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Another area where experience is critical is in getting the home you desire. Every day many homes fall out of escrow and buyers lose their deposits, or offers to purchase are rejected and an agreement is never reached. There are hundreds of these situations with inexperienced agents and those buyers do not get the home they wanted.

An experienced agent will maximize the likelihood of having your offer accepted and minimize the chance of falling out of escrow, thereby making sure you get your dream home.

Our Experience Can Help You Find the Perfect Home carries all the listings, but sometimes you might overlook a listing. Perhaps it was just outside your price range or area, or perhaps the photos did not catch your attention. Many times, our experienced agents recommend a home that was not on a buyer's list, and that is the one they end up buying. Our experience can help you find your perfect home! Less experienced agents may not be able to give you that opportunity.

If you are considering using someone else please use our agent sales tool to understand their experience. You can view our experience from this link, then open a new browser tab and compare it to anyone else you are considering using.

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Reviews and Testimonials From Buyers

Thank you to you, Abigail, and Mannie for your support.

I think we've found our realtor for life in Wanida.

Thank you for accommodating our every request, responding to every question, and for guiding us through yet another significant event in our lives.

Like last time, the seamless coordination, the responsive team, ability to complete the transaction online, super website, and guidance are the reasons we hope to continue our relationship with you all.

Looking forward to our next transaction!

Thanks Bryn! Words can’t express my gratitude for the time and guidance you’ve shared.

You may not realize it, but you’ve been instrumental in getting us out to Hawaii.

I mentioned in a previous mail that we bought our Windward Passage condo through your company and it was a great experience.

We were sitting in our Oregon home surfing through new listings on your website one night.

We came across the Windward Passage condo for sale, booked a flight for Hawaii the next day, met your realtor at the property and it changed our lives forever.

I hear the same from other transplants: you have the best real estate site they’ve ever seen.

Heck, even the listing agent for the house we’re planning on making an offer on told me that today.

So a big mahalo for making it easy for non-realtors like myself to dream, learn and make life-changing decisions through the tools you’ve built.


After we sold using your service a few years back, we knew exactly who we wanted to use to buy as well.

Just like last time, we really appreciated the communication aspect.

Emails were always timely answered. Having a team that can answer standard questions and quickly guide us in the right direction is really nice.

You have a really great team. Then for more specific or trickier questions, Wanida was there to answer whenever those came up.

I can't have my phone on me at work, so having email communication is really nice.

Also, it gives me a paper trail to reference things I may have forgotten and allowed me to keep my wife in all the conversations so we could discuss everything along the way and make the best decisions for us.

Wanida was great with guiding us on offers and giving expert advise on everything as we were shopping. We got honest, experienced advice on a lot of topics.

Then of course, saving money is always nice too!

I have been working with Wanida for almost 10 yrs now. She is just wonderful.

This particular transaction has quite a bit of ups and downs, and she gave me very practical solutions every time. Wonderful team.

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Thank you so much. Really appreciate your excellent team's great work to help us to buy this property.

Again thank Wanida, she gave very professional advice, she is very helpful. We are appreciate for her patience.

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Thanks so much for your and Wanida's and the rest of the Oahure team's help in making this purchase. From start to finish, working with Wanida was a pleasure.

Her experience and advice were exactly what we needed to help us feel comfortable making this purchase.

Her negotiating experience was directly responsible for saving us the cost of a new roof, and the entire process went smoothly even when minor delays or issues cropped up (for us, this was just a delay from the bank in funding our loan due to high application volumes and a short time to close).

We appreciate it!

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Thank you for your help! We really do appreciate your oahure website. I would check it periodically to look for a unit, it’s very user friendly.

We enjoyed working with Wanida during this house hunting process!

We were supposed to buy another unit and that fell through due to loan funding and Wanida didn’t seem bothered by it at all.

I like what you are doing with the real estate game! Shake things up and change how it works. Thank you again!

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Thank you! Your team is great!!

We always received quick responses from your team, even on weekends and late at night. They are very efficient!

We love the e-signing, it is very easy.

Your team makes the purchase process very easy by helping us set up all the appointments, sending us reminders on the timeline, sending us web-links to guide us and what to expect during the process.

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Thank you! We are still floating in boxed up stuff but, we are grateful.

The home is beautiful. The experience and support was more than expected.

Miranda was supporting our many questions sun up to sun down.

She was always professional, responsive, supportive, and sought out answers externally when she was uncertain and provided a response.

Her behavior reduced our anxiety through the process. We appreciated that.

The website search/ query function is good, and I liked the automated updates.

The only thing missing was a crystal ball to know the sellers expectations for bid prep.

I believe that our offers put together by the Team were reasonable, and wise. Ultimately after a lot of team effort, we ended up in the right spot.

A Big Thank You!, and Happy Holidays to Miranda and the OahuRE Team

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Thank you very much, Bryn and Wanida! We very much enjoyed working with the entire OahuRE staff.

What we liked best is the availability/responsiveness of the OahuRE team as well as the wealth of information on the website and at time of closing process.

I can't think of any areas for improvement and hope my own business will attain your level of efficiency! Happy Holidays!

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Thank you and OahuRE for your services.

Wanida went out of her way to accommodate us when we wanted to see a property over the Christmas holidays.

She provided valuable information about contractors and information about market conditions along the way.

We actually made several offers before we succeeded with this one, and she helped us in all of those processes. Thank you Wanida.

We liked the way we were able to do much of the paperwork online, and for the detailed instructions provided us on the Docusign process. Can't really say where we noticed a need for improvement. It has been a smooth process and we are thankful. Blessings

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I don't have much experience (actually any) in buying a house with a real estate agent, but I will tell you my experience with Wanida was awesome, and I really like all the tech behind your website and listings, and all the follow up from the office.

I can't imagine it being much better. It seems as if you have put together a first rate system, and I have already recommended you to others.

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It was a great experience again with OahuRE and Wanida!

The market and interest rate condition is not the best right now, but with your service and expertise we were able to get it done, big Mahalo for your help!

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Thank you Ellen & Bryn! Ellen was very helpful during our home searching process, answered any questions we had, and was very good with communication.

It was a pleasure having her help us through the process!

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My experience was great! I really felt OahuRE empowered me with all of the information I needed.

I liked the convenience of working digitally and the nice rebate.

Wanida was very helpful, positive and patient throughout the process.

The client care team was responsive, efficient and professional. Keep doing what you're doing!

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Thank you and your team very much for helping us through this process.

We very much look forward to working with you folks again very shortly, as Miranda helps us sell the condo we currently live in.

To answer your questions, the things we liked most about your service was the professionalism, diligence and sense of urgency your staff has.

Whenever we needed to meet with, talk with or text with Miranda, she was always available and always helpful.

The office staff behind the scenes was the same way. Anytime we needed a question answered, or a document revised, they were quick to act and always courteous about it.

Another thing we liked immensely about the process was the professionals you folks maintain as contacts and continue to do business with. Our home inspector was top notch, the finance folks you recommended probably saved this deal, and Miranda's relationship with the seller's agent was a huge help.

I can only believe the quality folks who will help us sell our current unit perform just as professionally; cleaning service, general contractor, staging group, photographer, etc.

Thank you again, and thank you for assembling this group of professionals on your team, and making contacts with professionals within the industry that are at client's disposal. It certainly helps the buying and selling process

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PHEW! We cannot thank you enough for working to make this process as painless as possible for us!!

It took a tad longer than either party anticipated but we especially loved that we didn't have to worry about what steps to take next.

As first-time home buyers, we definitely came in blind and the guidance OahuRE provided was thorough, non-questionable, and easy to understand.

We appreciated that all of the resources provided came in layman's terms as any kind of legalese would've overwhelmed us.

The resources helped to break down the process and the paperwork that came along with it; so easy, they eliminated the need to ask questions.

We are so excited to embark on the new year ahead in our new home!

We hope all of you at OahuRE know how magical you are and that you're so appreciated. We couldn't have hoped for a better way to ring in the holidays. Wishing you all a safe and wonderful holiday season!

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Thank you so much! And a big shout out to Wanida, my Realtor, and to the entire OahuRE Client Care Team for helping to make this long-overdue dream come true! Not only for me, but for my entire family!

This effort is really in honor of my parents, who commemorated their 50th year anniversary here on Oahu this past November by renewing their vows.

The haunting memory of living here in the 80’s and not purchasing something then has finally been put to rest, for as we all know…Hawaii is a very spiritual and magical place.

My experience with OahuRE really was great, and for more reasons than one.

Firstly, you, Wanida and the entire Team have been very responsive communication wise in all aspects: over emails, via text messages and also through phone calls.

This, I truly appreciate, as I am up during the wee hours of the night and early morning frequently…reading, researching on the internet or simply doing whatever.

I emailed a hand full of folks initially to view property, and you all were the first to respond to my inquiry.

This I truly appreciated, because some of the replies were days later.

Plus, from what I experienced, the OahuRE Team operates in perfect balance of East Coast urban hustle mixed with Aloha island warmth and spirit.

Secondly, I really liked the analytics, online tools and quantifiable metrics that were and are used to furnish statistical, factual, real-time results and analysis.

This for me marked proof of a well-oiled, thoroughly tested, repeatable business process that is effective, efficient and resulted oriented for creating the highest customer satisfaction, as the numbers are the proof in the pudding and speak for themselves.

I literally arrived on island 2 months ago and I’m still amazed by all that was achieved, but always had faith that this real estate business endeavor was in good hands with good, well-intended, benevolent people.

Thirdly, what also made this a great experience for me was that you provided those 2 referrals for the reputable estate planning attorney practices.

After watching too many Suzie Orman episodes to count, creating a trust and the many reasons for it is something that has been discussed at length with the immediate family members. After 2 decade of talk talk talk, the moment has arrived.

Fourthly, I *loved* the fact that many of the documents could be signed digitally while online using that Docusign software when providing needed signatures.

This was a major concern because of the lack of resources to print out or scan in documents at some of the temporary lodging locations that I stayed at and in.

These are a few of the highlight that I’ve enjoyed and are a few of the reasons why I am so grateful, especially as a first time property owner, that I chose Oahu Real Estate to help me with my real estate needs.

A big, warm Mahalo to You and your entire Team as well!

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Many thanks Bryn, Wanida, Mannie and everyone else on the Oahure team.

You folks were true professionals and went the extra mile in a ridiculously complex transaction.

Outstanding performance including: very rapid response to questions; well-coordinated teamwork; insane work-hours and near-constant availability, including weekends and evenings.

Intelligent and quick assessments of various scenarios as they unfolded. Surprising, generous, intelligent and kind involvement of Bryn as Broker and Founder of OahuRE; Excellent on-line reference materials including lists of talented advisors; routine provision of timely reminders for most aspects of each step of the deal.

We can't thank you enough for going the extra mile on this deal. Outstanding performance!

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We loved the responsive step-by-step process that your team used.

We were always in the communication loop after the offer was accepted and knew exactly what to do next via email communication.

The fact that everything could be signed and processed online helped tremendously.

Lastly, nothing beats having a rebate from your service during closing! Everything was great. No negatives we can see!

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Thank you! What a relatively stress free process this was.

Through the emails and care team but most critically, how Miranda truly cares about the work that she does and because she cares we were able to close on this home never wondering what's going on.

Love the website and the interface, love the innovation OahuRE is driving into the marketplace, it allowed us to efficiently find what we wanted to look at so we didn't have to waste our time, the seller's time, both the buyer and seller agent's time, etc.

We would definitely be back the next time we go through a real estate transaction and highly recommend Miranda at OahuRE.

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Bryn... What I liked most was being able to do everything on 'DocUsign' + Great Client Care Guys! No need to improve, Service was perfect!

( Bryn... Easy to communicate with you - Do you ever sleep? ( Purchased the Property while in the Philippines, so... Sorry about the E-Mails at odd hours. ) Good job helping me with everything. Thanks.

