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Tom Malloy, RA

Tom was raised to believe that caring, compassion, honesty, trust, integrity, and putting the needs of others ahead of your own are values that Tom feels very fortunate to have been instilled in him from a young age. Tom carries these core values in both his personal and professional life.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Tom has traveled extensively thru the United States, Asia, and Europe before finally deciding that there is no better place to live and play than Hawaii.

The perfect year round climate offers a wide variety of activities for both the outdoors person ( hiking, surfing, whale watching ) as well as the peace and tranquility for the nature lover in all of us.

Tom dedicated 10 years of his life to teaching students with mental health and mental retardation disabilities where the focus was to better the lives of the less fortunate. The work, while very demanding, was equally rewarding as it helped people grow and work towards a better life for themselves.

Tom also spent a large part of his adult life as the Operations Manager for the facilities department for Villanova University on the East Coast. Licensed since 2005, Tom is a veteran in both buying and selling properties for his clients, as well as his own.

An avid pet lover, Tom has 3 dogs which also made the move from Pennsylvania to Hawaii, 2 pure bred Siberian Huskies (Frankie and Sammie) and a Shiba Inu named Tiger.

A resident of the windward side of Oahu; Tom has extensive knowledge of his own backyard as well as the entire Oahu market.

Doing business the old fashioned way, with integrity, honesty, and compassion.

You can reach Tom on his cell at 808-799-3553.



Buying a property is a big commitment, and at times an emotional and challenging process.

Having Tom and Don and the team at OahuRE helping us was the best move we could have ever made!

They were truly invested in our success, dedicating their time, effort and vast knowledge to help us find the property for our needs, wants, and possibilities.

We have enjoyed our home for six months and we are loving it!

When situations that needed their input came up , they intervened in a very quick and professional manner, defending our interests and procuring us the best deal.

In fact, when negotiations following the home inspection were jeopardizing closing, Tom and Don stepped up and with a significant effort from their part, made closing possible... we wouldn’t be enjoying our beautiful home today if it wasn’t for them!

Thank you guys!

Thanks Bryn. Great service as always.

I think this is the 3rd or 4th transaction that we've worked with OahuRE on and we are very satisfied customers.

We absolutely love the service that Tom and Don provide.

Talk about going the extra mile for the customer... they're GREAT!

Between the affordable rates, the rebate system, and the great service, it's easy to see how OahuRE is at the top of the real estate game on Oahu.

We were surprised the moment we saw 'OahuRE' on an open house sign.

We didn't know OahuRE for anything else than the pretty-cool website where homes were listed, similarly to the MLSs we had seen in the past.

In fact, we found OahuRE site to have a lot more helpful information.

Making the decision to purchase a home is a big one, and OahuRE site provided us with more than enough information to feel we were making sound decisions.

In regards to Don and Tom and their services, It's as they say, first impressions are super important and Don and Tom were helpful from the day we first met them.

From the very beginning, Don and Tom were different from other realtors conducting open houses, they were engaged!

We walked into that open house and they took the time to talk to us, explained things about the home (which showed they truly were knowledgeable about the house), and we instantly felt like they took every potential client that came through the door seriously.

It was a complete positive and engaging experience.

We were so happy when they reached out and continued helping us in our home search efforts, they remained engaged throughout the whole process, seemed to understand our wants and needs and kept that in mind throughout.

Each time we had questions, they were there to help us, there was never a time when they didn't reach out to us and kept communication lines open and available. This was immensely important for us.

Working with this team has made the entire process a great experience from start to finish.

One of the things we loved most about OahuRe team is the collective knowledge about all aspects of the services, the convenience of a 'one stop shop' sort-of-speak, and the fact that any time we had a question or looked for guidance, it was readily available and offered to us.

We have no reservations about referring OahuRE to our colleagues or friends in need of realtors.

Thank you for such a wonderful and positive experience!

Sorry for the delay. Tom & Don have been great to keep on top of the purchasing process.

Days before closing, it looked like the maintanence were going to be $40+ more, which was an unpleasant surprise, but Tom investigated & found it was the electric bill (which I had asked early in the process how is the electric split among units, but didn't have an answer).

Tom went further by letting me know that it shouldn't have been charged to me & was kind enough to reimburse me (he said it was easier than redoing the paperwork).

I also appreciated the 20% rebate, which helped me, as FHB loan costs were a bit higher than I had planned for, but since they were the only lender who would loan to me, I had no choice.

