Oahu Real Estate

We will sell your home faster, for more money, and charge you less!

We offer full service representation at a discount. Yes, we charge less, but we give you more services than others, and handle all the things a normal agent would do for the full 6% commission.

We charge from 0% to 4.5% commission vs. the standard 6%.

We sell homes 17.58% faster than the MLS average, 16.72% faster than Prudential Locations, and 22.83% faster than Coldwell Banker.

We sell homes .76% closer to the asking price than the MLS average, 1.07% closer to asking than Prudential Locations, and .34% closer to asking than Coldwell Banker.


Awarded to the OahuRE Team from Hawaii Business Magazine


We charge only 2% commission for OahuRE and ask you to pay 2.5% to the buyer's agent for a total of 4.5% commission. If the OahuRE Team brings in the buyer with no buyer's agent involved, we represent both sides and charge just 3.5% total. If you find a buyer while listed with us and no other agent is involved, we charge you just 1%. If you find a buyer while listed with us and you choose to handle the sale yourself, you pay us 0%.

Special Discount for Luxury Listings - If you live in the following neighborhoods call us for a special discounted commission rate. Beachside, Diamond Head, Hawaii Loa Ridge, Kahala, Kaimalino, Lanikai, Portlock, Waikiki over $2,000,000, and Waialae Iki. Also, we use a special luxury photographer that takes incredible photos that we can display on your custom website.

You are not locked into any long term contract with us. You can cancel at anytime with no notice and we would withdraw your listing.

We do at least one Broker's Open House and one Open House and we can do more on a case-by-case basis.

Note that the 2.5% commission to the buyer's agent is considered standard. No agents will have a problem with it.

Some large agencies have a policy of giving the buyer’s agent 3% in order to keep commissions as high as possible. This is not needed, as 2.5% is fair, especially with the high prices on homes here. Ethical agents will always put their buyer's needs before their desire to have an additional 1/2 percent commission.

However, lower than 2.5% and the large agencies will make the buyer cover the difference, so 2.5% is the lowest rate you should offer the buyer's agents.

The stats above were calculated on April 23, 2014 for the prior 12 months of sales.

Please Click To See The Selling Power Of Our Super High Resolution Photos and Seller Highlights Website

Superior photos are proven to help your home sell for more!

Your photos are 3.3 times larger than the MLS in Super High Resolution mode.

The National Association of Realtors has researched and concluded that homes that have superior photos sell for more. This is now a verified fact. OahuRE uses a professional photographer that has shot over 1,000 homes, and we take these Super High Resolution Photos and post them with your listing to sell your home for more money and find buyers faster. No other agent on Oahu posts the same size and resolution photos.

With our Super High Resolution Photos, Buyers will get excited about your property and feel like they are standing there in person. This will create the desire to see it and puts buyers in the right frame of mind for the showing. This desire leads to multiple showings and a higher offer from the buyer.

Seller Highlights

Most agents put up a virtual wall between sellers and buyers. This process prevents sellers from giving the best sales points to buyers. You can fit a few pieces of information in the MLS description, but the space is limited, so it tends to be short summary information that does not really help "sell" your home.

To remove this virtual wall we will Email you questions about the best features of your home and your neighborhood. Your answers will then be published on our Super High Resolution Photo page and also on the OahuRE.com Property Detail page for all buyers to view.

This is a fantastic way for you to let buyers know about the advantages of your property and your neighborhood.

Custom Website Showing Off Super High Resolution Photos and Seller Highlights

This website does not have our contact information on it. This way we can add the URL to your property description in the MLS, so all potential buyers will know about your Website, no matter which one of the 1,100 Websites they are viewing your listing on.

Please Click To See The Selling Power Of Our Super High Resolution Photos and Seller Highlights Website

Sold Price Maximizer

When our agent visits your property they will use our Sold Price Maximizer program to evaluate every room and the outside. They will check off and make notes of anything that could use an upgrade or some attention.

You will then get a report of everything they checked off, along with referrals showing who you can call to help you get things done. Some of the options will also refer you to a good website with tips on what you can do to get your home ready to sell.

The Sold Price Maximizer is designed to maximize your sold price and minimize the amount of time your home is on the market.

What our competition says and what it really means!