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Working with Miranda and your team was easy and quite seamless.

Hands down, access to and availability of information and direction on the OahuRE website has got to be one of the best things we appreciated along with Miranda's attentiveness and responsiveness in her communication with us.

Thank you for the support and assistance with our purchase.

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Thank you Bryn!!

We are so excited and can’t wait to move into our new home!!!

From the first call to you...the response time has been so greatly appreciated!! In our past deals..nobody would call us back! Very frustrating!

You got in touch with Jinny and Jinny responded right away too. It’s been such a pleasure working with Jinny!! She is caring, committed and so helpful in tough situations. No matter what time it was, Jinny would get back to us right away with an answer or letting us know she will find out.

Keith and I have loved you site for years now!! Always letting the Buyer and Sellers know past history, estimates and just knowledge to make the right choices.

Thank you for your great staff..always keeping us on track with timelines, information and knowledge for a smooth outcome!! Thank you again Jinny for being our agent! We will pass your name to anyone we hear buying or selling. Mahalo🤙🌺

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Aloha Bryn, Wanida and the entire OahuRE Team, Your website is the best.

There is more information on properties for sale than other realtor websites.

Wanida and the entire OahuRE Team was fantastic. We love the rebate at closing. No other realtor offers that.

We can't think of anything that could have been better.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all of you.

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We were very well pleased with our Agent Wanida!

Our move from South Florida back to our favorite State might have been a cumbersome experience, but Wanida worked hard to make it easy.

We would be pleased to recommend her to anyone we know who is searching for a terrific agent! Warmest Aloha

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Thank you! We loved working with OahuRE, we would recommend you for sure to others.

Wanida is tops. I have bought and sold many properties over the years and her knowledge, sense of urgency, and service has been at the top.

Communications from the rest of the team have been great as well.

What I like most is the flexibility you offer in lieu of one size fits all.

I frankly cannot think of any advice I can offer as to what to improve upon. I think you have a great thing going at OahuRE. Mahalo

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Your team is very organized and very efficient. As a first time buyer you have guided me, step by step from the start up to the end.

Your team is proactive. They tell me what to expect and do next.

Your on line reference is very informative and clear. There is no need to attend seminars because it is worded simple and no jargons.

Your outright rebates is effective marketing tool for buyers and sellers as well.

Using e-technology is way to go. Docu-signing is very convenient for people on the go like me.

Mahalo to you, Tom, Don and the rest of the team. You guys are awesome! I would not hesitate recommending you to my friends.

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Thanks for all the help and good work you and your team did.

We appreciated everything we went through with the whole process.

We originally had a realtor, but we figured we wanted to try this out to see what it's like and we liked everything about it.

What we liked best was the prompt service your team had provided.

Wanida was quick with all replies and she was able to meet with us at anytime or make her schedule available to meet when we needed to.

With our realtor, we would get bombarded with emails about several places that might interest us but they were way over our price range.

With this process, it gave us the flexibility to look up properties on our own with specific filters that meet our requirements. And with that being said, your team was just a phone call or email away to get the ball rolling.

I can't really think of anything that could be improved on, since we really didn't run into any issues.

But again, thank you guys for all you did and we'll keep in touch for the next property.

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Thank you very much!

We really appreciated to all your staff, with their hard work and effort, we eventually get this wonderful property, we are so happy and so grateful.

OahuRE is a very good team, is of the good reputation.

With the help of OahuRe, we bought two properties in ten years (one is in 2009, one is in 2019), it can be explained that we are satisfied with OahuRE’s service.

We really like OahuRE’s procedure instruction, that provide the detail information and related website links for each step; we also like OahuRE’s reminding services when the procedure is forwarding, these services let us clearly know where we should to go and how to do, minimize our misunderstanding and confusion.

Wanida is a very experienced agent, she knows our concerns and takes care of our concerns, she provides us many helpful suggestions, without her strong support, we would not be successful to get this property.

She is very good at dealing with clients, know clients’ needs, set up the friendly relationship with clients. We sincerely appreciated with her tolerance and patience.

We expect OahuRE to serve more and more clients in future, to improve the communication with served clients.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you, Wanida and the entire OahuRE team again in the future when we decide to sell our house that we currently live. Thank you so much!

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Thank you Tom, Don, Bryn and everyone on the OahuRE team! WE DID IT! This experience of finding, purchasing and selling a home within a couple months time has been a journey (to say the least), but we could not be more pleased with everything you guys have done for us.

Tom and Don did an excellent job on keeping us in the loop every step of the way, letting us feel at ease during some of the more stressful times, sharing their knowledge of the real estate world and the process of it all, and they made us feel like we were the ones making decisions and they were just there to help guide and support us in whatever path we chose. We felt like we were taken care of from the beginning and that was very important to us (mostly cause we had no clue on what to do).

To Bryn and the rest of the OhauRE team, you guys also did a great job on the quick responses to e-mails and setting up all of the paperwork for us to quickly review and sign all within a few hours notice. Regardless if it was a holiday, weekend, weekday, late at night or early in the morning, you guys were quick to respond and it allowed us to have more freedom with our busy schedules and it didn't make us feel constricted to when we can communicate with our team. That kind of dedication and hard work proved to us that we made a great choice with the OahuRE team and made us feel like we were in good hands.

I don't have any bad things to say about the OahuRE team. We were just very lucky to have you guys guiding us and backing us up in our decisions and are forever grateful for everything you have done in helping us obtain our forever home.

We will be sure to recommend the OahuRE team to friends or family who are looking to purchase or sell homes in the future. We cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you guys have done and we really appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks again!

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Thank you so much for your help with this purchase.

I really like the knowledge and experience that you two have about real estate… and the website is still my favorite real estate website, that is why we are repeat customers…

I believe, this is our 4th property with you guys. Anyway, thanks again.

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aloha, bryn,

i last bought property in 2002. if asked, what characterized that experience was the sense of uncertainty that surrounded the process.

your team, starting with wanida, and including cathyrine, mannie, abegail, dino, have made the process this time around, seamless.

your team has been quick to respond, and the follow-up has been superb!

wanida has been a great advocate for us, and has managed to make us feel well taken care of, despite having executed this transaction from so far away.

nothing to improve in terms of your team, practice and support of clients.

the 20% rebate was also much appreciated. glad to have worked with you.

mahalo for everything.

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Thank you Bryn!

The entire staff there is fantastic and I am so grateful to everyone for all the work you did.

To answer your questions.

1. Great communication. As a buyer, the process is always confusing and daunting to me. The staff at OahuRE provided a steady stream of useful info about what to expect and what I needed to do next.

They'd answer my questions, no matter how ridiculous, at all times of day and night.

Your videos and tips were also extremely helpful in demystifying the process.

2. I honestly can't think of anything. Every interaction with you guys, from Wanida showing me around the island in January, to the final details this week were flawless.

Thanks again to you, Wanida, Cathyrine, Manny and everyone there. We may do this again in a few years :)

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Good morning!

Working with the OahuRE team has been wonderful.

All contact has been timely and everyone seemed to go above and beyond to answer any questions and fulfill our needs.

Finding your web site and using it to research listings was a true blessing.

We are very happy and I've been working hard getting the painting done so we can move in.

Mahalo to the whole team for everything!

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Thank you for your support! You, Wanida and the client team were great. Very knowledgeable and quick to get back to us.

We had a few hiccups, primarily due to the seller and their agent not being on island and not experienced.

Wanida had to step in more than once and go above and beyond.

Having the listing agent related to the seller will be a red flag for me in the future.

OahuRE has a good business model, particularly for savvy buyers/ sellers who are willing to step outside the normal realty process.

Your website offers a trove of valuable advice, and your database is one of the best I’ve seen.

Aloha Bryn!

We are still pinching ourselves we are so in love with our new home!

You guys were on top of the process every step of the way and yet provided patience and support when needed!

We are incredibly grateful for the Rebate too... we had to stretch to get in as our other home is not on market yet ... which we will be having you list for us shortly.

Can't thank you enough and all I would say is it's hard to improve upon perfection.

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I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that your team is doing an exceptional job at assisting buyers, like myself.

We've only been working with you folks for a short period of time, and our experience with you folks have been so positive and exciting.

We understand that it's not easy working with customers of various demands and needs, and your team and Jinny have been extremely helpful, kind, patient and understanding in the process.

And you folks are so quick in responding so we really appreciate that as we understand that with some properties, we must act fast.

So, thank you! We always look forward to each house showing ... in hope to find a suitable one for the family.

We worked with a different company back then when we purchased our condo, but your service superseded other companies by far.

Thank you again for all that you do thus far.

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1. The cost is what made me seek your service, and Wanida is why I choose to list my home with OahuRE.

2. All the people that assisted in the sale of my house are very knowledgeable and proficient.

Everyone kept me informed step-by-step, which made the process very comfortable, and trust was formed.

Your service was excellent, and you have nothing to change! Thank You Very Much.

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Aloha Bryn,

Thank you for your congratulatory message on our recent purchase.

Before we answer your questions for our feedback, we owe you our thanks for assigning Wanida as our agent, as well as the able supports we received from Mannie and Cathyrine.

It took us a little time to realize that you have set up a team where each person have her defined roles and responsibilities for the entire purchase process.

Once that was clear to us, we were able to determine who to direct our questions. And their responds were always prompt and to the point.

We truly appreciate this coordinated team effort in making our purchase an enjoyable one.

In particular, we would like to thank Wanida for her dedication as an agent in meeting our needs.

Before we arrived at Honolulu, per our request she inspected a list of 7 potential properties taken from listing and gave us an assessment of each based on the criteria we set. Her inputs were closely in agreements with those of my wife.

As a result, we were able to make an offer within three days after our arrival.

She was very responsive to our questions, guided through every step of the purchase process, and reminded us ahead of times about each transaction that we should be preparing for.

She went beyond her call of duty to provide us assistance in every way.

These includes the following:

- Assisted us to find a hotel with parking during our month's stay in Honolulu.

- While the condo was in escrow, at her suggestion, opened the apartment for our son to visit the day after Thanksgiving.

- Helped us to select the agent to inspect the condo and had him explain fully the specifics on the areas of concerns.

- Did the final walk through in our place and reported to us the results as we could not be present.

- Was kind enough to keep the keys to the condo until we are able to come back to Honolulu.

Now to answer your first question, my wife and I find your team to be professional, dedicated, considerate, and patience throughout this process.

The provided documents were extremely helpful and put us at ease to know exactly what to expect in every steps of the way.

Finally, we would like to thank you for the support you and your team gave us. It has been a fantastic experience working with all of you.


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The communication level was the number one and met our expectations.

Jinny & the supporting team have surpassed our expectations when it comes to our Real Estate transactions.

Jinny & the team were quick in handling the transaction & provides the highest level of real estate updates on daily basis & advises to our needs.

Top of Page

My three recent real estate transactions with OahuRE each presented unique and unexpected circumstances which required creative solutions.

Your staff provided the expertise, professionalism and patience necessary to overcome obstacles in order to successfully acquire and sell my properties.

I recommend your company regularly without hesitation.

Top of Page

It was a pretty painless experience. Thanks for your service. You're still our favorite realtor in Hawaii.

Top of Page

Sorry for the delay, I went off island after closing. We had a great experience with Tom & Don, they are an awesome team! We will definitely recommend them.

Top of Page

The website is brilliant in making searching for a home easy and the timely updates were instrumental in getting us at our new home's open house so we could bid early.

We wanted to thank the entire team at for their outstanding service and support. As first time home buyers, the process was overwhelming for us but we felt so confident in the expertise of your team.

Wanida is an amazing agent and always made herself available to questions and concerns, even after hours. We really appreciate having her fighting for us to get us into our dream home.

The updates from the team kept us on schedule with the tasks we were responsible for and gave us a clear outline of the timeline. Thank you all again for all your help! Being in this home is life changing for us!