Overall, I appreciated the frequency of contact with Tom, he wasn't overbearing, so it was a perfect match of his style of realtoring (I know I'm making up words) to my style as a buyer!

I've watched your website (which is also my fave, the layout, all the info provided, the ease of navigating, etc) for years & I'm glad to have finally made a purchase that fits my needs and wants.

Mahalo nui loa 🌺🤙

It would be hard to say anything bad about selling a house, for a good price, in the middle of the most uncertain economy in our lives.

That said, Tom and Don would have made it a positive experience in ANY situation.

We were absolutely thrilled with their work from the beginning to the end. We love Tom and Don.

We love OahuRE and the options they provided for us as sellers.

The cool thing about OahuRE is that "affordable" doesn't mean "cheap."

Thanks. We're happy that it got done. What did we like most? Initially, we found you guys because of your website. That was very helpful.

The other thing was that Tom and Don were just great. We felt we could trust them, and they were willing to answer any questions we had in the process.

We were especially appreciative of this given that the purchase is probably one of the smallest they'll do this year.

The process was a bit unusual because my wife spent a ton of time looking at various websites to see what was out there so for the most part she found the units we looked at, but Don and Tom were great about vetting them and helping us decide that our eventual unit was the one for us.

I've been meaning to write this for a while, but now that I'm all moved in and somewhat settled, I wanted to drop you a line.

Thank you so much for your service and all of the assistance that you provided along the way.

As a person who is relatively inexperienced at this type of purchase, you guys certainly made it easy for me.

At the start, I was in a tight situation to find a place, limited time and looking for a very specific product.

I had been using the OahuRE website for quite some time, just to look around. But when I actually needed to buy a place, I wondered if OahuRE provided Realtor service and on a whim checked the website and sure enough, I found the links that led me to Tom and Don.

These two guys made it so easy for me. I never really had any stress during the process. They kept me informed and were and were actually people and not just salesmen.

I really appreciate everything you guys did, from the reminders, to the convenience of online signing, it was perfect for me.

I would definately recommend this service to anyone looking to buy real estate.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom and Don. Tom has a sixth sense of knowing what his clients like and don't like when showing properties.

He and Don were always available in a timely manner to show properties, and Tom could pick out details of a property - positive and negative - that Barbara and I could easily miss.

Even relatively early in the morning, Tom was always very responsive to phone calls and text messages. After the closing, Tom has been very responsive in contacting the sellers' agent to find out details that we needed to know.

Working with these two, I cannot think of any improvements to your service that I could suggest. We are very pleased clients.

I cannot express and gratitude from me and my family have for Tom and Don expertises and their team of experts.

Being a 1st time buyer and using my VA loan can be daunting and confusing. They have helped us guide through this process and literally walk through and remind me of deadlines during COVID 19 pandemic especially using “documents sign” while I’m away on business.

Their communication is impeccable and meeting deadlines are on point with the help of my lender (Jennifer tai Gustafson) too. I would highly recommend Tom and Don for those of my soldiers who will be using their VA loan for the 1st time.

Thank you Tom and Don for their assistance from establishing my family future. Great appreciation to OahuRe. Godspeed.

Hi Bryn, Thank you for helping me with the purchase of this property.

I chose OahuRE initially when I was helping my daughter sell her Makakilo Cliffs unit back in late 2019...which I ended up being the buyer through you...which saved her a lot of fees.

I chose OahuRE this time because I had a great experience with that unit (everything went smoothly)...and additionally OahuRE offered the buyer incentive.

I liked OahuRE's communication and great prompt communicating team the first time and now the second time.

Tom and the OahuRe team was on top of all issues (there were many) at all times... till the end to make sure everything was being taken care of and in timely manner.

I am very happy to have chosen your team. I do not have any improvement recommendation on your service. Thank you for a great service. Hope you and everyone have a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Tom and Don have to be two of the most professional realtors I’ve worked with.

I was still half-asleep this morning when Tom called to give me the good news about the closing, but I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their great communication and attention to detail.

I hope we can work together again when we resell my other Waikiki condo on Kaiolu Street.

OahuRE is one of the most innovative RE firms I’m aware of, and definitely, #1 in this state.

The OahuRE Web site is certainly a lot of work, but it’s a terrific, unique resource, and if Tom and Don are any indication, you’ve assembled a great team of agents to support the full-commission side of the business.

Sorry that I can’t provide more useful feedback, but I’m pretty happy overall with this deal.

