Treatment, and the exclusive OahuRE Photo Commenter.

"I knew my apt would sell fast but didn't realize it would go that fast. I enjoyed working with your employees and sense their expertise, friendliness, and helpfulness. It was a wonderful experience."

For photos you can use our recommended photographer for $175 paid directly to him. He has photographed over 8,000 homes for over 500 Realtors. He gets the widest angles and lights up all rooms with a very powerful flash, producing fantastic photos. You also have the exclusive option of supplying us with your own photos.

Open Houses are optional. Serious buyers will always book an appointment to see a property that interests them, so we feel you do not lose any buyers if you decide not to do an Open House.

If you do want to do Open Houses this program has two advantages. The first one is no one knows more about your home and your neighborhood than you do. You can convey the advantages of your home and neighborhood to perspective buyers much better than a full commission agent who does not live in your home nor neighborhood.

The second advantage of doing your own Open House is it becomes a great way to find a buyer who is not represented by a buyer's agent, giving you the opportunity to save the 2% to 2.5% buyer's agent commission.

You can hold an unlimited number of both Broker Open Houses and Public Open Houses. We will publish your Open House on the MLS just like a full commission agent does, so you will get the exposure you need to get people to your Open House. All websites will list your open house, and the newspaper downloads the open house list from the MLS, so you will be included in the paper too.

We can generate an Open House print out in PDF format for you, so you can give that out at your Open House.

"Excellent experience all around, excellent responses from OahuRE. Recommended for those familiar with the processes. Mahalo for everything. [received 2 offers within 6 days]"

We are fast to respond via email to questions. Everything is signed online using your desktop or mobile phone with just a few taps.

We provide a PDF document with 350 tips to help get your home in top showing condition.

We have the most extensive online Purchase Contract help section which we reference throughout the escrow with links to the appropriate section. Even though we are not face-to-face you will better understand the escrow process better when working with us.

All showings are booked through the MLS so only Realtors can get your lockbox code.

"1. The overall experience was great. We really appreciated how quick you and the team were at answering any questions and having a link to videos or information for us to go over.

2. I don't really feel that you have to improve anything because for us, it was a pretty smooth transition overall to closing."

"We were glad that we closed and sold sooner than expected. We would genuinely like to thank you and the team at OahuRE for all the help and services that you have provided to us and our family."

"What I liked most is that I did not have to pay 6% commission of the transaction and that you were continually in touch with me about what was going on."

"First, the program we used was $2,500, saving quite a bit here allows us to have more room for negotiations.

Second, Oahure Team replies fast, try to give their professional advice whenever possible.

The killer is you reply fast. Really good communication.

Also, things are done every day on time no matter how late in the evenings, hopefully it's balanced for the staff:).

Third, the webpage has a buyer's and seller's point of view for each step. That helped also."

"Thank you so much. I apologize for the late response, it's been a pretty crazy time with moving to the east coast.

We are thrilled with your service. What we liked the most was the full service you provided at the price you charged us.

We appreciated yours and Mannie's timely responses and attentiveness to our questions and concerns.

I honestly don't have anything to say about improvements. Thank again so much!"

"Thanks so much for your help. It has been a whole year process and we couldn't do it without the help from you, Mannie and your team.

I really enjoying working with your team as they are very responsive to our questions and concerns.

You guys always get right back to us when we have a question. Thanks again for all your help."

"Hi Bryn and OahuRE Team, Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the support.

I like the quick response the most. That was very professional how I could get response for each question for everything. It was so timely and accurate advise.

I really don't think there is anything to improve. I was so satisfied as is.

Thank you so much again!"

For questions email brynk@oahure.com or call 808-254-0787.

To get started email brynk@oahure.com the names of the owners and the property address.

Bryn will send you a Home Valuation Video to help determine a price range.

The OahuRE Client Care Team will send you a draft of the Listing Agreement. We use the same listing agreement as a full commission agent, the only difference is we charge you only $2,500.

Once we have the signed listing agreement and the photos we can go live on the MLS within 2 to 3 days.

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Exclusive OahuRE Advantages Short Cuts

Unparalled Experience

Photo Treatment

Custom Website

Photo Commenter

Photo Sorter

Eliminate Buyer's Agent Commission

Seller's Highlights

350 Selling Tips

Home Value Video

Custom Yard Sign

Exclusive OahuRE Unparalleled Experience

Experience is critical to make sure you do not fall out of escrow and to reduce your liability after the sale. No one wants to hear from an upset buyer's attorney after the sale has closed, and from our experience we have learned to do everything possible to prevent any issues after the sale closes.

Below are 1,000+ homes we have sold shown on Google Maps. No other team has sold more homes over the last 10 years.

