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Wanida Tienchai, RA

Wanida Tienchai is very happy she chose to become a Realtor, as she enjoys helping families achieve their real estate dreams.

Her experience and knowledge have helped many families find the right home. As one of the leading agents doing the showings for the #1 Team on the Island, she has shown many more homes than most agents.

This experience is critical in helping her clients understand their options, and how particular homes compare with others.

She has also made many friends through her over 10 years of real estate as she gets to know the people she is working for.

She always puts her clients' needs first and gives them the best service possible.

She says, "My goal is to make everyone happy, and from the beginning, you can expect the utmost professionalism and dedication to all of your real estate needs with no pressure."

You can count on Wanida to walk you through the real estate transaction all the way to the end.

You can reach her at 808-349-8519.

Wanida is a working mother with her loving husband and 2 daughters. When she is not working she love to spend time with her daughters and her husband at the beach and parks.


Thanks so much for your and Wanida’s and the rest of the OahuRE team’s help in making this purchase. From start to finish, working with Wanida was a pleasure.

Her experience and advice were exactly what we needed to help us feel comfortable making this purchase.

Her negotiating experience was directly responsible for saving us the cost of a new roof, and the entire process went smoothly even when minor delays or issues cropped up (for us, this was just a delay from the bank in funding our loan due to high application volumes and a short time to close).

We appreciate it!

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I liked the ease at which everything flowed from listing to closing and the advice Wanida had about the strength of an offer and the likelihood of it going all the way to closing.

I believe that OahuRE has a really nice platform to work through and with, especially with a great and positive realtor like Wanida. Thank you so much!

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I think you guys did a great job.

What we liked most;

1) Practical approach to selling the condo. Of the realtors we talked to, Wanida was the only one who recognized staging the condo with different contemporary furniture is a bit like putting lipstick on a pig when you have green carpet. She also recognized that anybody buying it was likely to completely remodel so it didn’t make sense to redecorate it, sell it as is. All this is exactly what Cindi and I were thinking.

2) Efficient team. You guys knocked off the documents pretty quickly. It was clear the volume of sales you have has refined your processes.

3) Experience. You have been exposed to a lot of different situations so our situation with the Trust wasn’t foreign to you.

4) Contacts. You helped us locate competent help, the Attorney, getting rid of the furniture and other stuff, appraiser….

As I said at the beginning of the email, you did a great job.  I look forward to working with you again in a few years.

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I don't have much experience (actually any) in buying a house with a real estate agent, but I will tell you my experience with Wanida was awesome, and I really like all the tech behind your website and listings, and all the follow up from the office.

I can't imagine it being much better. It seems as if you have put together a first rate system, and I have already recommended you to others.

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Thank you! Your team is great!!

We always received quick responses from your team, even on weekends and late at night. They are very efficient!

We love the e-signing, it is very easy.

Your team makes the purchase process very easy by helping us set up all the appointments, sending us reminders on the timeline, sending us web-links to guide us and what to expect during the process.

Thank you for your help! We really do appreciate your oahure website. I would check it periodically to look for a unit, it’s very user friendly.

We enjoyed working with Wanida during this house hunting process!

We were supposed to buy another unit and that fell through due to loan funding and Wanida didn’t seem bothered by it at all.

I like what you are doing with the real estate game! Shake things up and change how it works. Thank you again!

Thank you and OahuRE for your services.

Wanida went out of her way to accommodate us when we wanted to see a property over the Christmas holidays.

She provided valuable information about contractors and information about market conditions along the way.

We actually made several offers before we succeeded with this one, and she helped us in all of those processes. Thank you Wanida.

We liked the way we were able to do much of the paperwork online, and for the detailed instructions provided us on the Docusign process. Can't really say where we noticed a need for improvement. It has been a smooth process and we are thankful. Blessings

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We were very well pleased with our Agent Wanida!

Our move from South Florida back to our favorite State might have been a cumbersome experience, but Wanida worked hard to make it easy.

We would be pleased to recommend her to anyone we know who is searching for a terrific agent! Warmest Aloha

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Thank you very much, Bryn and Wanida! We very much enjoyed working with the entire OahuRE staff.