Tom, Don, Cathryne and the rest of the OahuRE team is an epitome of excellent service.

As you know Tom and Don helped me buy that unit and I didn’t have to think hard to seek their assistance in selling it thru them.

I like our straight forward discussion, they find time to call back or answer call at once when I needed them.

The guidance in what to do and expect that is readily available on your site is very informative and helpful.

Cathyrine is on the dot of providing updates and requirements.

We are on the process of looking for a house in Colorado and meeting different realtors. I can’t help to compare your team. I can confidently say that you are one of the best realty company in the country. I even wish that you branch out here in the future and help both buyers and sellers here. You guys rock and more power!

We had a great experience working with you guys. Tom and Don are fantastic and a big asset to your company.

We are busy packing our bags for our move, once we get settled I will take some time and write a detailed review of our experience.

I would be remis if I did not express our gratitude to everyone involved with helping us close on our home in Hawaii Kai.

From patiently assessing our prospects with careful detail and consideration (Tom & Don) to -- proverbially -- handholding me every step of the way during financing (Jennifer "Tai"), keeping track of every nuance of signing (Liane, Misha, Darin)….and of course, I cannot leave out OahuRE's awesome Client Care team who cranked away on all the DocuSign(ing) requirements and sending me helpful guidance tips throughout the process (Abegail, Cathyrine, Dino, Mannie -- what a crew!).

Each and every one of you made this whole experience unforgettable, and mere words on this email is so diminutive to what we are feeling right now.

We did not plan nor expect to purchase a home during our holiday trip back to Hawaii, but the Hawaii Kai property was "the one." I knew it when my wife walked into the first open house.....based on her meticulous walk-through and poker into our car to leave, and then she said, "I love this place....this is the one."

As a dutiful husband, I called Tom immediately afterwards, and it was off to the races., HawaiiVALoans, and First American Title are the trifecta of perfection. Three distinctively different businesses, but the one thing in common, you all are consummate professionals who truly care for your clients. This message is the testament.

With that said, a Big Mahalo for caring about our interests and making this homebuying experience one that will always be a part of our fondest memories. Thank you all so very much.

Hi Bryn! Thanks for your message!

We're extremely happy with the level of service that we received from OahuRE, and couldn't be more pleased to have had the help of Tom and Don, and the team.

We loved how the team kept us in the loop with each step of the process, and how seamlessly all of the documents were prepared and transmitted for us!

Keep up the great work. The great attention that your team provides, as well as the regular and timely e-mail updates and reminders were terrific, and will be happy talking point for us.

Continue to improve your online resources, info, and platforms, and you'll have happy buyers like us for years to come.

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Thank you Bryn! We really enjoyed working with all of you, especially Tom and Don!

The service, professionalism, wealth of knowledge...everything was top notch.

Out of 3 real estate transactions, this being the first with OahuRE, this one was above and beyond the best.

Mostly due to how organized and “on top of things” Tom and Don are, as well as the other areas listed above.

Plus Tom always responded to my calls, emails and texts quickly which I really appreciated.

They answered all of my questions, found the answers if needed, and gave sound advice and guidance.

The ladies were wonderful too! They kept us on track with signings and deadlines and corresponded quickly. They made it so easy as well!

We are very happy that we got to work with you folks, especially since I’ve been using your website for years and years.

Thank you again! And we will work together in the future!

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We were very happy with the service provided by Tom and Don.

When we met them, we were impressed with their warmth, friendly personality and honesty.

What attracted us was their willingness to accept less percentage for them as well as the Buyer’s representatives.

This feature of accepting less commission was a big factor in Being chosen to represent us.

We decided to communicate by email. All questions and concerns were addressed in timely fashion by Tom and affiliates.

We were always updated by Tom to let us know what was happening.

We also did not expect to close so soon, but we were impressed with their focus to keep on top of things and informed us of the possibility of an earlier closing.

Also, We did not know too much about listing the price for our parents home and asked Tom and Don for their recommendation. We decided to go with the asking price that they recommended, which was a very good price.

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I like everything about your service, your team is always on it and very professional really enjoy working with Tom and Don..they make it happen no matter what they are going through...great team!

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Tom and the team did an excellent job in facilitating a smooth transaction, including helping with a rent-back agreement.

Also, your website is the best!

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Hi Bryn,

Thank you!

It was great working with Tom and Don and the entire team.

As for what we liked most, we appreciated Tom and Don and how they communicated with us. Always reaching out to us just to keep us up to date and actually making a call to us when needed.