Top of Page

It was nice to work with Tom and Don as well as the rest of the team, keeping me informed throughout the process.

The messages from Cathyrine were helpful but the video explaining the messages she sends would be most helpful in the beginning for me.

I would recommend this company for anyone looking for property.

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The three best things are working with Wanida she's the best. She really helps us choose the best property for us at the right asking price. The another best thing is your website that allows us to search out properties we are interested in and knowing when they have open houses. Another great thing is Mannie keeping us informed about things that need to be done, their time lines and when they are completed. Great team work that continually strives for improvement.

Top of Page

As always your group is very efficient, professional and friendly.

Absolutely love your website and I always tell people about it if I know they are in the market. The rebate is an extra plus.

We will definitely use Wanida and the rest of your team for our next purchase. Thank you again.

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Thank you for all the work throughout this process. What I did like most about Oahu RE is the excellent customer service provided from the beginning to the end. Bryn was the most responsive among the places I inquired about. I truly believe OhauRE's business plan is excellent. 1) Best real estate website I used for Hawaii. I've been using your website years before this purchase. 2) Bryn is very responsive. Bryn answered all my inquires every time within 24hours whether its short or complicated questions. 3) Matched with a perfect realtor. I already had a realtor in mind, another one offered her service and even said will match or beat the buyer's rebate from Oahu RE but once I got to talk to Jinny on the phone, I knew I had to work with her. Jinny was on top of it, very quick at work and I could contact her anytime. 4) Oahu RE Teamwork kept me up to date. I could always see where we at during the buying process. Very informative information such as what my contingencies are, reminders and helpful suggestions. Cathyrine is very responsive too and always answered my questions. I appreciate customer service and I felt your team is top notch from all the people I worked with. Bryn, keep up the excellent culture in OahuRE. 2) Where could we improve our service? I honestly can't think of any while I'm writing this. Just keep up the great customer experience service you provide to tour clients and potential clients. Special thanks again to Jinny, we had a few hurdles but I felt better and optimistic every time I discuss an issue with you.

Top of Page

Your website is unparalleled. It makes house searching as easy as possible, or as complex and focused as desired. As a detail-oriented guy, who puts a lot, and I mean a lot, of research into purchases, I really appreciated all of the different data points you guys offer. The search tools allowed me to focus down as much as I wanted, and the daily automatic updates by email allowed me to stay on top of the market. You, Bryn, also personally responded, very quickly i might add, to several questions I had in regards to the website, and the tools you offer. Tom, Don, and Cathy were very helpful throughout the process. Tom in particular was always available to answer my questions, and show Jari houses. Throughout the short sale process, we felt like Tom was our advocate, making sure that our best interests were being looked after. Overall, we wish the short sale process could have went smoother, especially in regards to the sellers and the selling agent. But, to be fair, I've heard that short sales are pretty much always goat-rodeos.

Top of Page

Tom Malloy has been great to work with both selling our old place and the long process of buying our new Home. Getting the Keys today… Your website is probably your greatest advantage.

Top of Page

It was a pleasure working with Jolene and Tawni. They are both warm, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. If not for Jolene urging us to check on available parking spaces that day, I would still be looking for parking on the street! Cathyrine and others on the team were very efficient and made sure everything was completed timely. Oh and of course the rebate was very much appreciated!

Top of Page

Over all very happy customer. Have been using your website on and off for few years, and start getting email update about 2 yrs ago when looking at buying new home. Wanida is doing a very good job as well. Your website sure is the major selling point, and Wanida is not too far behind it.

Top of Page

Thank you. It feels great to be a homeowner! Mark and I would like to express our thanks to you. We were very impressed with the speedy and thorough manner in which Jinny and your staff addressed our concerns. Jinny was professional and courteous to us (the buyer) and to the sellers representative throughout the entire process. It was a great experience to be working with a company that was so organized and fast!

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn, Wanida and Mannie! It was a smooth transaction. We really liked signing all the documents online, very convenient. Mike also mentioned his appreciation of your informational website links.

Top of Page

Thanks to you, Jolene, and your team for your great service. We really appreciated how responsive your organization was to meeting our needs, including finding us Jolene. She was very helpful to us throughout the process.

Top of Page

Hi Tawni, Thank you for doing the final walk through. She called me awhile ago and said everything checked out and we're good to go. Thank you for all your help and dealing with us remotely. Tomorrow morning we'll be signing the papers and the closing will be complete this Friday.

FYI, we'll be in HNL April 10 hopefully we'll have a chance to meet up. You have been very helpful throughout this long process. Thanks again.

Top of Page

Thanks. We have enjoyed working with Wanida-- very professional and dedicated. (She's worked a long time for this-- since 2009 or 2010, I think...) (Today is 7/5/16) No advice, but want you to know-- assuming she's still in the real estate business when we decide to buy or sell again in HI, Wanida will be our first choice for an agent.

Top of Page

I liked your service because you are the most efficient and friendly service. Even if any issues arise, it is resolved quickly and in the best interest of your customer. It is good overall. I am not sure what else better can be done.

Top of Page

We would like to thank you, Wanida and the all of the OahuRE team for all your hard work and patience over the course of our 7 plus year house hunt. I will continue to use your website to monitor the prices and market conditions on Oahu. If we know of anybody interested in property in Hawaii we will certainly recommend your firm.

Top of Page

Thank you to everyone who had a part in getting us the home of our dreams, especially you, Wanida, Abigail, Mannie for checking and re-checking everything twice. Also, thanks Bryn for the wonderful rebate! It came at the right time!

Top of Page

Thank you Mannie! My wife & I would like to thank Oahure who have provided us more than 110% excellent service to reach our real estate transaction to the finished line without major problems. From the front people like Jinny Cloward and to the supporting casts like you. We can't thank enough but say Bravo & thank you so much to all of you at Oahure. Excellent job!!! I would definitely refer Oahure to many people out there & look forward to our next real estate transactions.

Top of Page

Our experience was great! We like the most that Jinny worked really hard and was very patient and understanding. We also liked your website that gave us details we could find nowhere else and we like your rebates. Thank you!

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, Happy Holidays!

Thank you again for assisting me with first home purchase.

I especially appreciated Elaine’s advice, diligence with calling me back, and referrals. I felt that Elaine was very professional, knowledgeable about the market, and I didn’t ever feel pressured.

I would recommend Elaine to all my family and friends, because she makes the time and effort to come early before a house showing, she returns my calls and emails on a timely manner, she gave me professional referrals for the home inspection, cleaning company, and loan officer, she informed me of up coming procedures and explained the process of closing in a detailed manner.

As a first time home buyer, having the patience and understanding for someone like myself was greatly appreciated.

Bryn, your website was a huge load off of my back when it came to researching places. I really liked the fact that it was constantly being updated and it listed every a variety of places on the island. I knew that if I had to individually look for places, the process would have taken longer.

Thank you for being an advocate and a voice for me when it came to the owner approving my offer.

I really appreciated that your followed through and had someone fix the air vent in the bathroom, the disposal, and the pipes.

All in all, I was very impressed with your service and I will recommend your site to everyone I know. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Top of Page

We have purchased 7 homes over the years and we view our experience with Jolene and your team as the most positive we have had.  Jolene was candid on all matters related to the purchase.  She held no punches and gave us the full perspective on what we faced.  When we had any questions of the sellers, she immediately passed our questions on.

Top of Page


You folks have truly helped to make this process of buying my first home a positive one. I appreciate your diligence and quick response to questions and concerns.

Top of Page

We are very pleased with our purchase, as it is what we wanted --- period.  We would not have it were it not for you and the OahuRE Team.

Top of Page

Every person that helped me throughout this purchase has been absolutely amazing.

I couldn't have imagined achieving the results I did without Miranda guiding me along each and every step of the way.

Each member of the OahuRE team on the backend that processed each form and document did so with speed and quality.

I never once felt that my needs were not met, even if it required a response on the weekends or during hours typically not worked.

I felt taken care of and the management of my anxiety throughout this process was a tremendous help.

I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with OahuRE during the purchase of my first home.

Our family sincerely thanks each and everyone.

Top of Page

Jerry and I wanted to thank you for all your help and support in helping us to land our home. I wanted to share this with you: In the beginning, before we'd started house hunting, I went to church to ask Him to tell me if the time was right to purchase one. If so, to give me guidance because we were going to be treading in uncharted territory. I also prayed for peace of mind and peace in our family knowing that buying a house, for the first time, could prove to be a daunting task. Shortly after that, my brother stepped into the picture and shared your website with us. What a blessing that turned out to be! It was so easy to navigate thru; couldn't have been any easier. After traveling to view about 6 homes listed, we'd decided on purchasing the house we'd eventually landed.

Now, I'm not completely sure about why or how all the credits and rebates came about, but, that in itself, was a HUGE blessing because they took care of the points and the closing costs. Also, the repairs I'd requested were taken care of at no cost to us; another huge blessing. The timing, also, couldn't have been more perfect because, the lease in our current place ends at the end of May. Even though I've had to take a crash course in home buying 101, and still don't completely understand all the terminology and lingo, or what happened during the 'whirlwind', He has blessed us with a home we were looking for. Again, we wanted to thank you because you 2 were very instrumental in making all of this unfold before us. Without your guidance/assistance, none of this might've happened.

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, It has been a great experience all around. You have both been so helpful and kept the process really hassle free for me.

Top of Page

By the way, I'm not sure I officially thanked you for the superb job you did to take us through that last transaction. Wow, we did a lot in 3 weeks, but we're so grateful for all your skills and pleasantness to work with us. Really, Mahalo and Bravo for a great assist.

Top of Page

I just want to say thank you so much for getting back to me. And Elaine was very helpful in showing me the property on Awini. I have tried to work with other RE Agents in town and they have not been this helpful. I really appreciate your work.

Top of Page

Thank you both for taking care of us the last month or so. As we talked we could not think of anything negative to say. You both took great care of us. Communication was on going. Not one time did we have to wait to get in touch with either of you. Not once did we feel pressured or hurried. Thank you both for all you did for us.

Top of Page

Just want to let you know how much I appreciated your help in assisting my wife and I in getting our home. You really know your job. Your website is amazing. I think it should be the required method to buy houses in Hawaii... and in the world. You were all about customer satisfaction, no matter what. You always made me feel at ease. Never intimidating. I really like the emailing of documents and the click to sign.

You put a lot of thought in making home purchase easy. Your program is the greatest I've ever seen.

Top of Page

It truly was a pleasure working with you both. What did I like about your services? EVERYTHING!

I had been monitoring your website for a few months looking for the RIGHT one to come along. Your website is awesome. So easy to navigate, so informative, so many ways to look for what you want/need. Kudos to your webmaster.

Bryn you were always there with a quick response when we had a question. It seemed that no matter what time of the day or night that we asked a question, you responded almost immediately with an answer.

The people that you recommended that we work with for the house inspection and other things were great too.

Your knowledge and you willingness to go the extra mile were obvious.

Thank you both again for making finding and buying our HOME much less stressful than I had anticipated. Again, it was a pleasure working with you both. You can count on me recommending you to ANYONE who is looking for a new place to live.

We are extremely appreciative of all your services related to our recent real estate purchase.

Top of Page

I really liked the easy of site and the process. Although my situation had many issues along the way. I am glad that Tom and Don stuck with it and we made it to the finish line.

Top of Page

All I can say is that your staff, especially Wanida, was very responsive and always available when we needed help.

I'd say Wanida is a great resource concerning process and extremely patient as well.

Coming from the east coast, we find Hawaii's real-estate process a little disconcerting in comparison.

I'm not sure what you could do to explain Hawaii's process more proactively.

In any event, Wanida did a good job helping us understand the process.

Top of Page

Thank you for everything that you have done...We have dealt with many realtors in the past, whether we were selling a home or looking for one and you go way and beyond the call of duty. We appreciate you guys tremendously.