Homes we sold on Google Maps

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Exclusive OahuRE Photo Treatment

The National Association of Realtors has researched and concluded that homes that have superior photos sell for more.

OahuRE uses a professional photographer that has photographed over 8,000 homes for over 500 Realtors. Then we take these High-Resolution Photos and put them through the Exclusive OahuRE Photo Treatment.

No other agents on Oahu post photos that are the same size, resolution, and quality.

As proven in the National Association of Realtors study, this will help you sell for more.

See our video below for details.

Our enhanced photos bring out the true colors even better. The sky becomes bluer, grass greener, flowers brighter, cabinets richer looking, flooring better looking, etc. The samples below show our enhanced photos on the top and the professional photographer's photo not enhanced below it.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive OahuRE Custom Website

The exclusive OahuRE Custom Website shows an unlimited number of high-resolution photos that have gone through the Exclusive OahuRE.com Photo Treatment. This website is linked to from over 1,100 websites.

The National Association of Realtors also found that only 1% of buyers find their home via print and newspaper ads. Most buyers find their home online or through their Realtor, who also is online, so we focus on online marketing where 99% of the buyers are.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive OahuRE Photo Commenter

Many photos can benefit from a text description about what the buyer is looking at.

Using the Exclusive OahuRE Photo Commenter you can add text comments to any photo.

We will put your comments on your photos, and your photos will be going out to over 1,100 websites and show in high resolution on your Exclusive OahuRE Custom Website.

Comments are a fantastic way to call attention to what was upgraded or what nice features your home has.

They are also a great way to tell buyers what they are looking at. For example, what room that view is from, or what bedroom or bathroom they are viewing in that photo.

Here are some sample high-resolution photos with comments to give you a feel for how comments on photos can help sell your home.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive OahuRE Photo Sorter

Photos are so important to selling fast for more money, you want to make sure your best ones are viewed first. We will order your photos and then send you a link to the OahuRE Photo Sorter. Inside the OahuRE Photo Sorter you can easily drag and drop your photos into any order your desire. Once you are done we will use that same order for the 25 photos we upload to the MLS.

View the short 8 second video below to see how easy it is to sort your photos.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive Opportunity to Eliminate the Buyer's Agent Commission

If a buyer is not represented by a Realtor, you do not have to pay the buyer's agent commission. We can represent both sides without charging any commission on for representing the buyer.

Sold Price Buyer's Side 2.5% Commission Savings
$500,000 $12,500
$750,000 $18,750
$1,000,000 $25,000
$1,500,000 $37,500
$2,000,000 $50,000
$3,000,000 $75,000

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Exclusive OahuRE Seller's Highlights

This section allows you to tell buyers about the best features of your property with no MLS restrictions on the number of words. A sample Seller Highlight's screen shot is below.

1. Have you done any upgrades?

Yes, we have remodeled the entire home.

To include, every bedroom, all the bathrooms, the kitchen, the garage, belt driven garage opener, keypad entry for the garage, solar water heater, floors, light fixtures, window blinds, installed ventilation fans in all the bathrooms, built in bookcase into the wall, even a water feature in the backyard.

2. What things do you like most about this home and living here?

Home: Everything. Recessed lighting in kitchen. The marble bathroom. The guest bathroom.

The yard. When you are in the yard it's like a private getaway.

Photovoltaic allows us to run the AC while keeping the electric bill low.

Plenty of parking, the driveway can hold another 3-4 cars in addition to the 2 cars parked in the garage.

Easy access to shopping, i.e. Walmart (24 Hours) Times Supermarket, Safeway, new mall opening and only 10 minutes away, Waikele Shopping Center. Close to Hickam AFB/Pearl Harbor (even with traffic only takes 30 minutes) 10 minutes from Schofield Barracks.

Walking path, dog friendly, the community park has basketball courts, tennis courts, kiddie playground and a big field to run around in.

3. What factors influenced your decision to move here?

The size of the yard. Commute time to work is relatively short compared to other areas. Shopping nearby.

4. How is traffic in and around the neighborhood?

We haven't experienced any traffic in and around the neighborhood.

5. How is your commute to work?

Depending on when you leave 30-35 minutes max. Even when I leave work during rush hour 230pm-1830pm takes only 30-35 minutes from my job to my garage at home.

6. What do you like best about your neighborhood?

Safe! HPD Officer lives next door. Friendly neighbors.

Pride in ownership for all those that live around me.

Pet friendly. Just down the street from Queens Hospital. Plenty of shopping nearby.

Close to North Shore. Takes me 20 minutes to reach Haleiwa.

7. What are your favorite nearby restaurants and places to shop?

Waikele is minutes away and features the only outlet center on the island of Oahu.

