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Short Term / Vacation Rentals Buildings on Oahu

All the buildings below allow Short Term / Vacation Rentals

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Buildings that allow Short Term Rentals

Important Notes:

NUC (Non-confirming Use Certificate). The city stopped issuing NUCs in September 1990. If the unit has a NUC they can do Short Term Rentals. View the NUCs.

Short-term rentals (STRs) have been regulated in Honolulu since 1989. STRs are also known as vacation rentals and are lodgings that provide guest accommodation for less than 30 days. Ordinance 19-18 (Bill 89) seeks to balance the benefits of STRs for hosts and guests with the desire to keep residential neighborhoods from being overrun by STRs.

Please be sure to confirm a unit can do Short Term Rental before making a purchase. Also, please update us if a building needs to be added or removed from this list. Thanks!