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Understanding the Hawaii Purchase Contract - an explanation for all the important paragraphs on the Hawaii Purchase Contract.

Recommended Companies - recommendations include Photographers, Lenders, Home Inspectors, Termite Inspectors, 1031 Exchange, Structural Engineer, Property Management, Attorneys, Cleaners and more.

Upload photos to our Dropbox Account

How to see all the different search options we offer.

See the different views for your search results that we offer.

How to do comparables for a Single Family Home

How to do comparables for a Condo

Easy Mortgage Calculator

Past Interest Rate Table to help with comparables

As Is Addendum - why the As Is Addendum is nothing to worry about.

Flood Zone Codes - learn what each flood zone code means.

Leasehold - understand what leasehold properties means.

Making an Offer - understanding the offer making process and strategies.

Loans - how to pick the right lender, what to do if the appraisal is low, and more.

Escrow - understanding how escrow works, what they do, and the timeline you go through during the escrow process.

Termites - termites can be a big issue here. Understand more about the termite inspection and what happens if live termites are found.

Addenda - As Is, Lead Hazards, Mold.

Closing - understand the closing process which is unique to Hawaii.

Canceling - understand the buyer's rights to cancel.

CPR - learn more about Condominium Property Regimes

Land Use Codes - understand the different zoning codes and what they mean.

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