Plenty of name brand shops at discounted prices. Walmart and Times Supermarket is 2 minutes from the house. Walmart comes in handy as it's open 24 hours.

Thai Village and Aunty Pasto's are good nearby restaurants, there is also a Subway, Wendy's, McDonalds, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Chinese Restaurant and many more in Kunia. Buffalo Wild Wings, Safeway Supermarket a few minutes down the road in Ewa. Pho & Company, Thai Lao, Costco, Home Depot to name a few in Kapolei.

8. Are there any events in your neighborhood that a new buyer would like to know about?

The community center host Taekwondo and Zumba Classes. Events can be found on their website.

9. Are there any other attractive features about this home or neighborhood that we have not covered?

Awesome place to live!

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive OahuRE 350 Selling Tips To Get Your Home Ready

We will provide a PDF document with 350 tips that help you get your home in top condition. You can review it and decide what makes sense for you to do.

It is a great check list to use to help maximize your selling price and minimize the time it takes to sell.

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Exclusive OahuRE Home Value Video

Coming up with the right selling price is one of the most important factors in selling your home.

If you price too high no amount of marketing will sell your home.

If you price too low, you might sell for less and you could have made more money.

To come up with the right price you need to analyze the comparables.

We provide you with an exclusive Home Value Video to give you our take on the comparables.

There is no charge nor obligation when requesting this video.

You can learn more about it from the video below.

Request our free, no-obligation Home Value Video now.

Request our free, no-obligation Home Value Video now.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Exclusive OahuRE Optional Custom Yard Sign

We also offer the exclusive option of a yard sign with your phone number on it.

A yard sign is not required. All buyers use the internet now to find homes that interest them, so you will still sell without one.

The reason you still see yard signs is it helps promote the Realtor.

If you do desire to have a yard sign we do offer an exclusive custom yard sign with your phone and house photo on it.

Because it has your phone number on it you might find a buyer that is not represented by a buyer's agent, so you can save the 2.5% buyer's agent commission.

On a home selling for $1 million finding a buyer directly would save you $25,000.

Anyone driving by who is interested will call you directly instead of calling a Realtor.

Another exclusive option is to include your best photo on the sign. This shows off the best part of your home to potential buyers who see the sign.

Should you decide on this option please let the photographer know prior to taking photos, as the photo size needs to be at least 4,200 pixels wide to look good when printed on the sign.

If you prefer not to use a photo of your home, we have 3 beautiful generic views on Oahu we can use as shown below.

We ship the sign to you directly and it takes about 1 week.

The sign comes from Vista Print. Please click here to see the size of the sign and what the sign holder looks like. We use the 18" x 24" sign which is standard.

The cost of the sign is $42.34. We do not make any money on the sign, we design it for you, order it, and have it shipped directly to you.

You can pay us via credit card or PayPal using the button below.

Generic Open House signs are available from Home Depot and Lowes and other hardware stores.

Please see some of our sample Yard Signs below.

Top of Page * Short Cuts * Please contact us to start the home selling process.

Reviews and Testimonials from Sellers

I think you guys did a great job.

What we liked most;

1) Practical approach to selling the condo. Of the realtors we talked to, Wanida was the only one who recognized staging the condo with different contemporary furniture is a bit like putting lipstick on a pig when you have green carpet. She also recognized that anybody buying it was likely to completely remodel so it didn’t make sense to redecorate it, sell it as is. All this is exactly what Cindi and I were thinking.

2) Efficient team. You guys knocked off the documents pretty quickly. It was clear the volume of sales you have has refined your processes.

3) Experience. You have been exposed to a lot of different situations so our situation with the Trust wasn’t foreign to you.

4) Contacts. You helped us locate competent help, the Attorney, getting rid of the furniture and other stuff, appraiser….

As I said at the beginning of the email, you did a great job.  I look forward to working with you again in a few years.

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn! I had nothing but great experience with OahuRE.

At first, I was apprehensive about using your company at first since I have never meet your team in-person, but after everything was set and done, it was a easy and pleasant experience.

If I was to purchase or sell another property in Hawaii, I would definitely use your company again without any hesitation.

I do not think there is anything more they could have done to make this any better. Thanks again Oahure!

Top of Page

What we liked most about OahuRE's service was the quick turnaround.

Employees respond to emails/questions promptly, the communication was excellent.

Getting our house listed, and processing all paperwork on-line was extremely efficient and easy.

This process is very cost effective for a seller and was a positive experience from beginning to end.

The OahuRE team was a pleasure to work with!! We would highly recommend your services to anyone. Please feel free to put us on a list if you have one. Thank you and happy holidays!

Top of Page

As we digest the experience and compare it to previous transactions we are outright satisfied. Your responsiveness, answers to our questions and more importantly professional and ethical guidance is above and beyond.