Competition Says What It Really Means
Guaranteed Sold or We'll Buy It! If you are willing to do pay for an appraisal and home inspection up front and sell at such a low price that anyone could sell it right away then we guarantee it gets sold.
I have been doing this over 20 years. I have no idea about the latest technology needed to best market your home. Also it is not just about the number of years but the number of transactions.
People who do rebates offer less service. My Broker is already taking 50% of my commission, and if I rebate something back I will end up with almost nothing.
We spend thousands on marketing. We spend thousands on marketing ourselves to get more sellers to know about us. It does not really help you sell your home faster.
We use a professional photographer. Right, but then the MLS reduces the photo quality and size to 640x480, so the full beauty of the professional photo is not seen.
We have Hawaii's Most Useful Real Estate Website Although most of my clients use OahuRE.com.
We do expensive print advertising of your property in magazines and postcards. We spend thousands marketing ourselves and have not yet realized print advertising is not a good value compared to Pay-per-Click and Search Engine Optimization.
My average sale price is 20% higher than most agents on Oahu I will say anything to get your business, even if it is not true.

Sellers Selling (Optional)

The people who understand the benefits of a home and neighborhood the most are the sellers.

So to us it makes sense to have the sellers at the showing, so they can sell the benefits of the home and the neighborhood.

Most agents ask their sellers not to be present at showings. This means you have a buyer's agent who knows nothing about your home nor neighborhood presenting your home, hence the benefits of your home and neighborhood are not conveyed to the buyer.

Even on high end listings, where the listing agent is supposed to be there for each showing, most of the time we see their assistant, who again probably does not know the benefits of the home and the neighborhood.

In addition, many buyers have questions that only the seller can answer, and having the seller there is a convenient way to ask questions and get answers.

So we suggest one of the sellers be present at the showings when possible, to help sell the home and neighborhood.

This is completely optional so if you are more comfortable not being there or your schedule does not allow it, then you do not have to be there.

Video Tour Posted on the 3rd Most Popular Website in the World

We post a YouTube video for every listing. You can see the sample below.

Ad Posted on Craigslist, one of the top 10 websites in the U.S.

We will post an add for your listing on Craigslist including photos and a full description.

Optional OahuRE 3D Virtual Walking Tour

This online feature for OahuRE-listed homes provides a high-resolution, interactive view from every angle inside a home and is powered by groundbreaking 3D scanning technology from Matterport. It is now available for all OahuRE listings. OahuRE 3D Virtual Walking Tour: think of it like Google Street View, but for inside the home.

The OahuRE 3D Virtual Walking Tour helps home buyers better decide which homes to tour in person, and is another way that OahuRE agents are helping their listing clients get even more attention for their homes to help sell them quickly. See for yourself from the two sample links below.

You can watch this YouTube Video from Redfin which gives a good idea of how this technology works, or see actual Virtual Walking Tours below.

Pearlridge Square or Puuowaa Street or Pokiwai Place

The cost for the OahuRE 3D Virtual Walking Tour is as follows:

Under 1,000 SF - $250
1,000-1,500 SF - $275
1,000-2,000 SF - $300
2,000-2,500 SF - $325
2,500-3,000 SF - $350

Maximize your exposure by getting your listing out to over 1,100 Websites!

The link to your Super High Resolution Photo Website along with property details goes out to every Website possible, maximizing the chance you will find the right buyer fast.

99% of all home buyers are on the Internet and print ads are no longer effective. We will make sure we maximize the chance of the right buyer finding your property by listing your property on over 1,100 Websites. You can see some the logos from Websites we partner with at the bottom of this page.

The Most Popular Oahu Real Estate Website

The chart below shows the number of times OahuRE was searched for on Bing in the last 3 months vs. six of the largest agencies on the island.

We will announce your new listing to every Active agent on Oahu

This is a great way to get everyone's attention and make sure if any agents have buyers waiting they are notified about it. We have found we receive a good click through rate on these Emails so many of the agents take a good look at your new listings, thereby maximizing the exposure right when it is listed.

Exclusive Showing Tracking System provides valuable feedback to help you sell faster!

No one else offers this because we wrote it from scratch. It will help you with the following:

Automatically Books Showings

Using our Showing Tracking System, agents can book their showings automatically. Agents love booking showings with us because they know how easy it is. No telephone tag, no waiting for an agent to call back to confirm. In less than 1 minute they can have the showing booked and they receive detailed showing instructions in their Email.