Top of Page

I would like to thank you for all your help in assisting us in finding our home. Your patience and dedication was greatly appreciated. When you told me I could make an offer of $240,000 on a place that was $269,000. It open my eyes to all the available places there were. So I want to say thank you very much for your insight.

When people ask me for a good realtor, you and Bryn will be the first words out of my mouth. I wish you great success in the future.

Top of Page

We can't think of anything that needs improvement. We would be happy to recommend you to our friends and will definitely contact you in the future for any real estate needs.

Thanks for your help.

Top of Page

‘A’ole pilikia. If and when we ever decide to sell it, we’ll contact you.

Top of Page

Thank you Byrn, you were the most critical link that started our purchase, that made our dream come true. If not for you, your website, and the referral to Duncan, we would probably be still renters today. You made our life path change, and we're looking so forward to a better future from here on.

Top of Page

Thanks for Helping us through the process. You both were great. I learned so much about the real estate market from your website and felt more confident in making our first home purchase. This has been our best Christmas ever.

Top of Page

We have the keys and are happily starting our renovation work, Thanks for all the help!! You two have really been helpful and I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Top of Page

Vince and I would like to thank you for your guidance, expertise and advice in helping us own our first home. Being in the ARMY for the part 17 ½ year, we lived in many states, rented houses, apartments& even lived in a military duplex. But we never owned a home. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication for making it possible.

If we ever need your services again, we will surely use you in a heartbeat, and also refer you to our friends + Family.

Top of Page

Once again Bryn, You have been very helpful! Any time I have some one looking for a house, I will refer them to you! As this is our first buy, not sure if other agents are as helpful and accommodating!

Top of Page

Thank you so much for your help in finding the perfect house. You & Bryn made the process so much easier than we thought it would be since we were so far away. You went out of your way so many times , taking picture s and answering all of my email so fast. The two of you were huge blessing.

Top of Page

Thank you very much for all your help. I was preparing myself for a long and drawn out process because I am on the mainland.  My hats off to you for making this process so streamlined and efficient. Thanks again!!

Top of Page

I may have already said this but this whole experience has been extremely positive. Between your web site having all the information we needed to make an informed decision and your excellent service as a realtor, this transaction went very smooth. My hats off to you!!

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn. I really do appreciate how attentive you are to your clients.

Top of Page

It was awesome working with you guys. :)

Top of Page

Thank you both very much for sticking with us for such a long time!!! Many thanks for setting up numerous showings. We'll soon enjoy our new home.

Top of Page

We really love the house. We are currently moving stuff in and unpacking. Thanks very much for all your help. It was very challenging, but we're glad you helped us along the way.

Top of Page

Thank you, we are very pleased with the excellent service we received. We have already recommended Oahu RE to other potential clients. It was a pleasure doing business with you. We'll let you know when the housewarming party is on.

Top of Page

We happened upon you guys by chance via Zillow as you were listed as agents for a property we liked.

We initially stuck with you guys because of the advertised rebate and also asking around at work, people generally said good things and that you had a good search engine.

Miranda was great to work with, and we appreciated her recommendation for an Allied loan officer since she knew we were using a VA loan. She is always quick to answer questions and accommodating with her schedule. Overall happy working with your company, mahalo!

Top of Page

(Clients) 25th birthday was the 20th and this is a great gift! I appreciate all your hard work on his behalf :-) Aloha and God bless you all!

Top of Page

Thanks, Bryn -- sounds like Darren will be able to sign it from there after lunchtime. Thanks again for all of your help in getting the house -- it's been a really smooth process overall, and we've appreciated all that you have done!

Top of Page

Thanks for the reminder. I just turned the tax exemption certificate into the Wahiawa Satellite City Hall. We are really enjoying our new home. We're all settled in now, and have pretty much adjusted to living in Mililani. It's been great here and we love having our new place. Once again, thank you for the reminder and all the help you gave us.

Top of Page

Hi, Bryn, I am so grateful for your help, specially for me as the first-time homer buyer, you are patient to answer my question and inquiries. Thank you very much.

Top of Page

Thank you so much for everything and getting the keys for us yesterday. The cable guy just left and we have cable & internet! And yes, this was one heck of a cliff hanger! If we ever buy again in Hawaii, we're going with a local lender (and with you of course). We learned our lesson...the hard way. But it all worked out! Thanks again.

Top of Page

Thanks Bryn, you really have gone above and beyond for us and we really do appreciate it! We do love the house that has a strong offer already, but, I know so often deals fall through and that may be our chance to get our foot in the door! We do understand it is a long shot, but we are praying! Thanks again for incredible service to us! We have worked w/several other agents before and your business is impeccable, so really thanks again for all your time w/us so far!

Top of Page

Thanks for everything. This won't be the last time we talk. You were both highly professional and friendly. No doubt, we will use your services again. We've already recommended your services to several of our friends. Thanks again.

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, Thank you very much! It has been a great experience working with you. Thank you for your many great advises and effective communication. You can be sure that I will recommend you folks for any future real estate needs! Aloha!

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, Again, I am totally blown away by your efficiency. In all of the real estate transactions that I've been involved with, and there were lots, this is by far the most complete and well managed I've ever seen. Thanks much,

Top of Page

Thank you so much for all of your hard work during the last couple weeks. We really enjoy our new home. We are painting and decorating the house yesterday so we little busy. This is a great gift for us at this Holidays Season. Anyway, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.

Top of Page

Dear Bryn, What an ordeal. Thank you very much for your creative solutions to the many problems we encountered and for your patience. If there is a medal of honor that is given to a real estate agent for service above and beyond the call of duty, you certainly deserve this medal.

It was a pleasure working with you from the very beginning. We appreciate very much what you sacrificed in order for both buyer and seller to agree on the final purchase price. The format that you have in conducting your business is innovative and so efficient , I would recommend it to anyone and everyone buying or selling real estate.

Your immediate responses and replies to phone calls and e-mails are unbelievable and surprising, knowing that very, very few people conduct their business this way. Your website is awesome. It is extremely comprehensive. You must be the envy of a lot of people in the business.

This Christmas will be very special for our whole family.

Top of Page

We both enjoyed working with you. We thought your work style suited us, where you wouldn't crowd us when we were looking at properties but instead would let us look around and afterwards would tell us what we needed to know. Though I don't know if this style would work for everyone. We also liked the electronic signatures, we felt that it made the process a lot cleaner and quicker. Thanks again for all your help.

Top of Page

I would like to add my thanks to both of you for your expertise, your hard work and your patience! We have been very pleased with your service, both with the Condo purchase as well as with the sale of our parents home. And if/when we purchase another home in Hawaii, you will be our Realtors! Thank you for all you have done for us. Best Regards.

Top of Page

It's nice to wake up early morning in Sydney and read your warm and gracious message. Yes, your quick response to everything we've asked is commendable and showed how much hands on you are with your business. I am certain it could not have happened smoothly particularly in those times when we were traveling somewhere in the Pacific, I here in Sydney and you guys in Hawaii.

Thank you for showing us various properties and giving us your insight on property angles and concerns that provided us with information leading to a more informed decision. Bryn, you were terrific in your handling of all the legal and other institutional issues. You have nicely divided up the responsibilities of working with buyers between you. Thank you again.

Top of Page

Thanks for helping us buy our first place and for having such a great website! We really appreciate all your help. Mahalo

Top of Page

Great! Than you so much. I really feel like we are in very good hands with you and Elaine.

Top of Page

Greetings... Thank you for the GREAT job you did with this transaction! Also, Thanks for the $$ Rebate... that is a real 'attention getter' when looking for Real Estate. ( I actually thought I would get little support with that $$ incentive, however, You gave me more support than I have ever had before in a Real Estate Sale. ) I have no suggestions for your operation... everything worked great and doing the 'Paperwork' on the internet really saves time... no going back and forth to your office.

So, Thank you both and although we have remodeling to do, I think we got a good deal... we like the House and the Location! Good Luck to you with your future Real Estate work and success to your Firm.

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn. Although we haven't met face to face it seems like we already know you. It has been a great experience working with both you, who really took good care of us, were so efficient and just so professional in what you both did to help us make our dream a reality. Aloha

Top of Page

We have received keys to our new house and would like to thank for all your help. Not only your website is far superior to anything we have encountered, but also the level of your personal service is unparalleled. You have provided excellent communications channels, with phone calls and e-mails unfailingly answered within a few hours, more often immediately. Your knowledge of the market, as well as the procedure of complicated RE transactions, is excellent and you have met all the challenges with vigor, skill and sense of urgency that we enjoyed enormously.

Thank you again, and we will have no reservation to ask for your help whenever we might need assistance with a real estate transaction.

Top of Page

It has been my pleasure as well! I thought buying a home at a distance like this would be a nightmare. It's been a dream. No stress at all. If there were questions, you were right there with an answer and dealt fabulously with the sellers. It really put my mind at ease.

Top of Page

Indeed we were far away but the process went smoothly due to your responsiveness, wise counsel and the trust we developed in you. Thanks very much for everything. We won't hesitate to call on your services again in the future.

Top of Page

Much thanks to both of you for your efforts. I really appreciate the support that you provided on both transactions. Again, thank you for helping me to navigate a very long process. I'll be sure to send everyone I know to you two when they need help. Aloha

Top of Page

Thanks, that's great news. Towards the end, I had my doubts if this would happen. I really appreciate everything you've done to help us get this home. From submitting the offer, to working with me as the lender decided whether or not to accept the offer, through to the final inspection(s), you've been very supportive. I feel very fortunate that we were able to rely on your expertise.

Owning a home in Hawaii isn't something that I take for granted. Ever since I was a young boy, I've wanted to own a home in Hawaii. This house will have a significant impact not only on our family, since we can now return to Hawaii, but also our extended family as we now have a home in which to hold our family gatherings.

To be able to buy this house, is truly a dream come true. Thank you very much for helping make this dream come true.

Top of Page

Thank you so much for the time and effort in helping us achieve our dream of home ownership! I really appreciate the flexibility you've shown, answering my emails and phone calls promptly and during weekends. Thanks too for being available at a moments notice to show us all the homes we wanted to see. Bryn, I especially want to note that I appreciate, as well as being able to sign documents digitally. I'm more of a technical oriented person and I really appreciate the way technology is being applied. Mahalo from the both of us.

Top of Page

Thanks for the call. I'm sorry that I missed it! It's rare that I get to talk to you on the phone. Thank you so much for everything! It was nice working with you. Thank you for making it happen for both selling and buying of our homes at the same time. That was great! It worked out as we wanted! Thank you so much! I liked your quick responses with emails and text message services for the showings. Thank you and best wishes!

Top of Page

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and Ms. Le. I will definitely recommend your services to our friends here on the island. Your efficiency and professionalism are top notch. Thank you.

Top of Page

We got the keys to our new condo and everything is fine. We just fixing minor stuff and getting place ready to move in. It was a pleasure working with both of you. Thank you for all your help.

Top of Page

Thank you for doing a really great job handling our transaction, and being really professional and giving us good recommendations and tips. Thank you for the rebate. It was a pleasure working with both of you, and I will let you know when the house is finally ready after our repair work is done.

Top of Page

I too enjoyed working with you both and thought you guys are awesome to work with. i'm just glad the glitch was corrected quickly and was behind us. i personally liked how automated the whole process is (look up properties online, signing docs online and so on), how quickly you responded to my inquiries, and your ablity to give something back to the customers but still provide the same level of services as other full commision brokers, that I'll definitely share the good experiences with friends and people i know of. thank you!! and have a great holiday season and a very prosperous new year!

Top of Page

Thanks both of you. Yes, I also enjoyed working with you, especially in these last two to three weeks. Without Mike's consistent efforts and pushing, it may have taken much longer to close. I learned something from this purchase, certainly the holiday season is not a good time for closing, and it is better to use local lender. Most important is using the right realtor. You guys are great. Thanks

Top of Page

I would like to thank you and your staff for helping me purchase my first house. I first started looking for a house in Nov. 2009. I had no knowledge in the house buying business but I was determined to buy a house that was being sold as a short sale. I had it set in my mind that it was a lower price than what the housing market was asking. I searched the internet for all the information that I could find. I went to your competitor and was told to forget short sales. They are a waste of time.

