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Coconut Grove Tax Records & Property History

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147 & 147a Maluniu Avenue

237/237-a Kihapai Street

241/241a Kihapai Street

304b/304b1 Kalama St

309-c Kihapai Street

317-c Olomana

320-b Oneawa Street

324b/324b1 Olomana Street

327b & 327e Hualani St

332-a & 332-b Hualani Street

338a & 338a1 Manono St

404/404a Kalama Street

409/409a Kawainui Street

410 Manono Street

410a Manono Street

411b & 411b1 Olamana Street

413 Kihapai Street

421d/421e Olomana St

422 And 422a Hualani Street

423 & 425 Hualani Street

426d/426d1 Ulupaina Street

432-a And 432-b Kalama Street

435/435a Manono St

447 Manono

452 & 452a Kalama Street

455 & 455a Hualani Street

514 Nowela Place

545 & 545a Kawainui Street

553 Kawainui Street

651/651a Maluniu Avenue

675 And 679 Kihapai Street

690 Kihapai Street

691 Kihapai Street

711 Maluniu Avenue

725 Kihapai Place

739 And 739-a Hoopuni Drive

739 Oneawa Street

75 Kihapai

751 & 753 Kaipii Street

763 Kahoa Drive

809/809a Maluniu Ave

811/811a Maluniu Avenue

Auwai Estates

Hale Makalei

Hale Oneawa I

Hale Oneawa Ii


Hualani Grove

Hualani Hale

Kahoa Estates

Kaipii Street Condominium

Kalama Makai

Kalama Residence

Kawainui Park Place

Kihapai Residence

Kipuka Place

Mwp Condominium

Santos Place

Uluniu Duplex I

Uluniu Duplex Ii

Uluniu Urban