All Agents Verified

In addition, the system cross checks each agent with the latest MLS roster, thereby preventing an agent with an expired license, or buyers themselves from booking a showing. Once the showing is booked you get an immediate Email letting you know who booked the showing and when it is. We can also send you an optional text message each time if you prefer. This gives you the maximum notice about showings and is an easy way to track them.

Critical Feedback on Each Showing

Then after the showing our system automatically follows-up with the agent asking for their feedback. When they submit it you get a copy of it Emailed to you. This feedback is kept permanently and you can look at all the feedback on one screen to look for patterns to their suggestions. These patterns can tell you where your listing might need some improvements, thereby giving you critical information that will help you sell your listing.

Should you decide to drop your price or make a change to your property, we will use the Showing Tracking System to instantly Email every agent who showed the property this new update so they can let their buyers know.

Choosing Your Asking Price is one of the most Critical Parts of Selling!

One of the most important things you will do as a seller is choose the right selling price. Your price can make the difference between selling or not selling, or selling fast but losing thousands by selling too cheap.

As the creator of the best Website on Oahu to run comparables, we understand how to run comparables so you can maximize your price while still selling fast.

Free, no-obligation and confidential in-home consultation!

Our agent will meet with you to discuss your plans even if you are not ready to sell. Planning ahead is the key to a successful sale of your property to meet your goals.

If you have questions before the OahuRE Team Member visits your home, they can answer your questions over the phone or via Email.

Our goal is to get you 100% comfortable with our selling strategies and answer all your questions.

Please contact Bryn Kaufman via Email and include your address and Bryn will connect you to the right OahuRE Team Member to get things started. We look forward to selling your home.

10% Off Purchases up to $10,000 at Lowe's

When you are ready to remodel please let us know. We would be happy to send you a 10% off coupon good at any Lowe's store on Oahu.

Reviews and Testimonials from Sellers

Bryn & Wanida, thank you for all of your efforts to get us sold in such a short time. Bryn, we are impressed with your efficiency and service even if we did not get to see you face-to-face. Mahalo again

Hi Bryn & Wanida, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will recommend Oahu Realty Executives to friends and family that may need real estate services in Hawaii. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm off to San Antonio, Texas to start a new chapter in life. Aloha and Happy trails!

Bryn, 214 e-mails + 2 Escrows + numerous offers = 1 Satisfied Client! Thanks for all your help and work during this sale. I will definitely recommend you to friends and come back for our real estate needs. Mahalo Nui Loa.

Yes, thank you for handling the transaction there while we were away. I am very glad and relieved that it is over and that we can move on with things here. In the not too distant future I will probably be posting a complaint on the BBB about the lender with that hopes that it might spare future home sellers/buyers some of the unnecessary grief that we went through. But yes we are very glad, and I would recommend you to people in Hawaii since your site and your process was always very informative and helpful.

Hi Bryn, Thank you so much for the excellent service! I only wish that I had known it was this easy, I would have put my home up for sale sooner! You're professionalism and knowledge allowed my brother and I to settle matters quickly even though he was out of state. The digital signatures were amazing and simplified the process "to a tee"! I will recommend you to everyone I know, you folks are outstanding! Thanks again!

Bryn and Wanida, thank you both so much. Bryn, it was really a pleasure to work (electronically) with you. We'll definitely recommend you to friends and family. Mahalo!

Today after a little delay, ever thing fell into place and we completed the signing. It's been a long but enjoyable journey looking for that special place that we will soon call home. Of course your informative web-site had been a great tool for us, thanks for sharing all this information on your web-site. Now that the hunt has finally ended, the next step is to get the house in order for us to call it HOME!

Thank you both for helping us sell the condo. Your professionalism, experience, and use of technology to expedite the sell made the process simple and easy. For a customer, that’s valuable. Mahalo!

I want to extend my thanks to you as well you were there for us concerning all issues we had and you answered all of our question. I would look forward to doing business with you in the future thanks so much and have a great weekend.

Bryn and Wanida, Thanks again to both of you for all your good advice in what turned out to be a difficult sale. I've almost lost count, but I think this was the 3rd escrow (and final) we went through.

And I've definitely lost count on the number of offers. And as it turned out, I basically got the price that I wanted and thought was a fair market value, even with the credit to the buyers.