What we liked best is the availability/responsiveness of the OahuRE team as well as the wealth of information on the website and at time of closing process.

I can't think of any areas for improvement and hope my own business will attain your level of efficiency! Happy Holidays!

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aloha, bryn,

i last bought property in 2002. if asked, what characterized that experience was the sense of uncertainty that surrounded the process.

your team, starting with wanida, and including cathyrine, mannie, abegail, dino, have made the process this time around, seamless.

your team has been quick to respond, and the follow-up has been superb!

wanida has been a great advocate for us, and has managed to make us feel well taken care of, despite having executed this transaction from so far away.

nothing to improve in terms of your team, practice and support of clients.

the 20% rebate was also much appreciated. glad to have worked with you.

mahalo for everything.

Thank you! We loved working with OahuRE, we would recommend you for sure to others.

Wanida is tops. I have bought and sold many properties over the years and her knowledge, sense of urgency, and service has been at the top.

Communications from the rest of the team have been great as well.

What I like most is the flexibility you offer in lieu of one size fits all.

I frankly cannot think of any advice I can offer as to what to improve upon. I think you have a great thing going at OahuRE. Mahalo

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Aloha Bryn, Wanida and the entire OahuRE Team, Your website is the best.

There is more information on properties for sale than other realtor websites.

Wanida and the entire OahuRE Team was fantastic. We love the rebate at closing. No other realtor offers that.

We can't think of anything that could have been better.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all of you.

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Thank you :) Wanida was amazing! her guidance, support, knowledge and patience in who she is as a person and realtor is outstanding.

I would defiantly recommend Oahu Realty with gladness.

Many thanks Bryn, Wanida, Mannie and everyone else on the Oahure team.

You folks were true professionals and went the extra mile in a ridiculously complex transaction.

Outstanding performance including: very rapid response to questions; well-coordinated teamwork; insane work-hours and near-constant availability, including weekends and evenings.

Intelligent and quick assessments of various scenarios as they unfolded. Surprising, generous, intelligent and kind involvement of Bryn as Broker and Founder of OahuRE; Excellent on-line reference materials including lists of talented advisors; routine provision of timely reminders for most aspects of each step of the deal.

We can't thank you enough for going the extra mile on this deal. Outstanding performance!

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Thanks for all the help and good work you and your team did.

We appreciated everything we went through with the whole process.

We originally had a realtor, but we figured we wanted to try this out to see what it's like and we liked everything about it.

What we liked best was the prompt service your team had provided.

Wanida was quick with all replies and she was able to meet with us at anytime or make her schedule available to meet when we needed to.

With our realtor, we would get bombarded with emails about several places that might interest us but they were way over our price range.

With this process, it gave us the flexibility to look up properties on our own with specific filters that meet our requirements. And with that being said, your team was just a phone call or email away to get the ball rolling.

I can't really think of anything that could be improved on, since we really didn't run into any issues.

But again, thank you guys for all you did and we'll keep in touch for the next property.

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My experience was great! I really felt OahuRE empowered me with all of the information I needed.

I liked the convenience of working digitally and the nice rebate.

Wanida was very helpful, positive and patient throughout the process.

The client care team was responsive, efficient and professional. Keep doing what you're doing!

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Thank you for your team excellent services. I like your team environment of working.

Everyone has expertly of helping and expand acknowledge and efficiency.

Special thank for Wanida and others who help me try out my idea and update me in some way.

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Wanida is a very hard working individual who kept me constantly updated.

I really appreciate the effort made by OahuRE team in working with escrow to check on progress made on closing.

The entire OahuRE team are professional and a pleasure to work with.

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Wanida was a great agent and helped us with each step of selling our townhome.

The commission rate was very low for the full service!

The online guides were helpful, too.

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Thank you very much!

We really appreciated to all your staff, with their hard work and effort, we eventually get this wonderful property, we are so happy and so grateful.

OahuRE is a very good team, is of the good reputation.

With the help of OahuRe, we bought two properties in ten years (one is in 2009, one is in 2019), it can be explained that we are satisfied with OahuRE’s service.

