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Oahu Real Estate Help

Understanding the Hawaii Purchase Contract - an explanation for all the important paragraphs on the Hawaii Purchase Contract.

Recommended Companies - recommendations include Photographers, Lenders, Home Inspectors, Termite Inspectors, 1031 Exchange, Structural Engineer, Property Management, Attorneys, Cleaners and more.

As Is Addendum - why the As Is Addendum is nothing to worry about.

Flood Zone Codes - learn what each flood zone code means.

Leasehold - understand what leasehold properties means.

Making an Offer - understanding the offer making process and strategies.

Loans - how to pick the right lender, what to do if the appraisal is low, and more.

Escrow - understanding how escrow works, what they do, and the timeline you go through during the escrow process.

Termites - termites can be a big issue here. Understand more about the termite inspection and what happens if live termites are found.

Addenda - As Is, Lead Hazards, Mold.

Closing - understand the closing process which is unique to Hawaii.

Canceling - understand the buyer's rights to cancel.

CPR - learn more about Condominium Property Regimes

Land Use Codes - understand the different zoning codes and what they mean.