So it sometimes pays to hold out in the long run rather than going with the first offer; I believe the realtor's mantra is "the first offer is usually the best."

Since I was a repeat client, you can tell that your services and system must be working.

However, I am a "techie" and consequently I was thoroughly impressed with the way that you use the Internet to conduct business. I still believe it takes a real estate agent to close the deal, but the "foreplay" before that is the value that the Internet is providing to clients, and probably buyers' agents as well.

Most agents still don't get that and I suspect they are losing out in the long run. I realize that past relationships with clients help build a business, but marketing is still marketing, whether it's oneself or a product, i.e. a listing. So overall you're doing it right and I can't think of any suggestions right now for improvement. Therefore you've managed to have another very satisfied client. Thanks very much and best wishes to both of you.

Thank you Bryn for doing everything so expeditiously. We were amazed with the process and are glad that we were able to complete everything in front of our computer and in the comfort of our home. We are also thankful that we didn't have to pay an exorbitant fee as charged by other real estate companies.

Thank you Wanida and Bryn so much for selling our house! We are so relieved that the house sale closed without any problems (and without us having to dig up that tree!) We are very happy to have chosen your company as our Realtor and are especially appreciative of the ease of communication and timeliness of your responses whenever we had questions. We also thank you for all of the advice you’ve given us along the way, advice that has no doubt contributed to closing the deal successfully. We are so pleased with your service that we will definitely recommend you to anyone else seeking a realtor.

Dear Elaine, Thank you for helping us with the sale of our condo - especially for all of the work you put into it after it sold! We greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Bryn. It was a real pleasure working with your team. Wanida was an excellent resource throughout the entire process. A true professional with a wonderful personality.

Bryn and Julia, thanks so much again for all your professional help and your personal demeanor in all of this. For us we know that we need to have confidence both in our property and the sales team , and you both were great. I just received an email from a former college colleague who wants to meet about potential HI living when she and her husband retire from our college here , so you might be getting a call in the future   God bless you both and I hope our paths cross again   This was a blessed sale. 

Bryn, thank you so much.  Couldn't believe it could go so smoothly. Very glad we chose you. First American Title was also great to work with and very nice to get your discount. Our best and thanks to you and Wanida.

Thank you Bryn. Thanks Elaine! We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for all your hard work. This wouldn't have been possible without you.

Thank you so much for linking me up with Elaine. I can say without hesitation that she is the finest real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure to work with here in Hawaii and she is a tremendous credit to your team. Kim and I were very anxious when we made the scary decision to short-sale our condo. Elaine had the perfect mix of professionalism, expertise, wisdom, and most importantly empathy to painlessly guide us through the process. All the behind the scenes work she did with the lender and buyer's agent to quickly close this short-sale truly freed me up to focus my attention on the more important issues in our family's life and at work. We are truly grateful and blessed for all of the time, effort and words Elaine invested in our lives to help us move beyond our past financial mistakes to a brighter, wiser financial future.

I also want to commend you and your company for being a true counter-balance to the greed driven, high-pressure, mind-control of the real estate industry. I was immediately impressed by OahuRE's website a few years ago and found it refreshing that a real estate agency was willing to share comprehensive housing market data that others in the industry jealously guard as proprietary. I appreciate OahuRE's tireless efforts to freely educate the public so people can make better real estate decisions. Had there been more companies like OahuRE ten or twenty years ago, we probably wouldn't be in the economic mess we are in right now. Keep up the good work! Give Elaine a promotion! I will definitely refer OahuRE to everyone I know who is contemplating a real estate move and needless to say, I will be calling you again when Kim and I are ready to purchase a house in the next few years.

With much gratitude and warm regards

Bryn, First of all Congratulations on being a Dad... Kids are what gives meaning to life and makes what we do for a living have a purpose... I do want to thank you for the work you and Wanida did in regards to our house... If I ever get the chance to recommend anyone, I'll definitely send them your way...

Thank you very much for all your help Bryn and Wanida! You made a complex process as smooth as possible and we definitely appreciated the rebate as well. :-) We will definitely refer you to friends looking to buy in Hawaii.

This is great news. Although it took a while to get that first offer submitted, I'm thoroughly pleased with completing the sale within a 6 month time period of listing. I am also pleased with your team's attention and company services offered. In particular, the electronic signing process and automated showing request/comments kept me in touch via email even though I live in CA.