So I stumbled upon your website. Wow, so much information, I could do my own research which is what I wanted. After e-mailing you, you recommended Elaine. What a great choice. Whenever I wanted to see a potential house, I would call Elaine and she would do some research on the house to see if there was any problems. She would always schedule the showing at my convenience and not hers. If I liked the house she would write up the offer in less than two hours after I say I wanted to buy the house.

Electronic signing is the best. She works seven days a week and has a huge knowledge of information as a great realtor should. She never pressured me to buy in a hurry and always made sure that I was very comfortable with the house that I was buying. She even got me an excellent mortgage company that gave me a 4 percent interest rate. After looking at many houses for almost a year with Elaine and playing the waiting game for short sales. Just wanted to say that I couldn't have bought my house which was a short sale at a very good price without Elaine.

Top of Page

When my husband Steve and I first started looking for houses, we did not have a great experience with a certain real estate firm and agent that shall remain nameless. They made us feel rushed and were not very warming and comforting during the whole process. As faith would have it, a few circumstances came up and we put our house hunting on hold for a year. When we were ready to get back in the swing of things, a friend recommended Oahu Re.

As first time home buyers with a young child, we wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to purchase a home that best fit within our means and made us happy at the same time. We contacted Oahu Re when we seen a property of interest to us. They referred us to an awesome agent named Elaine Van De Zande. With her help we were able to find our perfect home. She was very patient and made us feel extremely comfortable through out the entire process.

Elaine is one of the few people in real estate that genuinely care for their clients. She made us feel at ease and really wanted to see us in a home that we truly loved. We are forever grateful to her for making one of the most memorable experiences of our lives as smooth and welcoming as she has. My husband and I are definitely recommending Elaine and Oahu Re to all of my friends and family.

Top of Page

Thank you for choosing Elaine to represent us on the purchase of our Kailua property. Our experience as clients of Realty Executives couldn't be more pleasant. The qualities of a Real Estate agent that Elaine possesses are very genuine. I've never met anybody in sales that really had the patience that she had with her clients. What I respect about Elaine the most is that she's never been the pushy type and she is extremely patient.

I've experienced other agents that you know the minute you go to showings that they are only in it for the quick commission. She really made an effort to make sure that we find the right place and never pressured us to make any type of decision on a particular property. I don't really think Elaine wanted us to jump on the Kailua property initially because you could see in her eyes how much work the house really needed to upgrade to current standards. It's these type of assumptions from agents that really give you the feel of how genuine they truly are.

She really made us feel that she was more of a family friend than a real estate agent. Me and Maddie can't thank her enough for all her hard work. We've experienced many different situations from the current real estate market and believe me it was very interesting. Without Elaine we wouldn't be experiencing the American Dream of home ownership.

Top of Page

Thank you for providing the time and expert guidance that made finding and buying our condo possible. Your web site was a pleasure to use. Your rebate covered all of the closing costs, so it was nice just paying for the actual cost of the condo. That is a first after five real estate purchases! We have recommended you to our friends, and will continue to do so in the future. We are looking forward to moving in our home in a few years. Thanks again for your outstanding service.

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We would like to thank your realtor Elaine Van de Zande for helping me purchase my first house. We first started looking for a house was being sold as a foreclosure or short sale because it was lower price than the others. However, the agent of the other competitor dosen't recommend us to choose that because of lots of paper work & watse time. But Elaine is really a very professional realtor.She not only hardworking , but also generous in giving help. She never feel annoying even though we asking her to write a lot of offer.She really help us to buy such a desirable home that we loved.Just wanted to say that I couldn't have bought my house which was a very good price without Elaine:)

Top of Page

Thanks for everything, we're really looking forward to putting down roots here!

Top of Page

Thank you so much for all your assistance and for your well wishes! Congratulations to you as well, Bryn, on your newest blessing! It was a pleasure working with you both. I'm sure once things settle with the new baby we will be in touch again soon. Thank you so much.

Top of Page

Hi Bryn! Thank you and thanks to the OahuRe Team! Home ownership is part of the American dream and I had the best assistance getting here. Aloha!

Top of Page

Thank you, Julia and Bryn, for your great work! We are very satisfied with your service. I even recommended you to a friend at work who may be doing what we have done in the next couple of years.

Top of Page

Mahalo for the nice card and dropping off the keys/gift today. Bryn, you made this a breeze and were on top of it all the way through. Thank you for your professionalism. Mahalo and aloha.

Top of Page

Bryn Thanks so much! It was a great experience all around, Elaine is awesome! She was very responsive and helped a great deal throughout the entire process, we're so happy that we chose to work with OahuRE and Elaine. Eventually we'll have to leave Hawaii, and when we do, we'll definitely be calling again to sell the property!

Top of Page

Great, thank you. It's been a pleasure working with the both of you. Thanks for all your help, especially for taking care of things outside normal business hours, I really appreciated it.

Top of Page

Working with the both of you was an excellent service experience. You guys made every step of the way so easy, fast and efficient and you delivered with a lot of Aloha. We particularly loved how easy it was to place an offer online, that saves so much time and effort on everyone's part. We will highly recommend OahuRE to any and all we hear shopping for a home.

Top of Page

Thank-you both for all of your work and support! Sue and I had complete trust in you both throughout the process. Your team of support personnel were exceptional and proved we were right to place our trust in you. The most helpful feature of your services is the website. Sue and I used it regularly to look at new listings and open houses. Having watched the site for over 6 months before making an offer I'm not sure how well I like some of the more recent changes, e.g. having extra clicks to narrow neighborhood searches or all of the extra things at the top, but overall it was wonderful to have all of the information available so quickly

Top of Page

Apologies for the tardiness of this thank you! We wanted to express our sincere thanks for all of your help and your prompt and quick responses during this whole process. This was a different experience for us being that most of the communication was through email! And we thought it was great - especially when we were away on vacation, we were able to stay in touch. We really appreciate both of you being flexible and advocating for our concerns, questions, and requests as buyers.

We also want to state how impressed and amazed we are by your website and how useful and innovative it is. We love how it is well maintained, contains up-to-the-minute updates, and the wealth of information it provides allowed us to make a life-changing experience with both eyes open. Your web site is truly the best real estate site for Hawaii and certainly is a prime example for other states/countries to follow!

We also greatly appreciate the reference to Bonnie at Territorial Savings. She was extremely professional and efficient and made the whole process very smooth. We have been non-stop busy at our new house! Fixing this and that, painting, etc. and updating it. Our hope is to make this a nice home for us.

It's exciting, for sure, and all this is thanks to you and your team. It was indeed a pleasure working with you both and mahalo nui loa for all your hard work and help!

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Hi Bryn, Thanks for everything. We are now moved in and getting settled. I liked that we were able to sign everything digitally. My emails were always responded to promptly, so that was a plus. Overall, a great experience. Thanks!

Top of Page

We completed the purchase of the condo in Makaha. I just wanted to thank you and Elaine for all the help. It made the purchase of this property easy. I would like to say again that your real estate site is the best in the nation. It allows one to research the property making it possible to make an intelligent offer. That helps both the buyer and the seller. We have plans to purchase additional properties in Hawaii, and look at your site daily. Thanks again.

Top of Page

It's was amazing working with you guys with the level if professionalism , responsiveness and personal attention. You guys have hundreds of customers but we always felt like we we were getting undivided attention. We are thrilled. God bless.

Top of Page

We just got the keys to our beautiful new home! We truly believe that if it had not been for Elaine’s skill we would not have gotten our “dream house”. Elaine got our offer accepted despite other higher offers, and we closed in under 30 days thanks to Elaine’s collaboration with our mortgage broker. You really have a gem in Elaine! We will recommend Elaine and Hawaii Homes International to anyone in need of a Realtor. THANK YOU!

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn!!!!! I'm breaking into my home right now!! XD This has been a wonderful ride! And I know who to trust....You guys!! Was so fearful during the first weeks....but got comfortable knowing you were there every long waited step in the process. Thank You!!!!!

Top of Page

Thanks so much Bryn and Julia. You guys have been great. I really appreciate all your patience and cooperation during this long (and sometimes arduous!) process:)) It has been a pleasure working with you both as well. I can't believe I own a house - still in shock!!

Top of Page

Thank you for guiding us through this process and making it as smooth as possible for us! We are so glad you created which allowed us to do our own research and find the home that fit us best. And a big thumbs up for using Docusign.

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn and Wanida for all your help. It was a long haul and you guys performed admirably.

Top of Page

Aloha Mysterious Stranger! Funny we have never met and yet your website and digital everything saved me so much time and effort--the entire processs was GREAT. I'll be sure and place a good review in your website. THREE YEARS plus I've been surfin your website--since late 2008 and constantly since 2009.

I bid on a couple other places with other realtors and had to go into the office and hand do EVERYTHING and it was a royal pain in the okole. your site is great.

I've e mailed people on the mainland (military) looking to buy here before they arrive and given your website out a lot! you deserve the success that is yours too! Much aloha!

Top of Page

I looked for three YEARS for my perfect home and Bryn answered every e mail no matter how crazy the question, helped me with bids until I eventually figured out how to do it right, and assisted in the bidding on the place I KNEW was right after many false starts.

I had access to EVERYTHING I would ever need on the website--the crime stats, sales, neighborhood and school data--EVERYTHING in one place. It made my daily internet searches easy.

Even with a list of everything I needed in the process- including finding the right banker to cover a 'fixer'. I tried several other realtors and had to go into their offices and sign offers in person and it took TIME and was a tedious process.

With Bryn and his team--EVERYTHING is digital and takes SECONDS to complete--from the initial bid, counters... the entire process id FAST AND EASY.

Wanida was a great help showing places I got interested in, patient to the core with my 'newbie' questions, and shared my joy when I finally settled and found my PERFECT home. MAHALO!!!!! 4 everything team!!!

Top of Page

THANK YOU BRYN! We appreciate all of your time, advice, and hard work to help us to buy this wonderful home. We enjoyed working with you and are thankful for your constant attention to all of our issues and needs along the way. You certainly made us feel secure that all issues would addressed quickly and I had full confidence in the process. a big mahalo from us!

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It was a difficult deal to complete, but i am so happy that all the extra effort by all involved has paid off. We have our dream house and thank you so much for your assistance in attaining this property.

Top of Page

I am so excited that we are finally closing this Friday. This could not have happened without all of your hard work. Thank you so much for everything you all have done for my family and me. We will forever be grateful.

Top of Page

Yay! Thank you so much for making this such an easy process. I have nothing but great things to say about you all. I look forward to one day working with you all again.

Top of Page

Yes, Wow! Thank you for all this extra extra work, really glad it all ended up well for us! Actually I recomended your office/website to few my coworkers. One of them has a house, but agrees your website is the best I ever encountered.

Top of Page

Thank you. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all you have done for me over the past 8 months and particularly the past few weeks and days. You have all been incredible and I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Wanida. I can’t imagine having gotten this done with any other team. Thanks for working so hard for me especially over the holidays to make this happen.

Top of Page

It certainly is a great way to start the New Year. Thanks again for all of your help. Don't have any suggestions on how to improve your services as it was a pleasure working with you and the web site was great with all of the properties listed. If we have any furture real estate needs, we will definitely consider you and will recommend you to others.

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I wish I could do this in person with you all, but as you may guess things are hectic now with owning a new home and I am leaving the island again soon. But I wanted to thank you all for your help, patience, and understanding throughout this whole process. As a first time home buyer, I must say, though it was difficult at times, I feel you all made it as smooth as possible for me and probably with me being away in remote locations, it was my fault for any hold ups. It was a pleasure, so again thank you all very much. I love my new home, and I don't think it would have ever been possible without all your experience and professionalism.