We really like OahuRE’s procedure instruction, that provide the detail information and related website links for each step; we also like OahuRE’s reminding services when the procedure is forwarding, these services let us clearly know where we should to go and how to do, minimize our misunderstanding and confusion.

Wanida is a very experienced agent, she knows our concerns and takes care of our concerns, she provides us many helpful suggestions, without her strong support, we would not be successful to get this property.

She is very good at dealing with clients, know clients’ needs, set up the friendly relationship with clients. We sincerely appreciated with her tolerance and patience.

We expect OahuRE to serve more and more clients in future, to improve the communication with served clients.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you, Wanida and the entire OahuRE team again in the future when we decide to sell our house that we currently live. Thank you so much!

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Hello Wanida,

It was great to meet you; we look forward to working with you!

Thank you for putting us at ease right off the bat with your warm personality and for being honest and up front with us, sharing your knowledge so easily.

Thank you also for allowing us the time to ask questions, it is very important (huge) for us not to feel rushed, you gave us the time and you were very easy to talk to.

In our house, we value honesty and are constantly disappointed with people who talk the talk but, who don’t walk the walk; we feel that you will walk the walk.

Hey Bryn, GREAT recommendation in Wanida; she will do excellent work for us.


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Thank you so much for your help with this purchase.

I really like the knowledge and experience that you two have about real estate… and the website is still my favorite real estate website, that is why we are repeat customers…

I believe, this is our 4th property with you guys. Anyway, thanks again.

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Thank you Bryn!

The entire staff there is fantastic and I am so grateful to everyone for all the work you did.

To answer your questions.

1. Great communication. As a buyer, the process is always confusing and daunting to me. The staff at OahuRE provided a steady stream of useful info about what to expect and what I needed to do next.

They'd answer my questions, no matter how ridiculous, at all times of day and night.

Your videos and tips were also extremely helpful in demystifying the process.

2. I honestly can't think of anything. Every interaction with you guys, from Wanida showing me around the island in January, to the final details this week were flawless.

Thanks again to you, Wanida, Cathyrine, Manny and everyone there. We may do this again in a few years :)

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All I can say is that your staff, especially Wanida, was very responsive and always available when we needed help.

I'd say Wanida is a great resource concerning process and extremely patient as well.

Coming from the east coast, we find Hawaii's real-estate process a little disconcerting in comparison.

I'm not sure what you could do to explain Hawaii's process more proactively.

In any event, Wanida did a good job helping us understand the process.

Aloha Bryn!

We are still pinching ourselves we are so in love with our new home!

You guys were on top of the process every step of the way and yet provided patience and support when needed!

We are incredibly grateful for the Rebate too... we had to stretch to get in as our other home is not on market yet ... which we will be having you list for us shortly.

Can't thank you enough and all I would say is it's hard to improve upon perfection.

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1. The cost is what made me seek your service, and Wanida is why I choose to list my home with OahuRE.

2. All the people that assisted in the sale of my house are very knowledgeable and proficient.

Everyone kept me informed step-by-step, which made the process very comfortable, and trust was formed.

Your service was excellent, and you have nothing to change! Thank You Very Much.

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Aloha Bryn,

Thank you for your congratulatory message on our recent purchase.

Before we answer your questions for our feedback, we owe you our thanks for assigning Wanida as our agent, as well as the able supports we received from Mannie and Cathyrine.

It took us a little time to realize that you have set up a team where each person have her defined roles and responsibilities for the entire purchase process.

Once that was clear to us, we were able to determine who to direct our questions. And their responds were always prompt and to the point.

We truly appreciate this coordinated team effort in making our purchase an enjoyable one.

In particular, we would like to thank Wanida for her dedication as an agent in meeting our needs.

Before we arrived at Honolulu, per our request she inspected a list of 7 potential properties taken from listing and gave us an assessment of each based on the criteria we set. Her inputs were closely in agreements with those of my wife.

As a result, we were able to make an offer within three days after our arrival.

She was very responsive to our questions, guided through every step of the purchase process, and reminded us ahead of times about each transaction that we should be preparing for.

She went beyond her call of duty to provide us assistance in every way.

These includes the following:

- Assisted us to find a hotel with parking during our month's stay in Honolulu.

