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2% Full Service for Sellers

Help-U-Sell vs. OahuRE

Compare Help-U-Sell to OahuRE

The topics below will help you compare Help-U-Sell to OahuRE

How much commission do you pay?

With OahuRE you pay $3,500 to us. If you do not close you pay nothing. With Help-U-Sell we do not know what they charge. We heard it might be 3 times more than we charge, but because it is more they do not publish it on their website, so we are not sure.

How likely is my home to sell with you?

As of 11/9/2018 OahuRE has 89% of our Single-Family listings under $5,000,000 in escrow compared to only 53% for Help-U-Sell Honolulu.

The percentage for all listings from all Brokers on Oahu is 46% in escrow.

Locations is 62%, Coldwell Banker is 39%, and Elite Pacific Properties is 21%.

We believe our exclusive marketing advantages are the reason you are so much more likely to sell your property with OahuRE.

Exclusive save the buyer's agent commission too!

With OahuRE if you find a buyer from friends, family, open house, word of mouth, etc. you can save the 2.5% buyer's agent commission and have us represent both sides. This would be a $25,000 savings on a $1,000,000 sale. Help-U-Sell does not mention they will do this.

Exclusive OahuRE Client Care Team

One important factor to look at when choosing a Realtor to sell your property is the size and experience of the team that will be helping you. At OahuRE our Client Care Team includes Mannie, Cathy, Abby, Ellen, and Rose. By being the only flat fee team with 5 assistants we get things done faster and nothing slips through the cracks. Our team has processed over 1,000 transactions so they are very experienced.

How much to pay the buyer's agent?

We recommend 2% to 2.5% commission. 2.5% is used more often, but 2% is also used a lot and is acceptable. Based on past sales, we see that Help-U-Sell is not offering to pay the buyer's agent less than 2.5%.

Exclusive Custom Website with High-Resolution Photos

No other agent on the island offers the high-resolution photos that we offer.

These photos are 4 times larger than the photos on the MLS. There is no limit to the number of photos you can show, and we do not require the viewer to click to see each photo.

This website is linked to from over 1,000 websites that download the MLS information. High-resolution photos allow buyers to feel like they are in the home.

From looking at Help-U-Sell's listings we see they have no link to a custom website and no other photos other than what the MLS allows.

Large clear photos are one of the most important things you can do to drive demand which helps you sell fast for more money.

Optional Professional Photographer

We offer the option of using a professional photographer to shoot the photos. Our recommended photographer has photographed over 8,000 listings. They use a very wide-angle lens and a very powerful flash, and the photos are a couple levels above anything the average person would get. The cost is around $175.

From looking at Help-U-Sell's listings we do see that most are not using a professional photographer.

Exclusive OahuRE Photo Treatment

We are the only one who offers the OahuRE Photo Treatment. We make your photos colors richer or more lifelike. After the OahuRE Photo Treatment the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, cabinets and floors are richer and less faded.

Exclusive OahuRE Photo Commenter

Many photos can benefit from a text description about what the buyer is looking at.

Using the Exclusive OahuRE Photo Commenter you can add text comments to any photo.

We will put your comments on your photos, and your photos will be going out to over 1,100 websites and show in high resolution on your Exclusive OahuRE Custom Website.

Comments are a fantastic way to call attention to what was upgraded or what nice features your home has.

They are also a great way to tell buyers what they are looking at. For example, what room that view is from, or what bedroom or bathroom they are viewing in that photo.

Exclusive OahuRE Photo Sorter

Photos are so important to selling fast for more money, you want to make sure your best ones are viewed first.

We will order your photos and then send you a link to the OahuRE Photo Sorter.

Inside the OahuRE Photo Sorter you can easily drag and drop your photos into any order your desire.

Once you are done we will use that same order for the 25 photos we upload to the MLS.

Exclusive Seller highlights on custom website and on

The Seller Highlights allows unlimited space for a text description of all the advantages of your home and neighborhood. Not only is it unlimited, but we can format it with headlines and paragraph breaks to make it easy to read. This is something the MLS does not allow. No other agents offer this exclusive feature.

Exclusive transaction updates linked to our online Purchase Contract help section.

Most of our transaction updates include a link to our extensive online Purchase Contract help section. This gives you a lot more information on each step of the escrow process as you go through the escrow. While all agents will make sure each step is completed, we are the only one that provides such an extensive help section with links each time we update you on what is happening with your escrow.

What Help-U-Sell and OahuRE and all other Realtors have in common

We all list your property on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and

We go a step further because our photos are all enhanced, and we upload high-resolution photos to Zillow as the default ones from the MLS are distorted on Zillow.

We all use the standard Hawaii Listing Agreement.

We all review the offers and provide tips on counter offers and help you negotiate a better deal.

We all manage the escrow process from start to finish.

Learn more about the exclusive advantages of our Flat Rate $3,500 selling program.