Cathyrine and Mannie support throughout the process is by far the best we have ever experienced. There is really nothing you can do to improve your service.

Your website is by far the best resource for all. I was also informed that “other realtors” utilize the detailed information as well.

From a pricing standpoint, can't be beat. Thank you again for a fabulous experience. Is there anywhere else we can provide feedback for others to see? We would like to do that.

Top of Page

I appreciated your responsiveness, patience and ethics!!! I have zero suggestions for improvement!!! You guys and your team were AWESOME!

Top of Page

Thank you very much for everything!

1. What we liked most about your service:

- quick resolution and notification by you, Tom & Don regarding taking over the sale

- the fact that Tom & Don came over to the house to personally meet both Jeff and I right away

- Tom called us frequently with updates and kept us informed throughout the process

- email updates/showing requests so we knew what was going on and when

- we were able to save some money by going with your company

2. We don't really have any suggestions for improvement. We are very happy.

Top of Page

Just wanted to say a huge Mahalo to you and your team.

We've come full circle: you helped us buy the house and you helped us sell it!

Your advice and watchful eye over the various communications was appreciated as was the incredible speed, efficiency and awesome communication of Mannie and Cathyrine (LOVE the videos; so helpful).

As for Wanida, there really aren't enough words. Her sunny personality, great work ethic and absolute can-do attitude were instrumental in making this process as easy as possible.

We will be sure to recommend your awesome team to all of our friends. Mahalo to everyone!

Top of Page

Bryn & Wanida, thank you for all of your efforts to get us sold in such a short time. Bryn, we are impressed with your efficiency and service even if we did not get to see you face-to-face. Mahalo again

Top of Page

Hi Bryn & Wanida, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will recommend Oahu Realty Executives to friends and family that may need real estate services in Hawaii. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm off to San Antonio, Texas to start a new chapter in life. Aloha and Happy trails!

Top of Page

Bryn, 214 e-mails + 2 Escrows + numerous offers = 1 Satisfied Client! Thanks for all your help and work during this sale. I will definitely recommend you to friends and come back for our real estate needs. Mahalo Nui Loa.

Top of Page

Yes, thank you for handling the transaction there while we were away. I am very glad and relieved that it is over and that we can move on with things here.

In the not too distant future I will probably be posting a complaint on the BBB about the lender with that hopes that it might spare future home sellers/buyers some of the unnecessary grief that we went through.

But yes we are very glad, and I would recommend you to people in Hawaii since your site and your process was always very informative and helpful.

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, Thank you so much for the excellent service! I only wish that I had known it was this easy, I would have put my home up for sale sooner! You're professionalism and knowledge allowed my brother and I to settle matters quickly even though he was out of state.

The digital signatures were amazing and simplified the process "to a tee"! I will recommend you to everyone I know, you folks are outstanding! Thanks again!

Top of Page

Bryn and Wanida, thank you both so much. Bryn, it was really a pleasure to work (electronically) with you. We'll definitely recommend you to friends and family. Mahalo!

Top of Page

Today after a little delay, ever thing fell into place and we completed the signing. It's been a long but enjoyable journey looking for that special place that we will soon call home. Of course your informative web-site had been a great tool for us, thanks for sharing all this information on your web-site. Now that the hunt has finally ended, the next step is to get the house in order for us to call it HOME!

Top of Page

Thank you both for helping us sell the condo. Your professionalism, experience, and use of technology to expedite the sell made the process simple and easy. For a customer, that’s valuable. Mahalo!

Top of Page

I want to extend my thanks to you as well you were there for us concerning all issues we had and you answered all of our question. I would look forward to doing business with you in the future thanks so much and have a great weekend.

Top of Page

Bryn and Wanida, Thanks again to both of you for all your good advice in what turned out to be a difficult sale. I've almost lost count, but I think this was the 3rd escrow (and final) we went through.

And I've definitely lost count on the number of offers. And as it turned out, I basically got the price that I wanted and thought was a fair market value, even with the credit to the buyers.

So it sometimes pays to hold out in the long run rather than going with the first offer; I believe the realtor's mantra is "the first offer is usually the best."

Since I was a repeat client, you can tell that your services and system must be working.

However, I am a "techie" and consequently I was thoroughly impressed with the way that you use the Internet to conduct business. I still believe it takes a real estate agent to close the deal, but the "foreplay" before that is the value that the Internet is providing to clients, and probably buyers' agents as well.

Most agents still don't get that and I suspect they are losing out in the long run. I realize that past relationships with clients help build a business, but marketing is still marketing, whether it's oneself or a product, i.e. a listing. So overall you're doing it right and I can't think of any suggestions right now for improvement. Therefore you've managed to have another very satisfied client. Thanks very much and best wishes to both of you.