- While the condo was in escrow, at her suggestion, opened the apartment for our son to visit the day after Thanksgiving.

- Helped us to select the agent to inspect the condo and had him explain fully the specifics on the areas of concerns.

- Did the final walk through in our place and reported to us the results as we could not be present.

- Was kind enough to keep the keys to the condo until we are able to come back to Honolulu.

Now to answer your first question, my wife and I find your team to be professional, dedicated, considerate, and patience throughout this process.

The provided documents were extremely helpful and put us at ease to know exactly what to expect in every steps of the way.

Finally, we would like to thank you for the support you and your team gave us. It has been a fantastic experience working with all of you.


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My three recent real estate transactions with OahuRE each presented unique and unexpected circumstances which required creative solutions.

Your staff provided the expertise, professionalism and patience necessary to overcome obstacles in order to successfully acquire and sell my properties.

I recommend your company regularly without hesitation.

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It was a pretty painless experience. Thanks for your service. You're still our favorite realtor in Hawaii.

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The website is brilliant in making searching for a home easy and the timely updates were instrumental in getting us at our new home's open house so we could bid early.

We wanted to thank the entire team at for their outstanding service and support. As first time home buyers, the process was overwhelming for us but we felt so confident in the expertise of your team.

Wanida is an amazing agent and always made herself available to questions and concerns, even after hours. We really appreciate having her fighting for us to get us into our dream home.

The updates from the team kept us on schedule with the tasks we were responsible for and gave us a clear outline of the timeline. Thank you all again for all your help! Being in this home is life changing for us!

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Just wanted to say a huge Mahalo to you and your team.

We've come full circle: you helped us buy the house and you helped us sell it!

Your advice and watchful eye over the various communications was appreciated as was the incredible speed, efficiency and awesome communication of Mannie and Cathyrine (LOVE the videos; so helpful).

As for Wanida, there really aren't enough words. Her sunny personality, great work ethic and absolute can-do attitude were instrumental in making this process as easy as possible.

We will be sure to recommend your awesome team to all of our friends. Mahalo to everyone!

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The three best things are working with Wanida she's the best. She really helps us choose the best property for us at the right asking price.

The another best thing is your website that allows us to search out properties we are interested in and knowing when they have open houses.

Another great thing is Mannie keeping us informed about things that need to be done, their time lines and when they are completed.

Great team work that continually strives for improvement.

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As always your group is very efficient, professional and friendly.

Absolutely love your website and I always tell people about it if I know they are in the market. The rebate is an extra plus.

We will definitely use Wanida and the rest of your team for our next purchase. Thank you again.

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Over all very happy customer. Have been using your website on and off for few years, and start getting email update about 2 yrs ago when looking at buying new home.

Wanida is doing a very good job as well. Your website sure is the major selling point, and Wanida is not too far behind it.

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Wanida was a sales rep who provided excellent support  and service to two seniors who requested documents be delivered for our signatures.  

She also aided us in completing the very lengthy, nitty gritty Disclosure Statement.  

All this done with a smile and professionalism.  Remember we are two illiterate computer users who  were unable to sign online!  

Then too, we prefer doing business in person the old fashioned way!   We were also pleased with the large photo shoots of the unit.

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We like the system you have. Your website is very professional and really helpful for home buyers and also sellers.

Also Wanida is very special for us . All other your staffs are very professional and trustful. Thank you again.

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Thank you Bryn and Wanida for all your help. It was a long haul and you guys performed admirably.

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I looked for three YEARS for my perfect home and Bryn answered every e mail no matter how crazy the question, helped me with bids until I eventually figured out how to do it right, and assisted in the bidding on the place I KNEW was right after many false starts.

I had access to EVERYTHING I would ever need on the website--the crime stats, sales, neighborhood and school data--EVERYTHING in one place.

It made my daily internet searches easy. Even with a list of everything I needed in the process- including finding the right banker to cover a 'fixer'. I tried several other realtors and had to go into their offices and sign offers in person and it took TIME and was a tedious process.

With Bryn and his team--EVERYTHING is digital and takes SECONDS to complete--from the initial bid, counters... the entire process id FAST AND EASY.