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Thanks to all of you for your patience and help with assisting us buying our Hawaii home - just in time for our new edition who is due 26th January. We now have some reno work to do before we get to move in but we are very excited to have a place to call our own and not have to pay rent anymore! Mahalo!

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Well, we received the second set of keys today. It looks like the sale is complete. Thank you for being there, literally and figuratively, for us through the purchase of our little piece of paradise. We learned to trust you early on - our favorite things were your honesty and attention to detail. Plus, you were quick to pick up on our needs. We couldn't help but notice that we did a complete 180 degree turn from what we originally told you we were looking for in a condo location.

You sacrificed a pair of your stockings to help us figure out that Waikiki was a little too much city/sooty for us. We appreciated and needed your support through this rare, right-brained adventure which was far outside our typical math teacher/ science teacher behavior.

Thank you for everything. You have been wonderful. You are amazing! We will arrive at the condo the first week in April and will give you a call to let you know how we are doing.

We will be spending the month of August there, as well, and probably most of the year when we retire in 18 months. We will seize the opportunity to recommend you to anyone we talk to who is interested in Hawaii property.

Top of Page

Thank you so very much for everything that you have done to help us get "our home". Ryan and I appreciate your patience, helpfulness, and being accommodating to us throughout this whole process. It was stressful at times, but a great learning experience for us as 1st time home buyer's. Yes, even though we had delays along the was still worth it!! We would definitely recommend your services to our family & friends in the future :)

Top of Page

All of you have helped us through some crazy stuff the past year! We are so thankful for your professionalism throughout every worst case scenario.

Glad to say we have the keys and are moving in at this very moment! I took our shih tzu, Chewy, to the house this morning & she loved running around. I'd say she approves, lol! She is just as happy as all of us.

Well, we will definitely stay in touch as we consider all of you part of our extended ohana!

We have already recommended your services to everyone we know looking for a house. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!!

Top of Page

Thank you all for your hard work. This last week was stressful, but I am glad that everything was resolved. We appreciate your services & have enjoyed working with you. Personally I really liked being able to do almost everything online or through email. It made the process feel seamless and fast, but still being able to keep a "paper trail" of what was signed.

Top of Page

Thanks to your website for helping us to find all information we needed about home buying process. In addition, we would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Elaine who helped us with our first time home purchase. Although there were lots of problems and delays from the seller's side, with her knowledge and efforts Elaine helped us to resolve those problems & complete the purchase. She also followed up after closing to make sure everything is OK.

Top of Page

Bryn & Elaine, We just want to thank the both of you, and we appreciate all the time and effort that you guys put into making our dream of owning a home come true. Thanks,

Top of Page

Thank you! Your team has been wonderful! We will be telling all of our friends about you and Wanida...

Top of Page

Thank you. You and your team have been great. You are all very professional and knowledgeable. I do not have any improvements for you and would be happy to give a recommendation.

Top of Page

Thank you, Bryn, Wanida, and Mannie for all your help and support. We hope the challenges we faced in buying this short sale home will help us prepare for future purchases. We also hope that next time we will also meet you and Mannie personally.

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn, Wanida, and Mannie. It was very stressful, but I will say we learned a lot. We have an idea now on what it takes to purchase a short sale. There were many times we wanted to quit but good advice from yourselves kept us in it. Next time we know what to expect. Thanks again.

Top of Page

Hi Bryn: Thank you! It's been wonderful working with you and your team as well. Thank you for everyones efforts and patience...this was no easy transaction! Couldn't have done it without all of you :) Thanks again!!!!

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, Thanks, that’s great news! What a journey this has been, thank you for taking it with me.  I’m very grateful for all your team has done.

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, Thank *you* so much. It is I who am grateful for your patience. It wasn’t easy and I’m sorry I put you guys through it, but in the end it was what I needed to do and thanks to all of you for getting me through it in really good shape. Best of all I am so excited about the Kailua home. If there’s any chance that I will fall in love with living in Hawaii, I couldn’t have found a better place for that possibility. When the dust settles I’ll finally get around to that testimonial on your web site; it’s going to be hard to keep it short given all that you did! Thanks,

Top of Page

It has really been a pleasure working with you folks. From start to finish you all have been so very helpful and forthcoming regarding the whole process.

It made a very stressful situation bearable and gave me confidence that everything would work out... AND IT DID!

I can't thank you all enough! I will definitely recommend you all to anyone in the market.

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Aloha Bryn, Wanida and Mannie are fantastic!! They both made this experience go very smooth.

Purchasing a property by long distance could have been a major hassle, but it turned out to be a pleasure with their help!

Your web site is great, too! It is always up to date with the latest listings and status changes. I especially like the filter parameters to narrow my search to specific areas and features. And the Daily Watch list feature is a wonderful time saver.

During my trips to the Islands the Open House search was very useful, too. From time to time I looked at other Hawaii real estate websites, but none of them compare to yours in its timeliness and usefulness for serious shoppers.

I will definitely recommend OahuRE to anyone else looking for property on Oahu. Mahalo nui loa

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We really appreciate your great services. I had done about six real estate transactions in the past years and all of them were with Prudential Locations. I want to let you all know that your company is better than Prudential Locations. Great job!

Top of Page

Thank you so much for being instrumental in the purchase of a new home for our family, And for offering the best real estate website in Hawai`i, OahuRe! The OahuRE website allowed us to search online for and buy our dream home. Thank you also for the OahuRE rebate! We remain incredibly grateful,

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I liked the quick sale and Tom and Don's quick response time when I first contacted your team. I also appreciate all of your team's and your quick responses.

Top of Page

Thank you, Bryn, Wanida, and Mannie, for helping my find and purchase this property -- it was great working with all of you! Thank you for making the buying process easy and efficient!

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, Thank you! I found my new home on You referred me to Jinny and she brought Chris. Working with Jinny, Chris (and Quinn) was terrific.

As a team, they were always on top of things, very responsive and terrific to work with. I will count on them in the future as my needs, both personal or investment grow or change.

I also enjoyed working with Mannie and the rest of the Oahure admin staff. I particularly liked the fact that Jinny and Chris were a complete package.

I only had to talk with one, and both were up to speed and providing me with great service, info or action as needed. Thank you for referring me to Jinny, she was great to work with.

I also enjoyed the surprise at closing when I got a part of my fee returned. A very nice surprise! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Top of Page

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy new year, and I want to thank you for all of your hard work and help in getting us our first home! The experience was nothing but pleasant. Thank you so much!

Top of Page

Thank you for your service. We appreciate your professionalism and expertise and staying on top of everything. We will definitely recommend you and your company and will call on you again in the future.

Top of Page

Thank you, Bryn. It was nice working with you, too. Your website is great. Even before we decide an realtor, everyone was talking about And your recommended contractors were also great. Kit and State Farm - Larry. And Wanida's recommendation Duncan is also nice guy. Hope you have great sucess in this field. We'll post very positive review on Thanks

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your team for an amazingly smooth transaction.

Jinny, Manny, and your team were a pleasure to work with. I heard so many horror stories from other people regarding their real estate agents whom they hired based on friendships or other personal relationships that I decided to go with an experienced team instead and I'm so glad I did.

I have and will continue to recommend you and the OahuRE Team and when the time is right I will call upon you again.

Please especially thank Jinny again for me, she is a terrific person with a winning personality, an asset to your team, and a great front-line representative for your organization!

Jinny and Mannie were always available and responsive and that makes all the difference because there's nothing more annoying and nerve racking than not being able to get in touch with someone when you are making one of the largest transactions of your life. Mahalo!

Top of Page

Thank you again for all your help and for making the purchase process so smooth.

Top of Page

Jinny, Thank you. You were the critical link to our very successful "first-time-home-buyers-story". You did the "dirty-work" for us by showing us houses, explaining all the details, provided us answers whenever we need them, and most importantly, you made us understand a lot of things about real estate buying. You were there whenever we need you, even if its raining "cats and dogs".

You made our experience calm and really eased the stresses we're having. Inspections, schedules, services, counter offers (cleaning and fixing repairs-that's huge!), paper work, etc.

Above all, you provided the critical liaison between us and the sellers thru their listing agent. The service you provided to us was above outstanding. On top of all of these help you provided, you guys provided me a rebate! You are such a hard worker. Mabuhay Ka Jinny!

God Bless you and your Family.

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This is the second property we have bought through you and Elaine and it has been a real pleasure. Don't ever let your web site die it the best in the business by FAR!!

Top of Page

Thanks. I've been working with Wanida for about five years and changed my mind several times, so it's about time I actually found somewhere and closed...haha.

You were all very helpful and made everything easy, keeping me informed every step of the way.

Unless something comes up I missed, I think you guys covered everything and left me feeling comfortable with every move. Thanks a bunch, and special thanks to Wanida!

Top of Page

Thanks Bryn. We have passed on the good word about our positive results with cutting edge real estate agency O`ahu RE.

Top of Page

Great job and thanks a ton again! I really did enjoy your site, I think its one of the easiest real estate sites I have ever used.

Top of Page

Big thanks to the OahuRE team for their efficient responses and hard work around the clock! Nothing but praise and good comments to say about Wanida. I had a great time working with her. Looking forward to working with you all again.

Top of Page

Elaine at Oahu Realty was always quick to answer or get answers to my questions. She was always in a positive up beat mood. Elaine was very patient even when I was not. It was a pleasure working with someone with such a friendly professional stature.

Top of Page

You, Wanida, and your team did an exceptional job, Thank you. And thank you so much for all your hard work, especially with negotiations and after hours work.

Top of Page

Miranda and Client care team did a great job from start to close, it was a very pain free positive experience, I am glad I reached out to you.

Top of Page

You guys are great! Working with you was the best! Thanks so much!

Top of Page

Thanks for all the hard work, we can't believe it actually happened after all the craziness that happened. Sent from my iPhone

Top of Page

Hello to All the Oahure People! We want to thank you very much for making our dream of home ownership come true! All of you are excellent!

Top of Page

I thought the entire experience was incredible!

It changed the way I view the real estate industry.

You have an excellent team and I would recommend your services to anyone


Top of Page

Totally agree. We were really pleased with all of the communication and support your entire team provided.

Your team is really professional. We always felt like we could trust you to support our best interests. That is not said lightly in this business.

Wanida felt like a friend from the moment we met her. We feel really lucky that we were 'set up' with her and hope to continue the friendship. We are just so grateful.

The house is amazing. I can't think of better words to describe it. Just amazing. We feel really happy that everything worked out so amicably and well. We look forward to lots of happy times here with our family.

Big Mahalo!

Top of Page

Bryn, You have a truly amazing company. The outstanding service provided, level of data and analysis provided, pricing, and the little extra things you and your team do to ensure a smooth transaction puts you light years ahead from what most real estate brokers provide. Thanks again.

Top of Page

Dear Bryn et. al., THANK you all for working in speed of light to come in this level. I have never seen such a working team -- everyone just on their own spot to provide help! Now we are hoping the rest will be in place to go through the whole process. Mahalo!

Top of Page

Thank you for the support from OahuRE in what was a 19-month process. We would like to thank Mannie for her always prompt service, and we'd especially like to thank Wanida for her perseverance and dedication to our home quest. A lesser realtor and professional would have given up on us.

Top of Page

Thank you so much ! You have a superlative team and it's been great doing business with OahuRE. You guys are awesome !

Top of Page

Thank you all for everything you have done for me to get to this point. Couldn't have asked for a better team on my side to keep me educated as a first time buyer and on the right path to find the perfect home for my family. My heart is bursting to have finally made it to this point. I can't thank you enough. Mahola Nui Loa!!

Top of Page

We can't say enough good about the service we received from Elaine, Cathyrine, and!