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn for doing everything so expeditiously. We were amazed with the process and are glad that we were able to complete everything in front of our computer and in the comfort of our home. We are also thankful that we didn't have to pay an exorbitant fee as charged by other real estate companies.

Top of Page

Thank you Wanida and Bryn so much for selling our house! We are so relieved that the house sale closed without any problems (and without us having to dig up that tree!) We are very happy to have chosen your company as our Realtor and are especially appreciative of the ease of communication and timeliness of your responses whenever we had questions. We also thank you for all of the advice you’ve given us along the way, advice that has no doubt contributed to closing the deal successfully. We are so pleased with your service that we will definitely recommend you to anyone else seeking a realtor.

Top of Page

Dear Elaine, Thank you for helping us with the sale of our condo - especially for all of the work you put into it after it sold! We greatly appreciate it.

Top of Page

Thanks Bryn. It was a real pleasure working with your team. Wanida was an excellent resource throughout the entire process. A true professional with a wonderful personality.

Top of Page

Bryn and Julia, thanks so much again for all your professional help and your personal demeanor in all of this. For us we know that we need to have confidence both in our property and the sales team , and you both were great. I just received an email from a former college colleague who wants to meet about potential HI living when she and her husband retire from our college here , so you might be getting a call in the future.

God bless you both and I hope our paths cross again   This was a blessed sale. 

Top of Page

Bryn, thank you so much.  Couldn't believe it could go so smoothly. Very glad we chose you. First American Title was also great to work with and very nice to get your discount. Our best and thanks to you and Wanida.

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn. Thanks Elaine! We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for all your hard work. This wouldn't have been possible without you.

Top of Page

Thank you so much for linking me up with Elaine. I can say without hesitation that she is the finest real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure to work with here in Hawaii and she is a tremendous credit to your team. Kim and I were very anxious when we made the scary decision to short-sale our condo.

Elaine had the perfect mix of professionalism, expertise, wisdom, and most importantly empathy to painlessly guide us through the process. All the behind the scenes work she did with the lender and buyer's agent to quickly close this short-sale truly freed me up to focus my attention on the more important issues in our family's life and at work. We are truly grateful and blessed for all of the time, effort and words Elaine invested in our lives to help us move beyond our past financial mistakes to a brighter, wiser financial future.

I also want to commend you and your company for being a true counter-balance to the greed driven, high-pressure, mind-control of the real estate industry. I was immediately impressed by OahuRE's website a few years ago and found it refreshing that a real estate agency was willing to share comprehensive housing market data that others in the industry jealously guard as proprietary.

I appreciate OahuRE's tireless efforts to freely educate the public so people can make better real estate decisions. Had there been more companies like OahuRE ten or twenty years ago, we probably wouldn't be in the economic mess we are in right now. Keep up the good work! Give Elaine a promotion! I will definitely refer OahuRE to everyone I know who is contemplating a real estate move and needless to say, I will be calling you again when Kim and I are ready to purchase a house in the next few years.

With much gratitude and warm regards

Top of Page

Bryn, First of all Congratulations on being a Dad... Kids are what gives meaning to life and makes what we do for a living have a purpose... I do want to thank you for the work you and Wanida did in regards to our house... If I ever get the chance to recommend anyone, I'll definitely send them your way...

Top of Page

Thank you very much for all your help Bryn and Wanida! You made a complex process as smooth as possible and we definitely appreciated the rebate as well. :-) We will definitely refer you to friends looking to buy in Hawaii.

Top of Page

This is great news. Although it took a while to get that first offer submitted, I'm thoroughly pleased with completing the sale within a 6 month time period of listing. I am also pleased with your team's attention and company services offered. In particular, the electronic signing process and automated showing request/comments kept me in touch via email even though I live in CA.

Top of Page

Thank you so much. Elaine is a remarkable person and a joy to work with. She really went above and beyond to make our experience in selling our home as worry-free as we could have imagined. We definitely look forward to working with Elaine again in the future!

Top of Page

Thank you for your help, we couldn't have done it without everyone's hard work. Thanks to God, now we can relax and enjoy our vacation.

Top of Page

"Thank you so much for selling our home. We appreciate all that you have done to close the sale. As you mentioned in your earlier email, it was touch and go for a while. Kinda sketchy at times.

Now that we've sold, it gives us great joy to know we were working with two capable and hard working agents. She did a great job showing the house that one Sunday, and you did a great job scheduling the showings and helping us get past contract issues.