Wanida was a great help showing places I got interested in, patient to the core with my 'newbie' questions, and shared my joy when I finally settled and found my PERFECT home.

MAHALO!!!!! 4 everything team!!!

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Thank you. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for all you have done for me over the past 8 months and particularly the past few weeks and days.

You have all been incredible and I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Wanida.

I can't imagine having gotten this done with any other team.

Thanks for working so hard for me especially over the holidays to make this happen.

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Thank you! Your team has been wonderful! We will be telling all of our friends about you and Wanida...

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Thank you, Bryn, Wanida, and Mannie for all your help and support. We hope the challenges we faced in buying this short sale home will help us prepare for future purchases. We also hope that next time we will also meet you and Mannie personally.

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Aloha Bryn, Wanida and Mannie are fantastic!! They both made this experience go very smooth.

Purchasing a property by long distance could have been a major hassle, but it turned out to be a pleasure with their help!

Your web site is great, too! It is always up to date with the latest listings and status changes.

I especially like the filter parameters to narrow my search to specific areas and features.

And the Daily Watch list feature is a wonderful time saver. During my trips to the Islands the Open House search was very useful, too.

From time to time I looked at other Hawaii real estate websites, but none of them compare to yours in its timeliness and usefulness for serious shoppers.

I will definitely recommend OahuRE to anyone else looking for property on Oahu. Mahalo nui loa

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Thank you, Bryn, Wanida, and Mannie, for helping my find and purchase this property -- it was great working with all of you! Thank you for making the buying process easy and efficient!

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Thank you, Bryn. It was nice working with you, too. Your website is great.

Even before we decide an realtor, everyone was talking about And your recommended contractors were also great.

Kit and State Farm - Larry. And Wanida's recommendation Duncan is also nice guy.

Hope you have great sucess in this field. We'll post very positive review on Thanks

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Thanks. I've been working with Wanida for about five years and changed my mind several times, so it's about time I actually found somewhere and closed...haha.

You were all very helpful and made everything easy, keeping me informed every step of the way.

Unless something comes up I missed, I think you guys covered everything and left me feeling comfortable with every move.

Thanks a bunch, and special thanks to Wanida!

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Big thanks to the OahuRE team for their efficient responses and hard work around the clock!

Nothing but praise and good comments to say about Wanida. I had a great time working with her.

Looking forward to working with you all again.

You, Wanida, and your team did an exceptional job, thank you.

And thank you so much for all your hard work, especially with negotiations and after hours work.

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Totally agree. We were really pleased with all of the communication and support your entire team provided. Your team is really professional.

We always felt like we could trust you to support our best interests. That is not said lightly in this business.

Wanida felt like a friend from the moment we met her. We feel really lucky that we were 'set up' with her and hope to continue the friendship.

We are just so grateful. The house is amazing. I can't think of better words to describe it. Just amazing.

We feel really happy that everything worked out so amicably and well. We look forward to lots of happy times here with our family. Big Mahalo!

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Thank you for the support from OahuRE in what was a 19-month process.

We would like to thank Mannie for her always prompt service, and we'd especially like to thank Wanida for her perseverance and dedication to our home quest.

A lesser realtor and professional would have given up on us.

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Hi Bryn and your team ! Thank you very much ! We have received the keys from Wanida this morning.

This is a very happy moment for us. Buying a house is not an easy thing; but this became relatively easy for us because of you and your team.

You took care of every situation very promptly and professionally; that's why everything went through quite smoothly.

Thank you again!

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A big Mahalo to YOU -- Bryn, and to rest of the OahuRe Team for making our dream came true.

Thank you for the beautiful flowering plant, quite unique. We enjoyed looking at the gorgeous color.

Wanida, thank you for taking care of us in all details.

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Dear Bryn, Wanida, Mannie, and Abby, It was such a great experience working with everyone in the OaHure team!

Everyone is so helpful and we especially appreciate everyone's prompt reply to our questions and inquiries!!

We also want to thank Wanida for your patience and always being available whenever we made our requests, and Bryn for your extreme knowledgeableness; there is nearly no question you cannot answer!!

We feel really fortunate working with you guys!! Mahalo!

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Thank you very much for your professional work. We really impressed how you managed the selling process.

