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Easy Instant Search - Recommended

This is our recommended search. It is instant so each time you make a change the search automatically updates so you do not have to hit a search button each time.

Single Family





Timeline Search

See properties that interest you in listing date order, starting with the most recent first. This is a great way to understand the activity in a Region, Neighborhood, or Building over time.

Single Family Timeline Search

Condo/Townhome Timeline Search

Very Easy Search

This is our easiest search because we only show the most important search options.

Single Family Very Easy Search

Condo/Townhome Very Easy Search

Easy Search Box

This is an easy search similar to Google that searches all Single Family and Condos.

Easy Search Box

Very Easy Click to Search

This search requires no data entry, simply click through the steps to get the results you want.

Single Family Very Easy Click to Search

Condo/Townhome Very Easy Click to Search

Oahu Real Estate Maps

All Single Family Listings on Oahu From 25 Years Ago Today - See the location of all Single Family listings on Oahu. Filter your results by Region, Neighborhood, Price, and more. We show results from up to 25 years ago.

All Condos on Oahu - See the location of all Condos and Townhomes on Oahu. Filter your results by Pet Friendly, Short Term Rental, Price, Beds, Baths, Living Sq. Ft., Year Built, Region, Land Tenure, View, Frontage, Style, Parking, Zoning, and Neighborhood.

Beach Access Points on Google Maps - Includes Street View & Directions.

Comprehensive Search

This is our most advanced search. It has the most features.

It is not difficult to use because we divide all the search sections up and you can use the menu at the top to see the different search options or see all of them at one time.

It also has many views for displaying the results, including one result's view on Google Maps.

Single Family Comprehensive Seearch

Condo Comprehensive Search

Multi-Family Comprehensive Search

Land Comprehensive Search

Google Maps Single Family Search

This search shows all Active properties on Google Maps.

Click the filter button to filter the properties by price, status, beds, etc.

Click on any property to see the photo and click on the photo for property details.

Central, Diamond Head, Ewa Plain, Hawaii Kai, Kailua, Kaneohe, Leeward, Makakilo, Metro, North Shore, Pearl City, Waipahu

Mobile Location Search

This search allows you to automatically find homes near your current location.

It is great to use when driving around if you want to immediately see what is going on nearest to your current location.

Mobile Location Search

Use Google Maps to define your search location.

This search brings up Google Maps and you then click on the area that interests you.

You can then decide what radius around the area you clicked you want to search, for example, 1/2-mile, 1 mile, etc.

The results are shown in our Comprehensive Search, so you can then filter further as needed.

Single Family Location Search

Condo Location Search

Tools to Research Listings

Use these tools to get a better idea of the market in your area.

You can see how many foreclosures, short sales, price drops, and flips are going on.

Foreclosures and Short Sales

Price Drops


Single Family Selling For Less or Condo/Townhouse Selling For Less - properties that are selling for less than they sold for could be good deals.

Expired Listings

Get a lower price or a head start on the competition by making an offer on an expired listing.

You can also learn what pricing was too high, so you do not make the same mistake.

View Expired Listings Single Family

View Expired Listings Condos

Other Searches

MLS Number Search

Address Search - Single Family and Condo

Address Search - Multi-Family

Address Search - Land

Address Search - Tax Records

Condos by Building Name and Unit Number

Condo by Address and Unit Number

Neighborhood Information

Building Information

Honolulu Foreclosure Homes

Honolulu Foreclosure Condos

Honolulu Short Sale Homes

Honolulu Short Sale Condos

Honolulu Oceanfront Homes

Honolulu Oceanfront Condos

Honolulu Ocean View Homes

Honolulu Ocean View Condos

Honolulu Pool Homes

Honolulu Homes Next to Conservation and Preservation Land

Honolulu Homes on Golf Courses

Honolulu Condos on Golf Courses

Honolulu Homes Selling at 90% of Assessed Value or Less

Honolulu Condos Selling at 90% of Assessed Value or Less

Open Houses

Where Should I Live

Other Single Family Searches

Instant Search Single Family

Neighborhood Single Family

List by Region & Neighborhood

Original Advanced Search

Google Maps Single Family

Sold, Listed, Withdrawn Charts by Neighborhood

Comparables for any Single Family property on Oahu

Other Condo Searches

Very Easy Search Condo

Instant Search Condo

Neighborhood Condo

List by Region & Building Name


Original Advanced Search

Google Maps Condo Search

Sold, Listed, Withdrawn Charts by Building Name

Comparables for any Condo/Townhouse property on Oahu

Other Multi-Family Search

Original Advanced Multi-Family Search

Other Land Search

Original Advanced Land Search