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Escrow Date Calculator

Acceptance Date:
Days Date  
Signed Mortgage Application:
01-25-2019 H-4 More Info
Pre-qualification Delivered:
01-25-2019 H-4 More Info
Verification of Cash Funds:
01-27-2019 H-1 More Info
Select Termite Inspector:
01-27-2019 L-2 More Info
Disclosure Delivered:
02-01-2019 I-1 More Info
Inspection Deadline:
02-03-2019 J-1 More Info
Additional Funds Deposited into Escrow:
02-06-2019 D-2 More Info
Disclosure Approved:
02-11-2019 I-4 More Info
Condo, Subdivision, and HOA Documents Delivered:
02-11-2019 M-1 More Info
Survey (days before closing):
02-21-2019 K-2 More Info
Termite Inspection (days before closing):
02-21-2019 L-2 More Info
Condo, Subdivision, and HOA Documents Approved:
02-21-2019 M-1 More Info
Conditional Approval (days before closing):
02-21-2019 H-4 More Info
Final Walk Through (days before closing):
03-05-2019 J-3 More Info
Removal of unwanted belongings (days before closing):
03-05-2019 J-8 More Info
Cleaning (days before closing):
03-05-2019 J-9 More Info
Closing Date:
03-08-2019 F-2 More Info
03-08-2019 F-11 More Info
Extension of Closing Date:
03-18-2019 F-3 More Info

Add contingencies from Section Q or an amendment below:

These above dates are estimates based on our default Purchase Contract.

Changing any of the days updates the date.

No closings on weekends or holidays.

Use NA as needed.