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Quotes From Raving Fans

One of the best, not in Hawaii, but probably the whole USA * Provides data we like to see * User friendly and the most informative * Access to all the information * Packed with so much information which typically is hidden by other Realtors * It's better than perfect * Referring your Website to many * Our broker is very good, but didn't uncover what we bought, we did through your site * Every-time I use OahuRE.com I shake my head and smile * Insanely great * Best Realtor Website on the Internet * I like everything about it * Knowledge is power - Hundreds More * Testimonials from Buyers * Testimonials from Sellers

The Board of Realtors Demanded We Hide Listings, Our Raving Fans United

When the Board of Realtors told OahuRE.com to hide all pending, withdrawn, and expired listings, we asked our raving fans for help. They responded and sent a strong message to the Board through 300+ emails, 280+ Facebook comments, and 1,100 likes on our Facebook post. The Board of Realtors then reversed their decision and now allows OahuRE.com to show all listings. We would like to say "Thank You!" to our raving fans for supporting OahuRE.com and making sure buyers and sellers continue to have access to all listings.

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800+ homes we sold on Google Maps or view homes we sold by region.

Awarded to the OahuRE Team from Hawaii Business Magazine

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Extremely Popular Website

The chart below shows the number of times OahuRE was searched for on Bing over a 3 month period vs. six of the largest agencies on the island.

Typing "Oahu" into Google shows you the most popular options people are looking for on Oahu, and other than Craigslist, which is a Top 10 website in the United States, OahuRE is up there.

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Most Engaging Website

The data below is from Alexa.com as of January 2014. This data shows that visitors stay on our site longer and browse more pages than on competitor's websites. We believe this is because we show information you cannot get on other websites.

Company Name Visitors Staying
on Site
Daily Pageviews
per Visitor
Daily Time
on Site
OahuRE.com 73.5% 12.4 11:52
Zillow 64.50% 9.57 6:41
Hawai'i Life 59.10% 5.10 6:00
Coldwell Banker 56.20% 6.00 2:18
Locations 42.40% 3.30 4:25

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What The Press Says About Us

Star Advertiser

A popular website that provides consumers free access to detailed Oahu home-sale listings is under fire from the organization governing Honolulu real estate agents over the amount of information it shares with the general public.

If you subscribe to the Star Advertiser you can read about it from this link, or if not you can view a PDF copy of the article.

Hawaii Business

A guilty pleasure. At your fingertips are reams of data on the real estate market. Even if you’re not actively looking to buy or sell a house, a visit to the real estate Web site OahuRE.com is an informative and fascinating experience.

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Pacific Business News

OahuRE fined for giving out information that Realtors want to keep for themselves. The MLS was created as a place for Realtors to come together to do business, said Rochelle Gregson, the board's CEO. "It's important that Realtors keep ownership," she said. "What Bryn has done takes it away from individual Realtors."

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Honolulu Advertiser

MLS Listings Go Public. OahuRE offers consumers unfettered access to MLS

Read the Article

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All Status Options Shown

On other websites you might notice homes you are interested in disappear. This is because they do not show you all status options. For example, Zillow and Trulia do not show Pending and Withdrawn. If a home goes into one of those status options, it simply disappears from their site. We show you everything so nothing disappears.

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Save $10,000 Or More

You can save a lot of money by using our spreadsheet like Comparables View to analyze the comparables. Appraisers, Realtors, and the City & County of Honolulu use our comparable view to help determine home values.

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Negotiate Better

To properly negotiate, you must know the sales history. Our sold listings go back to 1993. You will really understand the history of a neighborhood, specific property, or building using this data. You also need the complete history with nothing missing to make a good decision. We show Pending, Expired, Withdrawn, and Canceled listings to give you the complete history.

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Large Photo View

Our large photo view does not reduce or crop the photos. We show you all photos at their original size.

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Small Photo View

This view maximizes the properties you can see on one page and automatically adjusts to your screen size.

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Monthly Payment Estimate

The monthly estimate includes taxes and fees, plus we let you set your own down payment amount and interest rate. This way each monthly estimate figure is customized based on they type of loan you are getting.

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Pet Friendly Details

We clearly label the Pet Friendly buildings using the icon below. In addition, we have called 165 of the most popular buildings to find out first hand what their pet policy is. We then publish their pet policy on our property detail page, so you know details such as how many dogs, what size, etc.

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Full Screen Google Maps

Our Google Maps View full screen and takes up the entire browser window. We do not use a scaled down version in a small box on our site. Critical features such as Street View, Satellite View, and scroll wheel zoom are all available.