We will certainly recommend you to my friends when we have chances. Wanida is so sweet , not aggressive but determined lady.

Thank you again. Congratulations for your another successful transection.

There's no doubt that your professional work helps many many unexperienced home seller/buyer.

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Hi Bryn, I had a great experience working with Wanida and everyone in OahuRE team.

Thank you very much for walking me through the whole process. I really appreciate your inputs and info.

Thanks everyone for helping/working with me to get my first home :)

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Thanks for all of your help! I can't think of anything that could have made the process any easier.

Wanida was great to work with throughout the entire process and was always accessible if we had any questions. Thanks again!

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Dear Wanida, Bryn, Abegail and Mannie, you are a terrific team!

Thank you so much for helping us finding and closing this lake front property transaction.

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Much Mahalo! You, Wanida,Mannie,Abby and other members of your team have done a great job.

You are very knowledgeable and you have a very professional team. We are very satisfied with your service.

Once again, Thank you very much!

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Thanks Bryn, well it has been quite a journey but we did manage to buy our new home and sell our existing house all within a span of 2 months.

Thanks to Wanida, the OahuRE team, and to you for all of the help in transacting these multiple and sometimes challenging actions.

Your website was also a great tool to have in the process.

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Thanks. I think the best part working with Ms. Wanida was that she didn't persuade us to buy, and acted very professionally.

She is very kind and whenever we needed some info, she always responded quickly.

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Thanks. We have enjoyed working with Wanida-- very professional and dedicated. (She's worked a long time for this-- since 2009 or 2010, I think...)

(Today is 7/5/16)

No advice, but want you to know-- assuming she's still in the real estate business when we decide to buy or sell again in HI, Wanida will be our first choice for an agent.

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Bryn & Wanida, thank you for all of your efforts to get us sold in such a short time.

Bryn, we are impressed with your efficiency and service even if we did not get to see you face-to-face.

Mahalo again

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Hi Bryn & Wanida, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will recommend Oahu Realty Executives to friends and family that may need real estate services in Hawaii.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm off to San Antonio, Texas to start a new chapter in life.

Aloha and Happy trails!

Bryn and Wanida, thank you both so much. Bryn, it was really a pleasure to work (electronically) with you.

We'll definitely recommend you to friends and family. Mahalo!

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Bryn and Wanida, Thanks again to both of you for all your good advice in what turned out to be a difficult sale. I've almost lost count, but I think this was the 3rd escrow (and final) we went through.

And I've definitely lost count on the number of offers. And as it turned out, I basically got the price that I wanted and thought was a fair market value, even with the credit to the buyers.

So it sometimes pays to hold out in the long run rather than going with the first offer; I believe the realtor's mantra is "the first offer is usually the best."

Since I was a repeat client, you can tell that your services and system must be working.

However, I am a "techie" and consequently I was thoroughly impressed with the way that you use the Internet to conduct business.

I still believe it takes a real estate agent to close the deal, but the "foreplay" before that is the value that the Internet is providing to clients, and probably buyers' agents as well.

Most agents still don't get that and I suspect they are losing out in the long run.

I realize that past relationships with clients help build a business, but marketing is still marketing, whether it's oneself or a product, i.e. a listing. So overall you're doing it right and I can't think of any suggestions right now for improvement.

Therefore you've managed to have another very satisfied client. Thanks very much and best wishes to both of you.

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Thank you Wanida and Bryn so much for selling our house!

We are so relieved that the house sale closed without any problems (and without us having to dig up that tree!)

We are very happy to have chosen your company as our Realtor and are especially appreciative of the ease of communication and timeliness of your responses whenever we had questions.

We also thank you for all of the advice you’ve given us along the way, advice that has no doubt contributed to closing the deal successfully.

We are so pleased with your service that we will definitely recommend you to anyone else seeking a realtor.

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Thanks Bryn. It was a real pleasure working with your team. Wanida was an excellent resource throughout the entire process.

A true professional with a wonderful personality.

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Bryn, thank you so much. Couldn't believe it could go so smoothly. Very glad we chose you.

First American Title was also great to work with and very nice to get your discount.

Our best and thanks to you and Wanida.