Thanks again.

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I really liked the easy of site and the process. Although my situation had many issues along the way. I am glad that Tom and Don stuck with it and we made it to the finish line.

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I liked the quick sale and Tom and Don’s quick response time when I first contacted your team. I also appreciate all of your team’s and your quick responses.

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Your team is very organized and very efficient. As a first time buyer you have guided me, step by step from the start up to the end.

Your team is proactive. They tell me what to expect and do next.

Your on line reference is very informative and clear. There is no need to attend seminars because it is worded simple and no jargons.

Your outright rebates is effective marketing tool for buyers and sellers as well.

Using e-technology is way to go. Docu-signing is very convenient for people on the go like me.

Mahalo to you, Tom, Don and the rest of the team. You guys are awesome! I would not hesitate recommending you to my friends.

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Tom and Don were attentive, available, helpful, and knowledgeable. The OahuRE website is the best one I’ve seen for getting the facts that were most important to me and being able to compare properties.

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Thank you Tom, Don, Bryn and everyone on the OahuRE team! WE DID IT! This experience of finding, purchasing and selling a home within a couple months time has been a journey (to say the least), but we could not be more pleased with everything you guys have done for us.

Tom and Don did an excellent job on keeping us in the loop every step of the way, letting us feel at ease during some of the more stressful times, sharing their knowledge of the real estate world and the process of it all, and they made us feel like we were the ones making decisions and they were just there to help guide and support us in whatever path we chose. We felt like we were taken care of from the beginning and that was very important to us (mostly cause we had no clue on what to do).

To Bryn and the rest of the OhauRE team, you guys also did a great job on the quick responses to e-mails and setting up all of the paperwork for us to quickly review and sign all within a few hours notice. Regardless if it was a holiday, weekend, weekday, late at night or early in the morning, you guys were quick to respond and it allowed us to have more freedom with our busy schedules and it didn't make us feel constricted to when we can communicate with our team. That kind of dedication and hard work proved to us that we made a great choice with the OahuRE team and made us feel like we were in good hands.

I don't have any bad things to say about the OahuRE team. We were just very lucky to have you guys guiding us and backing us up in our decisions and are forever grateful for everything you have done in helping us obtain our forever home.

We will be sure to recommend the OahuRE team to friends or family who are looking to purchase or sell homes in the future. We cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you guys have done and we really appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks again!

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Thank you Bryn. And my thanks to Tom and Don and your entire Client Care team for making this happen.

It's been a pleasure working with everyone at OahuRE and I appreciate their attention to the transaction details and the quick responses to my questions.

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Thank you! Our experience was wonderful. It was very smooth and quick!

What I liked best was the website and the fast response times and communication with the team.

We had been house searching/dreaming for quite a while before we actually decided to actively start home shopping. Your website made it easy to compare listings and costs. In fact the home we ended up with didn’t show up on other searches we did since the address wasn’t listed, but we found it on your site.

Tom and Don were great. They kept us informed every step of the way. I never had to worry about what was happening (and I’m a worrier).

I also felt comfort in knowing they had our best interests in mind.

Lastly, the realtor credit was huge for us. Reducing our closing costs was very important to us and the credit helped immensely.

Thanks again for everything!

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It was great working with Don & Tom: excellent communication and information about the purchasing processes, including reminders , quick follow-up.

I had a really great experience.

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Thank you Bryn! I had nothing but great experience with OahuRe (Tom and Don).

At first, I was apprehensive about using your company at first since I have never meet your team in-person, but after everything was set and done, it was a easy and pleasant experience.

If I was to purchase or sell another property in Hawaii, I would definitely use your company again without any hesitation.

I do not think there is anything more they could have done to make this any better. Thanks again Oahure!

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I like the way we were always being kept informed what was going on in the sale of our property.

I can't think of anything you could do to improve, just keep providing the outstanding service you and all the staff are doing.

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Thank you very much for everything!

1. What we liked most about your service:

- quick resolution and notification by you, Tom & Don regarding taking over the sale

- the fact that Tom & Don came over to the house to personally meet both Jeff and I right away

- Tom called us frequently with updates and kept us informed throughout the process

- email updates/showing requests so we knew what was going on and when

- we were able to save some money by going with your company

2. We don't really have any suggestions for improvement. We are very happy.

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Thank you to you and the team! Here is our feedback.

We really appreciated the effort and updates we received when putting in our offer.

I was very nervous, so receiving those constant updates were reassuring.