Elaine was tireless from the start of our six-month quest for a home on Oahu. She showed us several homes, but the one we wanted was an unfinished house, which required alternate financing. Elaine referred us to lenders who worked with us to finance the purchase.

Her expertise and resourcefulness were invaluable to us and to the seller. She demonstrated patience and professionalism with the seller and their representative, at times guiding them through the steps to do what was necessary on their end. Elaine referred us to a reputable contractor who agreed to be our general contractor right when we needed one.

Even after the sale, Elaine has remained engaged and interested in the progress of our completing the house.

Cathryine consistently provided flawless, professional service in expediting electronic paperwork and facilitating various communications throughout the entire process!

The web site is the best of all the sites we searched! It is easy to navigate, and the filters on the site provide numerous variables to find whatever kind of house or property one wants.

Previous reviews from satisfied clients did not exaggerate their satisfaction level with the web site or with the service they received from We would be glad to speak personally to anyone who wants more information about our positive experience.

Top of Page

Hi Bryn and your team ! Thank you very much ! We have received the keys from Wanida this morning. This is a very happy moment for us. Buying a house is not an easy thing; but this became relatively easy for us because of you and your team. You took care of every situation very promptly and professionally; that's why everything went through quite smoothly. Thank you again!

Top of Page

A big Mahalo to YOU -- Bryn, and to rest of the OahuRe Team for making our dream came true. Thank you for the beautiful flowering plant, quite unique. We enjoyed looking at the gorgeous color. Wanida, thank you for taking care of us in all details.

Top of Page

Dear Bryn, Wanida, Mannie, and Abby, It was such a great experience working with everyone in the OaHure team! Everyone is so helpful and we especially appreciate everyone's prompt reply to our questions and inquiries!! We also want to thank Wanida for your patience and always being available whenever we made our requests, and Bryn for your "extreme" knowledgeableness; there is nearly no question you cannot answer!! We feel really fortunate working with you guys!! Mahalo!

Top of Page

Thank you very much for your professional work. We really impressed how you managed the selling process. we will certainly recommend you to my friends when we have chances. Wanida is so sweet , not aggressive but determined lady. Thank you again. Congratulations for your another successful transection. There's no doubt that your professional work helps many many unexperienced home seller/buyer.

Top of Page

Hi Bryn, I had a great experience working with Wanida and everyone in OahuRE team. Thank you very much for walking me through the whole process. I really appreciate your inputs and info. Thanks everyone for helping/working with me to get my first home :)

Top of Page

Bryn, Thank you for your revolutionary approach to home buying - and for the professional excellence of you and your team. I am grateful for the value added you provided during this process.

Top of Page

Bryn, Appreciate the note. We were very impressed by the overall support that we received from the OahuRe Team throughout the entire process. It was handled very professionally and efficiently. We will certainly recommend your Team to others! Thanks again.

Top of Page

Thanks for all of your help! I can't think of anything that could have made the process any easier. Wanida was great to work with throughout the entire process and was always accessible if we had any questions. Thanks again!

Top of Page

Dear Wanida, Bryn, Abegail and Mannie, you are a terrific team! Thank you so much for helping us finding and closing this lake front property transaction.

Top of Page

We love your website. We got what we wanted!

Top of Page

Thank you. Our experience with OahuRe was very positive. We appreciate all the support we received from Jolene and the rest of your staff.

Top of Page

Sorry guys, been busy moving. :-) My body hasn't been this sore in a long time. Haha. Thanks again for all your help and will look forward to doing business with you guys again!

Top of Page

Much Mahalo! You, Wanida,Mannie,Abby and other members of your team have done a great job. You are very knowledgeable and you have a very professional team. We are very satisfied with your service. Once again, Thank you very much!

Top of Page

Thank you Bryn, Jolene, Mannie and Abby. It was a pleasure working with all of you and I have no suggestions for improvement.

Top of Page

Hi Elaine, By the way - I really appreciate your advice and our brainstorm call today. I was a solo attorney for a few years in upstate NY and I worked closely with a local Realtor association, so I have an idea of what its like to be in your shoes. I have great appreciation for any Realtor who really puts their client's interests first and I feel that you are one of those gems

Top of Page

Thank you all. We have enjoyed working with all of you We'll be sure to send you an invitation after we finish renovations.

Top of Page

Thank you! My only suggestion is you keep on doing things the way you are doing them now and do not change a thing. I could never compliment Jolene enough for all the work she did to make this deal happen. Almost everyday it was another issue, sometimes a nightmare, and she just continued to handle everything without breaking stride. Again, I just could not be more pleased in the way in which you do business and I am sure Nancy echoes my thoughts!

Top of Page

Your very welcome Elaine. I always try to send people I know looking to buy your way. I believe the service you provide is top-notch. Another guy I pointed to oahure to shop around. When he is ready he should contact you. Again thank you and your staff for making our buying experience pleasurable.

Top of Page

Aloha Bryn and OahuRE Team, We want to thank Jolene Irvine, our realtor for her hard work, dedication and keen insight as to what we were looking for in a Condo purchase, maintenance fees and price range.

The location, view, amenities, traffic noise and parking was perfect after looking at all the other properties.

You and your OahuRE Team facilitated the whole process for us to purchase a home very efficiently, made it simple to understand with the email tutorials and information on OahuRE web for buyers to review not to mentioned all of the links and data available for the buyers/sellers to research what's available or sold to make a better sound decision when choosing “the one”.

Also, thank you for the rebate towards our purchase. We want to thank you all very much for the great experience, service, professionalism and Aloha.

We will highly recommend OahuRE Team to our family and friends. Mahalo nui loa!

Top of Page

Thanks Bryn, well it has been quite a journey but we did manage to buy our new home and sell our existing house all within a span of 2 months. Thanks to Wanida, the OahuRE team, and to you for all of the help in transacting these multiple and sometimes challenging actions. Your website was also a great tool to have in the process.

Top of Page

We would like to thank the OahuRE team for all of their hard work that helped us buy our very first home. Elaine was very accommodating, gave us great advise, and walked us through the buying process. We never met Cathyrine, but she did a great job of getting documents to us in a timely manner. Your website is hands down the best out there. I looked at many websites and found that OahuRE was the most accurate and up to date. We will highly recommend OahuRE to our friends and family. Again a big thank you to the entire OahuRe team.

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Thank you for your service and support. My family and I are entering a transitory period in our lives and your team made this portion of that experience seamless. The entire process was effortless, aside from the manual labor and greased elbows. I chose OahuRE because I had been using your website since 2007. It has been the most functional MLS provider by far and I was correct to assume that those details would translate over to your services.

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Rebate was a big factor, we tried contacting the guy who does fixed-price, but he seemed unwilling to be helpful, so this was the next best option. Jolene was a quality agent to work with, and your company was very responsive. DocuSign was very convenient, if only you could make other places use it!

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Thanks. I think the best part working with Ms. Wanida was that she didn't persuade us to buy, and acted very professionally. She is very kind and whenever we needed some info, she always responded quickly.

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Thanks so much for Jolene and your OahuRe team, our transaction had done so smoothly. We love so much, the DocuSign is very convenience and Jolene is a very good professional realtor. Keep the good works! Hope we will have another transaction in the future and see you again.

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The links made it so easy to find comparable, what they sold for, permits issued (why waste time to pursue a property that hasn't been properly permitted?) The history. It raises a red flag if a property goes in and out of escrow or expires, and is useful to know what it sold for last. There is so much more useful information that saves time in the house hunt than any other website I've ever been too. The Service. Fast service, fast replies and answers and a personable realtor that understood us. I really can't say enough.

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We really liked working with Dallas, she was flexible with our schedule and available to show us listings and make calls to sellers agents to get answers for us quickly. Communication with her was good and we just felt very comfortable with her. We also really like your website. Easy to use and has a lot of good information

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As we look back to the day when we started to search for our new home, we are reminded of the excellent service that OahuRE management & staff have rendered. Every member of the team is dedicated, persistent and hardworking. These qualities have resulted to the smooth process of property acquisition, prompt and professional service delivery.

As far as service improvement is concerned, the team just have to continue examining each element of work that has been done and always find a way to exceed performance and expectations. Special thanks to Jinny who is very friendly and delightful to work with. Congratulations for having the best and award-winning real estate website in Hawaii.

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I've been a fan of your website for years, and I decided to use one of your realtors for this purchase. I found Jolene great to work with. She was very responsive, and it was very easy to manage the purchase process. We are planning to use Jolene again when we sell our current residence.

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Thanks to all of you. Without you help, we can't close this transaction smoothly. I love to use Oahure, the amounts and depths of information in the website are amazing. I learned a lot of real estate knowledge from this site. All my properties were found from the site. The reason why my real estate investments can be successful, is because the Oahure database and staffs' support. Thanks again and I will continue support this site.

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The whole Oahure staff has been very helpful and patient with us throughout the entire process. Very professional and courteous! Thanks a bunch!!!

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Our rep, Jolene was Excellent! Service was all we hoped for and we honestly cannot think of anything you could do better. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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Thanks Bryn! We are very happy customers! I think what we liked most was the ease and convenience of doing most everything online, and having people who know what they're doing behind the scenes making it happen.

Special thanks to Jinny - she was wonderful to work with! Where you can improve I'm not sure.

We had a very good experience, we were quite lucky that things went smoothly and we were always able to get quick and accurate responses when needed - so keep that up, would be my best feedback. Thanks again everyone!

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Jolene has a lot of knowledge and she is patient.

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Thank you all sooo very much for all your guys help!!! without your team I cant get this place. Your guys were awesome!!!

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First, I would like to say that Tawni and Jolene have been exceptional real estate agents!

From the excellent communication, showing up early to the Hoopili office in hopes of a release, to keep our 2 year old daughter occupied as we looked through homes, signed papers, conducted our home inspection, etc.

Team Irvine has been awesome and have treated us like family in every step of the way.

Second, your website is freakin awesome! We used it when we purchased our condo and appreciate all the info/metrics/tools you make available, especially the data on the sold properties.

Third, the rebate! Helped us cover remainder of our closing costs, so we just needed to show up with our down payment!

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Tawni and Jolene are exceptional real estate agents who have provided our family with a service unlike any other.

Our journey began in October of 2015, we had a plan to find an agent who would help us get into our “forever home”, the home in which we will raise our family for years to come.

We had been through 3 agents before meeting with Tawni, all of which we felt lacked in communication and were clients that would close on a property ASAP.

In meeting with Tawni, we felt comfortable right away and were happy with all the communication we were getting. Whether it was through email, text message, or phone calls, Tawni keeps us well informed and answered every question we had.

Tawni also brings a level of enthusiasm that is contagious and a positive attitude that worked well in getting through some rough patches we had through the process.

We had viewed 3 homes before deciding on waiting for the Hoopili project and we didn’t feel any pressure to pick any of the homes that we did tour, which we appreciated very much.

We were supported wholeheartedly with our decision to wait on the Hoopili project. Tawni has even gone above and beyond by showing up on a few early mornings to the Hoopili sales office in hopes of the announcement of a release to secure a home for us. Overall, Tawni and Jolene have treated us like family.

We are very appreciative of their support. Not only with the home buying process, but helping to keep our 2 year old daughter occupied as we looked through homes, signed papers, conducted our home inspection, etc.

I hope you will consider our wonderful experience with Tawni and Jolene and recognize them as we do – hard-working, dedicated, patient, and honest real estate agents.

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Jolene went with us to over 30 showings to help us find our dream home over the course of a year. She would meet us any day any hour to help show us all those houses.

She really listened to what we wanted and liked to the point that she knew whether or not we would like the house before we even showed up.

She was patient with us and encouraged us when we thought the house we wanted didn't exist.

She and her daughter, Tawni actually were the ones that suggested we go take a look at the house we ended up buying. My husband and I had seen it online and didn't think we were even going to look.

But they knew what we liked better then us! When we arrived we knew we finally had found the house we were looking for.

We are so thankful for Jolene and Tawni's help and they definitely went above and beyond for us.