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Bryn, First of all Congratulations on being a Dad... Kids are what gives meaning to life and makes what we do for a living have a purpose...

I do want to thank you for the work you and Wanida did in regards to our house...

If I ever get the chance to recommend anyone, I'll definitely send them your way...

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Thank you very much for all your help Bryn and Wanida!

You made a complex process as smooth as possible and we definitely appreciated the rebate as well. :-)

We will definitely refer you to friends looking to buy in Hawaii.

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Thanks Bryn, Wanida & Mannie. This was by far the smoothest sale Rick and I have ever had. No issues or hold ups whatsoever!

Thanks so much for your help. It was a really good experience. The online stuff was great. Docusign rocks.

The website is awesome, I look at it all the time. Wanida is awesome.

So quickly responsive and on top of it. 4.5% commission is great. Fast responses are priceless. Thanks again to everyone.

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Bryn, I appreciate it, and thank you to you and the the rest of your team, especially Wanida.

This was my first time selling and you guys made this way too easy.

If I end up staying on island I'll be giving you guys a call again. Best regards,

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Thank You and Wanida is da Best

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Bryn/Wanida/Mannie, Thank you ! You have a fantastic team and I really appreciate all the great work and attention by everyone at OahuRe. '

I've told folks I know about your company as you've made a somewhat complicated process painless and seamless. Thanks again !!

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Thank you to all at OahuRE. Your use of technology to move us through the selling process is awesome.

Using docusign saved much time and no doubt reduced the number of days to close our sale.

Wanida was terrific. She kept in timely communication during the 45 day closing period. Finding a strong buyer (and back up offer) as quickly as you did was amazing.

Although we're sad to sell a condo we enjoyed living at for years, we are glad to have had your assistance.

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Anyway, thank you for you and entire team's hard work, especially Wanida. I'll spread some words on your great services. We're satisfied not only about the competitive fee rate but also with your great service. Thank you. We appreciate all of your jobs so far. We'll choose Oahure again next time.

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Yaaaayyy! It's finally done! My sincerest appreciation to you, Wanida, Abegail, & Mannie for your assistance, the awesome photos, patience, guidance, and more patience on getting this deal done.

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We received the closing documents via FedEx this morning and are very pleased with the expertise of your team along with the personal attention given to our sale.

To answer your questions specifically, we like the one stop shop team work. Additionally, the reasonable, negotiable percentage rate.

Lastly, working almost seamlessly with us when geographically separated was appreciated.

Wanida and your entire world team are pros.

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We would like to thank you, Wanida and the all of the OahuRE team for all your hard work and patience over the course of our 7 plus year house hunt.

I will continue to use your website to monitor the prices and market conditions on Oahu.

If we know of anybody interested in property in Hawaii we will certainly recommend your firm.

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Thank you to everyone who had a part in getting us the home of our dreams, especially you, Wanida, Abigail, Mannie for checking and re-checking everything twice.

Also, thanks Bryn for the wonderful rebate! It came at the right time!

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Aloha Bryn, Wanida, Mannie, and Abby!

Thank you so much! 

We are so grateful for the professional, cordial, and timely customer service that you all provided throughout the entire process of helping us to sell our townhouse. 

Your detailed email messages that included links back to your website and the videos were so helpful for us to understand each step along the way. 

You even replied directly, and almost instantaneously, to some of the email inquiries that we had. 

Wanida's expert guidance with listing the unit as is; pricing, acceptance, and maintenance touch up recommendations; along with her accessibility by phone, text, or email; solidified our confidence that we selected the right person/team to help us with this significant life event. 

There's no doubt that we got the best result possible thanks to your entire team.

That's a brief summary of what we liked most about your service.  There's nothing that we can recommend to you for improvement.

The event of selling our first property was stressful for us in and of itself, though your team helped to ease the stress factor exponentially. 

We've been using your website for years and will continue to dream build through it going forward. 

Still appreciate you answering questions many years ago when we first looked at selling the unit.  

We look forward to working with you all again, hopefully in the very near future!

With sincerest aloha and gratitude,

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Everyone was always great about letting us know what was going on, every step of the way, which made the whole process so smooth.

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