What we liked most about your service was that it was very convenient. We thought the digital signatures were very quick and efficient. That was nice. Also that we were able to view feedback from buyers. Not only did it help us understand what people thought about our house, but also what they thought about our asking price. We also liked your "no pressure" approach which made it easier to make decisions on our own, although you did provide us with good information when we did have questions. Thanks for the wonderful service.

We actually didn't think there was any thing unsatisfactory about your service. We knew when we signed the listing agreement with you that there was only going to be one open house and one brokers open. And with a minimal amount of advertising, you and her were able to sell our house for a really good price.

We had two other brokers look at the house prior to us signing with you. They both thought 925k max, 60 to 90 days on the market, 3% commissions. So for you to get us 960k at about 30 days on the market was remarkable! Great job!

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Thanks for both of your help through the process! We all experienced some bumps and it took a lot longer than anyone expected but you guys were able to get the deal done. Kerry and I really appreciate your work and it is a relief to be able to actively look in Portland. Please also extend our thanks to the person that helped with the showings.

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Congratulations Elaine on the great job you did on selling my Pearl Ridge unit. Your enthusiasm, perseverance , timeliness, and expertise have contributed to a successful conclusion. I can't thank you and Bryn enough for all your hard work. I highly recommend your agency to anyone selling and or buying properties. Oahu R.E. is definitely 5 Star.

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Bryn, that is great news, thanks for all of your help and patience with us in this long process. We had a great experience in both buying and selling our house with you and your business. I will recommend your services to everyone I know that is considering buying a house on the island.

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ALOHA AND THANK YOU! It was a pleasure working with Elaine for the last 8 months on our Short Sale, although the process was hard and frustrating at times. She made it easy to get things accomplished even when I felt like giving up. This is a bitter sweet moment for us, but we are certainly glad it is over. We appreciate Elaine's fervor, tenacity, care, and support. We couldnt have done it without her. We will DEFINITELY refer clients to you!! Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

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Thanks Bryn, Wanida & Mannie. This was by far the smoothest sale Rick and I have ever had. No issues or hold ups whatsoever!

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Thanks for your handling of the sale from the marketing of the property through the the prolonged closing. I appreciate your proactiveness and professionalism throughout the entire process. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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We just closed on the sale of my house today. I wanted to let you know that I was very satisfied with your company and particularly your associate Elaine Zande. Elaine very professionally handled the sale of my home from the initial marketing through to a very challenging closing. She always kept me informed with each phase of the sale process and responded to and researched questions in a timely manner.

When there were issues with the lender, she fully represented my concerns and advocated for me on my behalf. I would without hesitation recommend Elaine to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

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I wanted to personally let you know about the wonderful agent you have in Elaine. My wife and I experienced the best service and attention possible during the entire process of selling our house from afar. From my initial contact with her while living in Japan, through our PCS move to Michigan, Elaine was there to help us through the entire selling process.

We experienced many highs and lows getting our property ready to sell, working through our property manager. Elaine felt every joy and pain during this entire period. From our granite countertop installation that had to be redone 4 times by our property manager, to the light that broke 3 days before we were scheduled to close that Elaine helped us to get replaced, Elaine was there every step of the way.

Please know that you have the best of agents in Elaine. She is a star in an industry that is very competitive. I would highly recommend her for any person trying to sell their home. Thank you Elaine for all the help that you gave us. I'll miss what was becoming almost daily calls and wish you and your family the very best!

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Thanks for a smooth and fast sale.  It was a pleasure working with you.

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Thanks so much for your help. It was a really good experience. The online stuff was great. Docusign rocks. The website is awesome, I look at it all the time. Wanida is awesome. So quickly responsive and on top of it. 4.5% commission is great. Fast responses are priceless. Thanks again to everyone.

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Both my lovely bride and I have become very close to Elaine Van de Zande during the time of helping us sell my Dad's property. Elaine stood by us, through out the entire process of getting the legal stuff worked out, so we could sell my Dad's property. She's jumped through hoops, to help us and we can't begin to thank her enough. She's become a member of our extended family.

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Thank you for all you've done. You've made a big difference in our lives. We will let you know when we have the keys.

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Thank’s so much for making this such an easy sale. You all were great.

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Thank you, Bryn, for your advice and help with this sale. I was very surprised at how quickly an offer was received. Your staff is great especially Mannie.

She is always on top of things and kept me informed of what was happening. She is an asset to your company!! Thanks again for your help.

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THANK YOU!!!! :-D :-D :-D Thank you to EVERYONE who has worked on this. You've all been BEYOND wonderful! I hope today, and every day to follow, is wonderful for all of you! :-D :-)

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Bryn, I appreciate it, and thank you to you and the the rest of your team, especially Wanida. This was my first time selling and you guys made this way too easy. If I end up staying on island I'll be giving you guys a call again. Best regards,

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We would like to thank you & your staff especially Elaine Van de Zande for making this transaction a smooth one. Everything went well from beginning to end. We appreciate all the assistance that was provided to us! We will definitely contact your office for future services.