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Tawni and her team which consisted of Jolene Irvine and Catherine De Asis were very friendly and answered all our questions.

They were available to show us houses after hours and also quick to answer emails as well.

They were also there for the inspection when we couldn't be there, also contacted the city for documents that we needed for our new home.

They work for a company that is really great as well. The OahuRe site is the most user friendly site and I used it constantly while searching for houses.

It has a ton of information regarding properties and it makes the buyers life that much easier. They also offer a rebate which is a plus as well.

Overall we received outstanding service from Tawni and her team. We feel they went above and beyond. We wouldn't hesitate to contact them again or refer them to friends and family.

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We would like to nominate Jolene Irvine for the HBR 2017 Aloha Aina Realtor Awards Program. It was a pleasure working with Jolene.

She was always available whenever we had questions about the process of purchasing a home.

It had been over 30 years since we purchased property and a few things have changed since then. Her prompt responses put us at ease and we were impressed with her knowledge and professionalism.

We never felt neglected even though she was busy helping with her daughter's wedding which happened shortly before we closed.

One thing that was extremely important to us was that we needed to secure another parking space.

If it hadn't been for Jolene's assistance, we might still be looking for street parking every day. For that we are ever so grateful.

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Jolene Irvine & Tawni Harwood are outstanding professional Team, they made this whole closing process very smooth and painless for me and my wife. Whenever we had questions to be answered or issues to be addressed they got back to us in a timely manner. We were very impressed and extremely happy with their outstanding performance. They will always be our go to realtor in Honolulu should we have any real estate questions. They will always be highly recommended by us to our friends & relatives.

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It was very enjoyable working with our realtor Jolene Irvine. She is very knowledgeable about the real estate market. She and her assistant Tawni provide excellent service, always respond to our inquires fast. We are very satisfied with this transaction.

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Jolene is a magnificent realtor. We have used her twice in the past two years. In both instances, we achieved our goals of buying condos.

Jolene is the perfect buyer's agent. She is knowledgeable of the markets and completely frank in giving her perspective.

She was quick to understand what my wife and I were looking for. Once an option that fit our needs came on the market, she provided a reasoned and analytically based perspective on what it might cost.

Once we made our decision, she fully represented our perspective. She must have been persuasive because in both instances, we got just what we were looking for in the deal.

Movement toward closing was very easy with her regular reminders of steps we needed to take. I will always recommend Jolene as the best buyer's agent I have known.

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attentive responsive got answers and was both prompt and courteous

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Jolene and her team were extremely responsive and timely as to all of my needs throughout both the search and closing process.

Jolene was highly knowledgable on all aspects of the Waikiki market and her advice throughout our search was very central to our decision making in selecting a property for purchase.

I also thought that the buyer resources maintained on her firm's website were highly useful in navigating the property selection, offer/negotiation and closing process.

We enjoyed working with your staff. They provided excellent service and the escrow video updates were great. Your website is easy to navigate to check on current data.

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Buying a property is a big commitment, and at times an emotional and challenging process.

Having Tom and Don and the team at OahuRE helping us was the best move we could have ever made!

They were truly invested in our success, dedicating their time, effort and vast knowledge to help us find the property for our needs, wants, and possibilities.

We have enjoyed our home for six months and we are loving it!

When situations that needed their input came up , they intervened in a very quick and professional manner, defending our interests and procuring us the best deal.

In fact, when negotiations following the home inspection were jeopardizing closing, Tom and Don stepped up and with a significant effort from their part, made closing possible... we wouldn't be enjoying our beautiful home today if it wasn't for them!

Thank you guys!

Thanks Bryn. Great service as always.

I think this is the 3rd or 4th transaction that we've worked with OahuRE on and we are very satisfied customers.

We absolutely love the service that Tom and Don provide.

Talk about going the extra mile for the customer... they're GREAT!

Between the affordable rates, the rebate system, and the great service, it's easy to see how OahuRE is at the top of the real estate game on Oahu.

We were surprised the moment we saw 'OahuRE' on an open house sign.

We didn't know OahuRE for anything else than the pretty-cool website where homes were listed, similarly to the MLSs we had seen in the past.

In fact, we found OahuRE site to have a lot more helpful information.

Making the decision to purchase a home is a big one, and OahuRE site provided us with more than enough information to feel we were making sound decisions.

In regards to Don and Tom and their services, It's as they say, first impressions are super important and Don and Tom were helpful from the day we first met them.

From the very beginning, Don and Tom were different from other realtors conducting open houses, they were engaged!

We walked into that open house and they took the time to talk to us, explained things about the home (which showed they truly were knowledgeable about the house), and we instantly felt like they took every potential client that came through the door seriously.

It was a complete positive and engaging experience.

We were so happy when they reached out and continued helping us in our home search efforts, they remained engaged throughout the whole process, seemed to understand our wants and needs and kept that in mind throughout.

Each time we had questions, they were there to help us, there was never a time when they didn't reach out to us and kept communication lines open and available. This was immensely important for us.

Working with this team has made the entire process a great experience from start to finish.

One of the things we loved most about OahuRe team is the collective knowledge about all aspects of the services, the convenience of a 'one stop shop' sort-of-speak, and the fact that any time we had a question or looked for guidance, it was readily available and offered to us.

We have no reservations about referring OahuRE to our colleagues or friends in need of realtors.

Thank you for such a wonderful and positive experience!

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We thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom and Don. Tom has a sixth sense of knowing what his clients like and don't like when showing properties.

He and Don were always available in a timely manner to show properties, and Tom could pick out details of a property - positive and negative - that Barbara and I could easily miss.

Even relatively early in the morning, Tom was always very responsive to phone calls and text messages. After the closing, Tom has been very responsive in contacting the sellers' agent to find out details that we needed to know.

Working with these two, I cannot think of any improvements to your service that I could suggest. We are very pleased clients.

Thanks. We're happy that it got done. What did we like most? Initially, we found you guys because of your website. That was very helpful.

The other thing was that Tom and Don were just great. We felt we could trust them, and they were willing to answer any questions we had in the process.

We were especially appreciative of this given that the purchase is probably one of the smallest they'll do this year.

The process was a bit unusual because my wife spent a ton of time looking at various websites to see what was out there so for the most part she found the units we looked at, but Don and Tom were great about vetting them and helping us decide that our eventual unit was the one for us.

I would be remis if I did not express our gratitude to everyone involved with helping us close on our home in Hawaii Kai.

From patiently assessing our prospects with careful detail and consideration (Tom & Don) to -- proverbially -- handholding me every step of the way during financing (Jennifer "Tai"), keeping track of every nuance of signing (Liane, Misha, Darin)...and of course, I cannot leave out OahuRE's awesome Client Care team who cranked away on all the DocuSign(ing) requirements and sending me helpful guidance tips throughout the process (Abegail, Cathyrine, Dino, Mannie -- what a crew!).

Each and every one of you made this whole experience unforgettable, and mere words on this email is so diminutive to what we are feeling right now.

We did not plan nor expect to purchase a home during our holiday trip back to Hawaii, but the Hawaii Kai property was "the one." I knew it when my wife walked into the first open house.....based on her meticulous walk-through and poker into our car to leave, and then she said, "I love this place....this is the one."

As a dutiful husband, I called Tom immediately afterwards, and it was off to the races., HawaiiVALoans, and First American Title are the trifecta of perfection. Three distinctively different businesses, but the one thing in common, you all are consummate professionals who truly care for your clients. This message is the testament.

With that said, a Big Mahalo for caring about our interests and making this homebuying experience one that will always be a part of our fondest memories. Thank you all so very much.

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I've been meaning to write this for a while, but now that I'm all moved in and somewhat settled, I wanted to drop you a line.

Thank you so much for your service and all of the assistance that you provided along the way.

As a person who is relatively inexperienced at this type of purchase, you guys certainly made it easy for me.

At the start, I was in a tight situation to find a place, limited time and looking for a very specific product.

I had been using the OahuRE website for quite some time, just to look around. But when I actually needed to buy a place, I wondered if OahuRE provided Realtor service and on a whim checked the website and sure enough, I found the links that led me to Tom and Don.

These two guys made it so easy for me. I never really had any stress during the process. They kept me informed and were and were actually people and not just salesmen.

I really appreciate everything you guys did, from the reminders, to the convenience of online signing, it was perfect for me.

I would definately recommend this service to anyone looking to buy real estate.

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Hi Bryn, Thank you for helping me with the purchase of this property.

I chose OahuRE initially when I was helping my daughter sell her Makakilo Cliffs unit back in late 2019...which I ended up being the buyer through you...which saved her a lot of fees.

I chose OahuRE this time because I had a great experience with that unit (everything went smoothly)...and additionally OahuRE offered the buyer incentive.

I liked OahuRE's communication and great prompt communicating team the first time and now the second time.

Tom and the OahuRe team was on top of all issues (there were many) at all times... till the end to make sure everything was being taken care of and in timely manner.

I am very happy to have chosen your team. I do not have any improvement recommendation on your service. Thank you for a great service. Hope you and everyone have a safe and peaceful holiday season.

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I cannot express and gratitude from me and my family have for Tom and Don expertises and their team of experts.

Being a 1st time buyer and using my VA loan can be daunting and confusing. They have helped us guide through this process and literally walk through and remind me of deadlines during COVID 19 pandemic especially using DocuSign while I am away on business.

Their communication is impeccable and meeting deadlines are on point with the help of my lender (Jennifer tai Gustafson) too. I would highly recommend Tom and Don for those of my soldiers who will be using their VA loan for the 1st time.

Thank you Tom and Don for their assistance from establishing my family future. Great appreciation to OahuRe. Godspeed.

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Hi Bryn! Thanks for your message!

We're extremely happy with the level of service that we received from OahuRE, and couldn't be more pleased to have had the help of Tom and Don, and the team.

We loved how the team kept us in the loop with each step of the process, and how seamlessly all of the documents were prepared and transmitted for us!

Keep up the great work. The great attention that your team provides, as well as the regular and timely e-mail updates and reminders were terrific, and will be happy talking point for us.

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Thank you Bryn. And my thanks to Tom and Don and your entire Client Care team for making this happen.

It's been a pleasure working with everyone at OahuRE and I appreciate their attention to the transaction details and the quick responses to my questions.

Top of Page

Sorry for the delay. Tom & Don have been great to keep on top of the purchasing process.

Days before closing, it looked like the maintanence were going to be $40+ more, which was an unpleasant surprise, but Tom investigated & found it was the electric bill (which I had asked early in the process how is the electric split among units, but didn't have an answer).

Tom went further by letting me know that it shouldn't have been charged to me & was kind enough to reimburse me (he said it was easier than redoing the paperwork).

I also appreciated the 20% rebate, which helped me, as FHB loan costs were a bit higher than I had planned for, but since they were the only lender who would loan to me, I had no choice.

Overall, I appreciated the frequency of contact with Tom, he wasn't overbearing, so it was a perfect match of his style of realtoring (I know I'm making up words) to my style as a buyer!

I've watched your website (which is also my fave, the layout, all the info provided, the ease of navigating, etc) for years & I'm glad to have finally made a purchase that fits my needs and wants.

Mahalo nui loa

Thank you Bryn! We really enjoyed working with all of you, especially Tom and Don!

The service, professionalism, wealth of knowledge...everything was top notch.

Out of 3 real estate transactions, this being the first with OahuRE, this one was above and beyond the best.

Mostly due to how organized and on top of things Tom and Don are, as well as the other areas listed above.

Plus Tom always responded to my calls, emails and texts quickly which I really appreciated.

They answered all of my questions, found the answers if needed, and gave sound advice and guidance.

The ladies were wonderful too! They kept us on track with signings and deadlines and corresponded quickly. They made it so easy as well!

We are very happy that we got to work with you folks, especially since I’ve been using your website for years and years.

Thank you again! And we will work together in the future!

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