Thank you so much. Elaine is a remarkable person and a joy to work with. She really went above and beyond to make our experience in selling our home as worry-free as we could have imagined. We definitely look forward to working with Elaine again in the future!

Thank you for your help, we couldn't have done it without everyone's hard work. Thanks to God, now we can relax and enjoy our vacation.

"Thank you so much for selling our home. We appreciate all that you have done to close the sale. As you mentioned in your earlier email, it was touch and go for a while. Kinda sketchy at times.

Now that we've sold, it gives us great joy to know we were working with two capable and hard working agents. She did a great job showing the house that one Sunday, and you did a great job scheduling the showings and helping us get past contract issues.

What we liked most about your service was that it was very convenient. We thought the digital signatures were very quick and efficient. That was nice. Also that we were able to view feedback from buyers. Not only did it help us understand what people thought about our house, but also what they thought about our asking price. We also liked your "no pressure" approach which made it easier to make decisions on our own, although you did provide us with good information when we did have questions. Thanks for the wonderful service.

We actually didn't think there was any thing unsatisfactory about your service. We knew when we signed the listing agreement with you that there was only going to be one open house and one brokers open. And with a minimal amount of advertising, you and her were able to sell our house for a really good price. We had two other brokers look at the house prior to us signing with you. They both thought 925k max, 60 to 90 days on the market, 3% commissions. So for you to get us 960k at about 30 days on the market was remarkable! Great job!

Thanks for both of your help through the process! We all experienced some bumps and it took a lot longer than anyone expected but you guys were able to get the deal done. Kerry and I really appreciate your work and it is a relief to be able to actively look in Portland. Please also extend our thanks to the person that helped with the showings.

Congratulations Elaine on the great job you did on selling my Pearl Ridge unit. Your enthusiasm, perseverance , timeliness, and expertise have contributed to a successful conclusion. I can't thank you and Bryn enough for all your hard work. I highly recommend your agency to anyone selling and or buying properties. Oahu R.E. is definitely 5 Star.

Bryn, that is great news, thanks for all of your help and patience with us in this long process. We had a great experience in both buying and selling our house with you and your business. I will recommend your services to everyone I know that is considering buying a house on the island.

ALOHA AND THANK YOU! It was a pleasure working with Elaine for the last 8 months on our Short Sale, although the process was hard and frustrating at times. She made it easy to get things accomplished even when I felt like giving up. This is a bitter sweet moment for us, but we are certainly glad it is over. We appreciate Elaine's fervor, tenacity, care, and support. We couldnt have done it without her. We will DEFINITELY refer clients to you!! Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Thanks Bryn, Wanida & Mannie. This was by far the smoothest sale Rick and I have ever had. No issues or hold ups whatsoever!

Thanks for your handling of the sale from the marketing of the property through the the prolonged closing. I appreciate your proactiveness and professionalism throughout the entire process. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We just closed on the sale of my house today. I wanted to let you know that I was very satisfied with your company and particularly your associate Elaine Zande. Elaine very professionally handled the sale of my home from the initial marketing through to a very challenging closing. She always kept me informed with each phase of the sale process and responded to and researched questions in a timely manner. When there were issues with the lender, she fully represented my concerns and advocated for me on my behalf. I would without hesitation recommend Elaine to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

I wanted to personally let you know about the wonderful agent you have in Elaine. My wife and I experienced the best service and attention possible during the entire process of selling our house from afar. From my initial contact with her while living in Japan, through our PCS move to Michigan, Elaine was there to help us through the entire selling process. We experienced many highs and lows getting our property ready to sell, working through our property manager. Elaine felt every joy and pain during this entire period. From our granite countertop installation that had to be redone 4 times by our property manager, to the light that broke 3 days before we were scheduled to close that Elaine helped us to get replaced, Elaine was there every step of the way. Please know that you have the best of agents in Elaine. She is a star in an industry that is very competitive. I would highly recommend her for any person trying to sell their home. Thank you Elaine for all the help that you gave us. I'll miss what was becoming almost daily calls and wish you and your family the very best!

Thanks for a smooth and fast sale.  It was a pleasure working with you.

Thanks so much for your help. It was a really good experience. The online stuff was great. Docusign rocks. The website is awesome, I look at it all the time. Wanida is awesome. So quickly responsive and on top of it. 4.5% commission is great. Fast responses are priceless. Thanks again to everyone.