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Thank you all! It finally happened! I really appreciated all of the hard work that made this complicated process more easy for me.

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Thank You and Wanida is da Best

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aloha! thank you for the wonderful efforts your entire team made in making this a positive experience for us. cathyrine is a wonderful administrator and was consistently timely in getting documents & information to us. your photographer was very expert & talented in making our house look large & inviting. this is our second experience working with Elaine .. when we bought our house and when we sold our house .. she is always the "calm in the middle of the storm" .. making every real estate experience a very positive & professional one. we wish you all continued success .. may you have many blessings of wealth, health & happiness.

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Bryn/Wanida/Mannie, Thank you ! You have a fantastic team and I really appreciate all the great work and attention by everyone at OahuRe. I've told folks I know about your company as you've made a somewhat complicated process painless and seamless. Thanks again !!

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Thank you very much to your whole team. Jinny--Great Job! Sorry I was so difficult, but there were so many issues with the buyer. I'm glad Jinny was still very patient with me.

Mannie helped me not to do something stupid. She was very helpful and understanding. You guys are really lucky to have her.

Bryn--Thank you very much for your professional advice and ALWAYS getting back to me. I really liked how you always remember to use "out of office" reply. It helped me to know that you were out and can't get back to me right away, which made my life much less stress!

Thank you also for giving me the $2000.00 credit and glad that you keep your commissions low to help those that don't have much $$$! I really do appreciate this! There is not too many firms that would do this. I'm glad it closed!!!! I hope that you will still accept me as a client in the future. Yes it was touch from both sides, but in all, I had a satisfactory experience and would recommend others to use your company. Mahalo

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Thank you to all at OahuRE. Your use of technology to move us through the selling process is awesome. Using docusign saved much time and no doubt reduced the number of days to close our sale. Wanida was terrific. She kept in timely communication during the 45 day closing period. Finding a strong buyer (and back up offer) as quickly as you did was amazing. Although we're sad to sell a condo we enjoyed living at for years, we are glad to have had your assistance.

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Anyway, thank you for you and entire team's hard work, especially Wanida. I'll spread some words on your great services. We're satisfied not only about the competitive fee rate but also with your great service. Thank you. We appreciate all of your jobs so far. We'll choose Oahure again next time.

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Yaaaayyy! It’s finally done! My sincerest appreciation to you, Wanida, Abegail, & Mannie for your assistance, the awesome photos, patience, guidance, and more patience on getting this deal done.

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Hi everyone. I received the funds into my account today. Just want to thank everyone for making this as possible as possible. I'm very happy with your services and your fees, especially since I'm here in the mainland. A big mahalo to everyone!

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Thanks Bryn, You both did great work and thanks for getting it done so smoothly and over asking.

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Thanks again Bryn to you and your team. It helps to have a great property but it is even better to have such great support.

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Thank you to you and your team for helping us along the way!! Much appreciated!

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The reduced commission is of course a huge plus.  Professionally, your group responded quickly to every call for assistance.  We liked that--We really appreciated it.

We both thought your entire team performed their jobs professionally.  We really do not have anything critical to say or any recommended improvements.

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You ask what I like most: I would have to say, the 5 star service provided, I am so impress with the service and response time. And where could you improve your service: I am not sure what you could do to improve, just keep doing what you are doing.

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We received the closing documents via FedEx this morning and are very pleased with the expertise of your team along with the personal attention given to our sale. 

To answer your questions specifically, we like the "one stop shop" team work. Additionally, the reasonable, negotiable percentage rate. Lastly, working almost seamlessly with us when geographically separated was appreciated. 

Wanida and your entire world team are pros.

Thank you for your services of your entire team. I am very satisfied with how quick everything went and for the price which we got. What I liked most about your services was how you kept me informed every step of the way and the convenience of signing most things online. I can not really thing go anything of where you could improve your services. You all did a great job.

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I really love that you folks really take advantage of technology. From communication with email / texting and being able to digitally sign my documents, everything was really fast and convenient. Jolene and Abegail were really great with getting back to me quickly and keeping me up-to-date. Also your site is pretty amazing. The timeline and the appendix you created is pretty awesome. I would definitely use you folks again and or recommend to my family & friends.

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What I liked most about your services was quick responses to my calls. Your overall services were great.

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Wanida was a sales rep who provided excellent support and service to two seniors who requested documents be delivered for our signatures. She also aided us in completing the very lengthy, nitty gritty Disclosure Statement. All this done with a smile and professionalism. Remember we are two illiterate computer users who were unable to sign online! Then too, we prefer doing business in person the old fashioned way! We were also pleased with the large photo shoots of the unit.