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Unique Searches

We have a number of unique and helpful searches. For example, you can search by region, but exclude specific neighborhoods. You can search a specific distance from any property, or from popular locations such as military bases and beaches. You can search by Seller's Office Name or Buyer's Office Name, Sold Days on Market, Sold Ratio, and Sold Date. We even allow searching the listing agent's remarks for specific keywords such as vacation, rental, fixer, or anything else you can think of.

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Averages shown for all search results in our Comparable View

Seeing the average of various columns helps you analyze the comparables and where the property that interests you stands compared to the averages.

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Three Types of Instant Comparables

Comparables are critical. Without good comparables, you could end up paying too much, or selling your property too cheap.

The first comparable option gives you the best comparables by neighborhood or by building. To get these comparables we go through up to 139 different search scenarios that we programmed in, and come up with what we feel is your best option. We take you right into our comparison view so you can view each comparable property and tweak the results further if needed.

We also use what we call smart neighborhood searches. This means we look at the neighborhood your subject property is in, and if there are any other similar neighborhoods nearby we include them in your search results too. This way your results are not limited to just that one neighborhood.

The second option is by distance. Again we do up to 139 different searches, and pull out the best comparables by distance. This option is nice because many times there is a comparable close by, but not in the same neighborhood.

The 3rd option runs over 20 searches, and we give you a summary of how we searched and how many results were found as shown below. You can then decide which link works best for you.

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Excellent Help Screens

The status help gives you the details of each status and reminds you what the color codes are for.

The Region Help shows you Active listings in various price ranges for each Region, so you have a better idea what Regions will work for you.

The Neighborhood Help shows Active listings in various price ranges for each neighborhood. You can also see the neighborhood boundary highlighted on Google Maps so you know exactly where it is.

The Zoning Help gives detailed information about each type of Zoning.

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Our Entire Website is Mobile Friendly

Every page on our site works well on a mobile phone, and our new Mobile Friendly Complete Search detects what type of device you are using and adjusts automatically, thereby giving you a great experience on any smart phone. Two screen shots are shown below to give you an idea how the menu and search look like on a mobile phone.

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See Complete Property Deeds including Exhibit A

Exhibit A of the Property Deed shows you all types of information on the property that you won't find any where else. When you really want to dig deep into a property we can provide a copy of the Deed for you.

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Six Google Maps Views

We show six Google Maps Views on one page, so you really get a good idea of where the property is, without having to click to Google Maps. That being said, the full screen Google Maps view is just one click away.

The 1st map shows the outline of the Neighborhood, an OahuRE exclusive.

The 2nd map shows the outline of all Neighborhoods in that Region, another OahuRE exclusive view.

The 3rd map shows the outline of the lot.

The 4th map shows an overview of where on the Island the property is located at.

The 5th map gives you a Satellite view.

The 6th map gives you a view and link to the tax details for all the properties that surround your subject property.

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Search by School District

If you have kids, school districts could be critical to where you want to purchase a home. We allow easy searching by school district. We also have a one click search option for the top 20 Elementary Schools.

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Search the Top Rated Schools

Honolulu Magazine ranks the top schools in Hawaii, and OahuRE.com allows you to search for properties in the best school districts.

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Grades shown for each school

Next to the school we show the grade they received based on the Honolulu Magazine ranking.

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Location Search

Pinpoint the location you are interested in on the map, or enter any address on the island, then choose how far around that address to search. For example, 1/2 mile, 1 mile, or more. You can also use our location search drop down to choose popular locations to search around including all military bases, hospitals, or popular beaches. You can then view your search results in any one of our popular views listed above.

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Learn How Experienced An Agent Is

Search by agent name to see the sales history and current listings for any agent on Oahu. No need to ask an agent how experienced they are. We will show you what they have sold in the last 10 years. You can also filter the search by neighborhood, price range, or anything else, to see if they are experienced in your desired area.

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10+ Years Back Instant Search

When viewing any listing, with just one click, you can see a 10 year history of a that listing's Neighborhood, Street, or Building. We filter the results so the listings shown are close to the listing you are currently evaluating. This is a great way to understand the history, as you can see if prices have increased or decreased.

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Tax Info, Plat & Parcel Map, Sketch

When viewing any listing, with just one click, you can view the complete Tax Information from the City and County of Honolulu's Website. It includes a Plat Map in PDF Format, a GIS Parcel Map, and a Building Sketch. It also allows you to verify the Square Footage and Assessed Value, along with a list of any Permits that were filed, and Past Sales Information, even if it was not sold on the MLS before.