Thank you again! We were very happy with the service we received.

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Sorry for the delay, I went off island after closing. We had a great experience with Tom & Don, they are an awesome team! We will definitely recommend them.

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We wanted to say "Thank you very much, for all you have done." You are by far the very best team.

The quality of service and expertise you provided is unmatched.

God Bless and we will refer, recommend, and tell friends, buyers and sellers we meet and come across about your team.

Please stop in when you are in our neck of the woods. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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It was nice to work with Tom and Don as well as the rest of the team, keeping me informed throughout the process.

The messages from Cathyrine were helpful but the video explaining the messages she sends would be most helpful in the beginning for me.

I would recommend this company for anyone looking for property.

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Your website is unparalleled. It makes house searching as easy as possible, or as complex and focused as desired.

As a detail-oriented guy, who puts a lot, and I mean a lot, of research into purchases, I really appreciated all of the different data points you guys offer.

The search tools allowed me to focus down as much as I wanted, and the daily automatic updates by email allowed me to stay on top of the market.

You, Bryn, also personally responded, very quickly i might add, to several questions I had in regards to the website, and the tools you offer.

Tom, Don, and Cathy were very helpful throughout the process. Tom in particular was always available to answer my questions, and show Jari houses.

Throughout the short sale process, we felt like Tom was our advocate, making sure that our best interests were being looked after.

Overall, we wish the short sale process could have went smoother, especially in regards to the sellers and the selling agent.

But, to be fair, I've heard that short sales are pretty much always goat-rodeos.

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Tom Malloy has been great to work with both selling our old place and the long process of buying our new Home. Getting the Keys today… Your website is probably your greatest advantage.

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Thank you so much for walking me through the process, I've learned alot along the way, hope to make your job easier next time around, we appreciate your Team's knowledge, experience, and your patience with me in this currently wild market.

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We are finally exhaling today, after moving my dear mother into her new home yesterday. The entire month of October was a whirlwind and using the seller's NexTitle (First Hawaii Title) for escrow was chaotic.

But, the awesome team was steadfast with me all the way through to the proverbial closing finish line -- right on schedule, right on cue, special thanks to Abegail's and Mannie's attention to details, clear and timely communication.

I said in my earlier message that I wanted to express a "proper" thank you.

I believe the best way for me to do that is to first say THANK YOU so very much for helping and finalizing the purchase of a very special home for my mother.

The apartment is just right for my 75-year old mother. The next best way to properly thank you is to share my exuberance on using with everyone I know who is interested in purchasing or selling real property in Hawaii.

What I liked most about service -- there are many things I like about, but the whole online/virtual concept is most noteworthy for me.

How else could I have researched, found, offered, escrowed, and closed on a home for my 75-year old mother, all done online from Washington, DC? served as my proxy from open house visits to handing the keys to my mother. Fantastic!

The rebate at settlement was a nice bonus.

I just chatted with Tom a few minutes ago as he was just checking in to see how we were doing after the close and moving my mother in.

I cannot use anyone else for my real estate needs.

Now, I am getting ready for our next property, no, really....Tom is on it as we speak! Thank you and Mahalo to a great team,

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I cannot express in words how thankful I am for Tom and his team. It was so wonderful to work with Tom as his communication made the different in my overall experience.

Tom is very trustworthy and I really felt he was always protecting my best interest as his client.

I could not have been more thankful! Be sure that I will recommend his services as I was so pleased with it.

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Bryn, Tom, and the OahuRE Team: You did an outstanding job and I want to thank you for everything.

What I liked the most is that everything was done thru emails and quickly.

Also, Tom was always there when I needed. To improve your service: I can't think of anything now.

Everything happened as planned and you were always helpful. Thank you,

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We did have a great experience, even though we had to go through the process twice.

From our perspective Tom went out of his way to handle all issues for us as absentee owners.

We also appreciated his follow up and keeping us constantly updated.

In addition, Tom's up front work on pushing the offer price paid off in the end. In the end, we could not be more pleased with the outcome.

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I wanted you to know how my experience with Tom & Don went. It was great.

While we didn’t get the price we wanted, all of your staff and associates were so professional and thoughtful.

Tom and of course Don handled the details with class and attention to detail.

I would highly recommend them and will do so at every opportunity I get.

Your MLS search really sets you apart. I found it to be so helpful that I’m really missing it as I look at property on the mainland.

Thank you again and please let your staff know that I appreciate their hard work.

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