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We like the system you have. Your website is very professional and really helpful for home buyers and also sellers. Also Wanida is very special for us . All other your staffs are very professional and trustful. Thank you again.

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Aloha Bryn, Wanida, Mannie, and Abby!

Thank you so much!  We are so grateful for the professional, cordial, and timely customer service that you all provided throughout the entire process of helping us to sell our townhouse.  Your detailed email messages that included links back to your website and the videos were so helpful for us to understand each step along the way. 

You even replied directly, and almost instantaneously, to some of the email inquiries that we had.  Wanida's expert guidance with listing the unit "as is"; pricing, acceptance, and maintenance touch up recommendations; along with her accessibility by phone, text, or email; solidified our confidence that we selected the right person/team to help us with this significant life event.  There's no doubt that we got the best result possible thanks to your entire team.

That's a "brief" summary of what we liked most about your service.  There's nothing that we can recommend to you for improvement.

The event of selling our first property was stressful for us in and of itself, though your team helped to ease the stress factor exponentially.  We've been using your website for years and will continue to dream build through it going forward.  Still appreciate you answering questions many years ago when we first looked at selling the unit.  

We look forward to working with you all again, hopefully in the very near future!

With sincerest aloha and gratitude,

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I cannot express in words how thankful I am for Tom and his team. It was so wonderful to work with Tom as his communication made the different in my overall experience. Tom is very trustworthy and I really felt he was always protecting my best interest as his client. I could not have been more thankful! Be sure that I will recommend his services as I was so pleased with it.

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Bryn, Tom, and the OahuRE Team: You did an outstanding job and I want to thank you for everything. What I liked the most is that everything was done thru emails and quickly. Also, Tom was always there when I needed. To improve your service: I can't think of anything now. Everything happened as planned and you were always helpful. Thank you,

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We were very happy with your service and will definitely recommend your services in the future. We really liked the price of your service! But we also liked not having to deal with the hassle of scheduling meetings with a selling realtor. It was nice to be able to sell Our unit exactly how we wanted to. I also really liked how available your team was and how quickly you all responded. Sometimes we needed a push and I liked how your team would follow up and even text us to confirm things.

We did have a great experience, even though we had to go through the process twice. From our perspective Tom went out of his way to handle all issues for us as absentee owners. We also appreciated his follow up and keeping us constantly updated. In addition, Tom's up front work on pushing the offer price paid off in the end. In the end, we could not be more pleased with the outcome.

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First of all I would've not chose you guys if we were not satisfied 12 years ago when my parents bought their home. Service was smooth, easy, and constantly getting updates in any movement in the process. I would definitely choose you guys again if I ever buy or sell house again. Thanks again to everyone especially to Wanida who was really hands on even when she was on vacation.

Everyone was always great about letting us know what was going on, every step of the way, which made the whole process so smooth.

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Great and thanks again for your help. I am happy to be a reference for any future buyers/sellers that are interested in using your team. Your business model makes complete sense for the Hawaii market and your website is by far the best out there!

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Jolene was readily available whenever I had concerns during the sale of my property.

She also helped navigate the pros and cons when faced with multiple buyers. I would recommend her services again.

Top of Page

Jolene did an excellent job of working with us to get the most out of our sale in an incredibly short time.

Despite the bumps in the road that arose, she persisted and helped us get to the best end state.

Top of Page

Our realtors provided us with outstanding service, going above and beyond our expectations to sell our home in Aiea. Mahalo nui loa.

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Jolene provided great service along with outstanding patience with me and my family during emotional times during the sale of our house.

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Jolene made the whole selling process very painless. She took good care at keeping me up to date with everything that was going on, from the viewings to the offers coming in.

This was extremely helpful as I am currently living on the mainland so I couldn't offer as much help as I would have liked.

She was able to get my apartment sold in no time for a very good price. I could not have been more happy with the service she provided and would not hesitate recommending her to anyone looking to sell or purchase property in Hawaii.

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Hi Bryn, Jolene, Tawni and Cathyrine, Thank you very much on helping me sell my condo.

You guys made it very easy even though I was out of state living on the mainland. I like the communication and transparency as things moved through the entire selling process.

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As Joline hopefully told you, I've used your website for years and have really appreciated both the information it contains and its utility.

So thanks very much for that. Joline was very pleasant and capable in this transaction. Overall, I give my experience with Oahure high marks. And I really appreciate the extra money in my pocket from the $4.5% commission. Every little bit helps.

I am in the process of buying a home in Portland, Oregon, so will be giving up my 17 plus year hobby of perusing the Hawaii real estate market.

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