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Assessed Value History

We also give you one click access to the complete Assessed History going back over 10 years. This is for both assessed land and building values and includes the Building Exemption.

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Public Safety

We also give you one click access to public safety information provided by the Department of Emergency Management for every listing.

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Building Permits

We show all permits and you can click on any permit record to see all the details for that permit.

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Past Sales History from Tax Records

We show over 30 years of past sales history including sales that were not done through the MLS.

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Experienced Realtors

When you work with OahuRE.com you are working with agents that have a lot of experience. Experience is critical for preventing problems, maximizing your chance of getting the home of your dreams, and for selling homes fast for top dollar. The chart below shows the total average sales per agent for 2012 from the Honolulu MLS. As you can see, OahuRE.com offers far more experience per agent.

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Escrow Date Calculator

Understanding important escrow deadlines is critical, and our Escrow Date Calculator is an easy way to see all dates. It defaults automatically to the date you access the calendar, and then all deadlines are set for a standard time period. 95% of the time that works, and for the time frames you change, it is easy to update it and see the new deadline.

You can easily bookmark the Escrow Date Calculator so you can come back to it at any time to see what is due, update it, or share it. When you go into escrow with us we automatically send you a link with your accurate Escrow Date Calculator filled out.

Every deadline is linked to our Knowledge Base so you can easily get more information about that specific deadline so you understand it thoroughly.

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Compare Oahu Realtors

You can now compare sales for any two Oahu Realtors side-by-side. This is a great way to find out how experienced an agent is. We show you their last 6 years of sales, including how many sales they did each year, along with the total dollar volume. This is separated by sales representing sellers, and sales representing buyers.

We also provide the neighborhoods they sold in, so you know where they have experience. A breakdown of their sales by price range is also shown, so you know their experience in your price range.

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Counter and Multiple Offer Calculator

One of the biggest challenges buyer's face is getting their offer accepted, especially if there are multiple offers or you receive a counter offer. This calculator will help you see how much you will pay per day to increase your offer.

Many people think in terms of the total dollar amount of the increase, but assuming you are getting a loan, the change to your payment can be nominal. For example, at 4.5% interest rate, increasing your offer by $5,000 adds less than $1 dollar per day to your loan payment. It is critical to have this information easily available to help in your decision making process.

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Mortgage Savings Calculator

Our Mortgage Savings Calculator is unique in that it gives you the total interest paid, and how much interest you can save if you pay extra each month. We also show you interest saved for 5, 10, 15 years, etc., using an amortization table. We do this because we know not everyone will stay in their home for 30 years.

While most buyers diligently negotiate the purchase price, they forget that a much larger expense is the interest paid on your loan. For example, a property that you buy at $500,000 with 20% down, ends up costing an additional $329,627 in interest over the course of a 30 year loan assuming a 4.5% interest rate.

While you might be able to cut $5,000 off the price of the property during negotiations, you have a much bigger opportunity to save money by reducing your total interest paid. Putting only $100 per month extra would save you $35,400.

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All Oahu Beach Access Points

One of the privileges of living on Oahu is being able to go into the Ocean and to the Beach year round. Knowing all the Beach and Ocean Access points are important, because you want to know what options are close to where you will live.

We show all access points including a link for Street View, Directions, and Satellite View. We also list what amenities that access point has such as Restrooms, Shore Type, Lifeguard, etc.

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Comprehensive Oahu Real Estate Help Section

Our help section the most in depth source of information on the Purchase Contract you will find. We cover all 96 paragraphs of the Purchase Contract, so if you have a question on any paragraph you can easily get answers.

In addition, we answer the most common question you might have when buying and selling Real Estate on Oahu. We also have our recommended vendors for loans and inspections and many other services you need.

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New Projects

We list all the New Projects we hear about and link you to the New Project's Website for more information. We give a brief description of each New Project so you have an idea if it is right for you before you visit their website.

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View Recently Expired and Withdrawn Listings

Expired and Withdrawn listings are an opportunity to buy a home for less money without a seller's agent involved. The challenge has been finding these listings. Now you can see them easily see them all. We update every 30 minutes so you can quickly see if there is an expired or withdrawn listing that interests you.

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Honolulu Board of Realtors Stats

Want to know how the Oahu Real Estate Market is doing? The Honolulu Board of Realtors puts out two very detailed statistical reports monthly, both a monthly overview and a local market update. The report is added to OahuRE.com on the day it comes out and is ready for downloading. A sample of the first page is shown below.