Both my lovely bride and I have become very close to Elaine Van de Zande during the time of helping us sell my Dad's property. Elaine stood by us, through out the entire process of getting the legal stuff worked out, so we could sell my Dad's property. She's jumped through hoops, to help us and we can't begin to thank her enough. She's become a member of our extended family.

Thank you for all you've done. You've made a big difference in our lives. We will let you know when we have the keys.

Thank’s so much for making this such an easy sale. You all were great.

Thank you, Bryn, for your advice and help with this sale. I was very surprised at how quickly an offer was received. Your staff is great especially Mannie. She is always on top of things and kept me informed of what was happening. She is an asset to your company!! Thanks again for your help.

THANK YOU!!!! :-D :-D :-D Thank you to EVERYONE who has worked on this. You've all been BEYOND wonderful! I hope today, and every day to follow, is wonderful for all of you! :-D :-)

Bryn, I appreciate it, and thank you to you and the the rest of your team, especially Wanida. This was my first time selling and you guys made this way too easy. If I end up staying on island I'll be giving you guys a call again. Best regards,

We would like to thank you & your staff especially Elaine Van de Zande for making this transaction a smooth one. Everything went well from beginning to end. We appreciate all the assistance that was provided to us! We will definitely contact your office for future services.

Thank you all! It finally happened! I really appreciated all of the hard work that made this complicated process more easy for me.

Thank You and Wanida is da Best

aloha! thank you for the wonderful efforts your entire team made in making this a positive experience for us. cathyrine is a wonderful administrator and was consistently timely in getting documents & information to us. your photographer was very expert & talented in making our house look large & inviting. this is our second experience working with Elaine .. when we bought our house and when we sold our house .. she is always the "calm in the middle of the storm" .. making every real estate experience a very positive & professional one. we wish you all continued success .. may you have many blessings of wealth, health & happiness.

Bryn/Wanida/Mannie, Thank you ! You have a fantastic team and I really appreciate all the great work and attention by everyone at OahuRe. I've told folks I know about your company as you've made a somewhat complicated process painless and seamless. Thanks again !!

Thank you very much to your whole team. Jinny--Great Job! Sorry I was so difficult, but there were so many issues with the buyer. I'm glad Jinny was still very patient with me.

Mannie helped me not to do something stupid. She was very helpful and understanding. You guys are really lucky to have her.

Bryn--Thank you very much for your professional advice and ALWAYS getting back to me. I really liked how you always remember to use "out of office" reply. It helped me to know that you were out and can't get back to me right away, which made my life much less stress!

Thank you also for giving me the $2000.00 credit and glad that you keep your commissions low to help those that don't have much $$$! I really do appreciate this! There is not too many firms that would do this. I'm glad it closed!!!! I hope that you will still accept me as a client in the future. Yes it was touch from both sides, but in all, I had a satisfactory experience and would recommend others to use your company. Mahalo

Thank you to all at OahuRE. Your use of technology to move us through the selling process is awesome. Using docusign saved much time and no doubt reduced the number of days to close our sale. Wanida was terrific. She kept in timely communication during the 45 day closing period. Finding a strong buyer (and back up offer) as quickly as you did was amazing. Although we're sad to sell a condo we enjoyed living at for years, we are glad to have had your assistance.

Anyway, thank you for you and entire team's hard work, especially Wanida. I'll spread some words on your great services. We're satisfied not only about the competitive fee rate but also with your great service. Thank you. We appreciate all of your jobs so far. We'll choose Oahure again next time.

Yaaaayyy! It’s finally done! My sincerest appreciation to you, Wanida, Abegail, & Mannie for your assistance, the awesome photos, patience, guidance, and more patience on getting this deal done.

Hi everyone. I received the funds into my account today. Just want to thank everyone for making this as possible as possible. I'm very happy with your services and your fees, especially since I'm here in the mainland. A big mahalo to everyone!

Thanks Bryn, You both did great work and thanks for getting it done so smoothly and over asking.

Thanks again Bryn to you and your team. It helps to have a great property but it is even better to have such great support.

Thank you to you and your team for helping us along the way!! Much appreciated!

When you list with OahuRE.com you are automatically listed on over 1,100 other Websites. Some of them are listed below.